Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Temptation Tuesday :: ‘Tis the Season... of Temptation

Who better to have over for a Temptation Tuesday than an author with a title like...Does She Dare? Talk about tempting! Let's all welcome Tawny Weber, and her decadent list of things to tempt us all...

I love the holidays. The fun of coming up with the perfect gifts, making a wish list, baking up a storm... it’s all wonderful! Best of all is the child-like thrill of wishing for that perfect gift. You know, the one thing you’d love to have but would NEVER get yourself. The ultimate temptation, as it were. So what better to ask you on Temptation Tuesday than this:
What particular temptation would YOU ask Santa for? Here are my options...

Chocolates? Something deliciously decadent to tease your sweet tooth. I’m partial to Sees Nuts & Chews, myself. If only they were calorie free!

Maybe a sleek new laptop? For a writer, there’s no sweeter gift than the gift of electronics! And I admit it, I’m an electronics junkie. But I have no fewer than 5 computers in my house (only 3 are mine, I swear!) so I’d probably skip the laptop this year.

Ooooh, I know! A spa weekend. Massages, facials, mani/pedi adventures! Best of all, the utter indulgence of being pampered! But... ‘tis also the season of family time, so I can’t run off to indulge myself until well into the New Year.

Let’s see... what else could I ask for?
What about a day of reading curled up by the fire? Oh yeah... this one has a HUGE appeal. Especially since my TBR pile is teetering in a scary way. The only drawback? I don’t have a fireplace. Hmm... back to wishing.

Ahhhh, yes! A new pair of Jimmy Choos. The ultimate in sexy footwear, for a shoe addict like me, this is ever-so-tempting!

It’s so hard to choose! Poor Santa, I wonder if his lap gets tired as people sit there, dithering over their perfect wish.

Okay, I’ve got it! In the spirit of the season, I’m going to take a page out of my January release, Does She Dare? and wish for my ultimate fantasy guy!

My ultimate temptation of the season would be Johnny Depp!
I mean, what better gift to ask for than one that can keep on giving the whole year through?
So –that’s the tempting treat *I’d* ask Santa for... how about you? What is the most tempting wish you’d ask for?

Thanks Tawny!! XOXO - The Pink Heart Society

For more about Tawny and her latest release, Does She Dare, be sure to checkout her website and blog.


  1. Hey, do the Pink Heart gals have a golden rooster like the Banditas? Actually, he'd have to be a PINK rooster, wouldn't he? And that's not particularly rooster-like. Hmm, I'm guessing no pink-gold rooster for me! Sigh.

    Tawny, great blog! I'd like ALL your gifts. So if you don't want them, you know where to send them. I'll even pay the postage. Can't wait for Does She Dare. I must say my Christmas temptation is the TBR pile - I bet my TBR pile is taller than yours!

  2. Aww, sorry, Anna. Maybe we can get you a pink and gold... something.

    I'd happily ship you off all but Johnny... him, I'd hoard all to myself. Isn't that the the best part of temptations, the not having to share?

    Hmm... TBR piles. Well mine is now leaning in the corner, unable to support itself, but still, I don't think I'd take you up on the bet :) Cause I'm betting yours really IS bigger (isn't that something guys wish they'd hear more often?). YAY and thanks for looking forward to DSD - I'm super stoked over this book and can't wait to hear what people think ;)

  3. Johnny's at the top of my list too. Guess Santa is gonna have to choose between the two of us... Question is do you need to be at the top of his nice list or his naughty list!

    Merry Xmas, great post.

  4. Hey Heidi!

    Hmmm... I'm trying to score nice points with santa right now (Anna Campbell is a bad influence and rapidly depleting them though) so I'd say lets Share!!! Thats the nice thing to do, right?

    But *whispering so Santa can't hear* I'm pretty sure I'm on the naughty list, so that has to at least put me on top of JOHNNY'S list, right? Even if it doens't score high with Santa?

    LOL - thanks and Merry Xmas to you, too! I hope its an awesome one.

  5. Tawny, Your temptations are so tempting. All of them. I read your Double Dare. It was worth being tempted. Can't wait to read Does She Dare.

  6. Hi Tawny,
    I can live without chocolate and Johnny, but as no-one's blagged him yet, make mine Daniel Craig please. For decency's sake he may shield his modesty with a brand new shiny red Sony VA10 laptop.
    Thank you Santa, I won't ask for anything ever again. I promise...

  7. Hmm, Johnny Depp would top my Christmas list any day of the week. I can buy chocolates anytime.

  8. Sneaking out the back door of the Bandit lair to wave!

    Tawny, you can keep Johnny. I'll take Hugh Jackman or Eric Bana...dipped in chocolate :-)

    Otherwise just a multi book contract would do fine for my Christmas wishes to be fulfilled.

    or a phone call like the one in DOUBLE DARE" VBG

    Can't wait for your next title!

  9. Tawny, couldn't resist jumping over from the Bandit Lair to hear about temptation.

    Folks, don't believe Tawny's been nice -- she's been very naughty tossing some "willy" comments around cyber-space and I hear the moral police are after her!

    Tawny, did you notice your chocolate pic is the same one I used on my post today?

    Hmmm, temptations -- I gotta fight Rachel for Daniel Craig, just how yummy is that guy?

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  11. Fabulous blog, Tawny, with some great temptations. I especially loved the massage package, the day of reading by the fire, and Johnny Depp. I tried to watch Pirates I with the family last night, but the DVD was corrupted 1/2 way through. Talk about a let down!

