Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday Talk-time :: Why I Love Silhouette Romantic Suspense

We asked Linda Conrad to come by and share with us why she loves Silhouette Romantic Suspense. After reading what she had to say, I think anyone would!!

The very first romance book I ever picked up was a Silhouette Intimate Moments by Merline Lovelace. I fell in love with the romance, with the suspense, with the style. From that immediate love at first read, I vowed to someday write my own.

I’ve read hundreds more Intimate Moments over the years. Grand stories by people like Linda Howard, Nora Roberts, Lisa Gardner, Suzanne Brockmann, Ruth Wind, Sharon Sala and on and on. So many best selling authors came from Silhouette Intimate Moments background that I can’t even name them all. I wanted to write like that too.

It took me a while. I wrote twelve books for Silhouette Desire first, which I really enjoyed doing. But I finally saw a book with my name under the Silhouette Intimate Moments banner in 2006. Of course, shortly afterward, Silhouette changed the name of the line. What used to be Silhouette Intimate Moments is now called Silhouette Romantic Suspense. Do you think it was me?

Well, even if it was, I still love writing these books. No matter what they call the line. I love the feel. Slightly retro, but contemporary in subject and style. According to the editor’s guidelines: ‘Romantic Suspense novels are big, sweeping romances amid dangerous and suspenseful settings.’ Yep. That’s what draws me to them.

Some of us Romantic Suspense authors are adding touches of paranormal elements to our plotlines these days. In the mini-series I just finished, the heroes were battling Navajo Skinwalkers! In my upcoming trilogy, a big Texas ranching family has been cursed by Mexican witches! Nothing too chilling, mind you. The romance is still the central theme of each book. But the extra element raises the stakes just enough to make things even more interesting. I have a ball writing them.

A couple of other terrific reasons to love writing for Silhouette Romantic Suspense are the wonderful editors. Patience Smith, the senior editor, and my own editor, Natashya Wilson. I call them the dream team. They make it easy to create complex heroines and heroes who are both formidable and conflicted. They look for classic romance plot lines, but they aren’t adverse to seeing them twisted into something entirely new.

When my work is done, together we come up with fabulous titles and amazing covers. What more could you ask?

For more on Linda, be sure to check out her website and her latest release, Shadow Whispers.

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  1. after reading an excerpt of one of Linda's skinwalkers stories, I had to expand my category romance selection to include the Silhouette Romantic Suspense.

    I love this series. For aspiring writers who sometimes have trouble distinguishing between the lines, even after reading the guidelines, the words of these authors help to make it all so much clearer.