  12. Oh Virna, thats messed up :-( Although I have to admit I'd probably be content to just watch the Johnny scenes. Over and over and over and over ;-) I hope Santa leaves you a massage gift certificate under the tree!

    Jo, are we sharing chocolate? And thanks so much for outing my naughtiness... Now Santa's gonna put me on the OTHER list. You know, the one that doesn't get extra Temptations! ;-) Maybe you and Rachel can show Santa how nice you are by sharing Daniel, huh?

  13. Thank you, Mona! You are so sweet :-)

    Rachel, way to rock the strategically placed laptop! I hope Santa leaves BOTH the computer and Daniel under your tree ;-)

  14. Oh Tawny, lovely post...and I'm sort of in agreement with Joan. I've been on the "diet from hell" as I so quaintly call my husband's lifestyle change. So chocolate rates right up there for me. And I'd love Clive Owen under tree. Perhaps Clive and a large bottle of liquid Godiva chocolate?

  15. Hi Christie! Good point on buying chocolates any time. The best temptations are the ones that we can't easily get, huh?

    Joan... oh my, what a lovely image. Hunks dipped in chocolate. I hope Santa brings you that contract - I KNOW you deserve it!! And thanks tons for the sweet words on my favorite scene in Double Dare ;-) I hope you find as much fun in Does She Dare? too!!

  16. Suz, for you, Clive all tied up pretty with a bow (hmm, now thats an image, isn't it?) and a bottle of liquid gold... How can Santa refuse you?! Anyone who puts up with 'lifestyle changes' deserves extra temptations under the tree!!

  17. Hi, Tawny! Your list of temptations is awesome. For myself, I'd settle for a little time without my children hanging off my sides like 20-30 lb barnacles. I would eat a meal all alone in my chair. I might read a little something (Does She Dare??) I would pick up the house & sit back in satisfaction while it just STAYED CLEAN.

    I know. Not the most impressive fantasy life. Hey, maybe Christian Bale could come clean my house. I'd like that. :-)

  18. Hi Tawny!

    Waving from the Bandit lair....

    Loved Double Dare. Can't wait for Does She Dare!

    And I know I'm the boring one, but I'd take the spa getaway and the day to read. Cuz that'd be TWO DAYS just for me in a row. No dirty house, no piles of laundry to be put stacks of paperwork that need going through (guess what I'm doing today--gotta make room for the tree or Santa won't know where to leave Daniel Day Lewis in his LOTM costume). Ahem...

    Tawny, what are you working on now? Even though Does She Dare is approaching its release date, I bet you can tempt us even more by teasing us with what's in store for later in the year?

  19. Susan - I soooo remember having that exact wish! (more than once, too) I think you win the most-deserved Temptation award and definitely Santa should send Christian Bale over to pamper you ;-) and hey, if he happens to decide to read Does She Dare? aloud to you... hmm, I hope its fun!

  20. Suzanne said:

    Perhaps Clive and a large bottle of liquid Godiva chocolate?

    Oooooo. That's almost a mudslide. Add a splash of kahlua, a splash of Bailey's and some half and half. Blend with a couple of scoops of ice cream. Let Clive feed it to you......ahem..(shakes self to wake up)

    Tawny, you're a bad influence on me. Just look where my mind has gone. (grin)

  21. Well, this will come as no shocker to the Banditas, but Orlando Bloom (in his Will Turner persona) under my tree would be nice. :) Hmm, perhaps dear hubby would find that bothersome.

    Hey, Tawny, did I ever tell you Johnny and I are from the same neck of the woods? Our hometowns are three counties from each other.

    As for a dream present -- a personal chef because I don't dig cooking.

  22. You know we've had a Pink Heart Society tug-of-war over Johnny Depp before - and I won. I'm not a devotee of the biorythm theory but it does prove Johnny needs me. Something I'd long suspected. We have a 98% compatability.

  23. Cassondra wrote:
    Oooooo. That's almost a mudslide. Add a splash of kahlua, a splash of Bailey's and some half and half. Blend with a couple of scoops of ice cream. Let Clive feed it to you......ahem..(shakes self to wake up)

    Uhm Cassondra, I was thinking more of pouring it on him and licking it up! But your way sounds pretty good, too!

  24. Cassandra, I think the spa/reading day would be such a fabulous after-holiday treat. And hey, if Daniel Day-Lewis is the one doing the massaging and flipping the pages for you, well... thats even better, huh?

    Tawny, what are you working on now? Even though Does She Dare is approaching its release date, I bet you can tempt us even more by teasing us with what's in store for later in the year?

    You're sweet to ask! Thanks ;-)
    I'm finishing up revisions on my November Blaze, tentatively titled RISQUE BUSINESS. Its a makeover story about a gal who finds herself totally empowered when she finally feels that she's not 'invisible'. She's a literature reviewer out to make a name for herself and he's an erotic suspense author out to save his reputation. They go head to head in a game of sexual one-upmanship when he dares her to prove good sex needs emotions… or admit the greatest sex in the world is purely physical.

    Lets just say I'm having a LOT of fun with this one!

  25. OMG Trish, I had no idea!!! How cool ;-) And go you on the personal chef idea. I'd sooo love that, and a personal trainer to go with him (they'd be hims of course).

    Natasha... really? biorythms? I'm intrigued. Does this mean you're going to see Sweeney Todd? I'm on the fence, since gore tends to make me woozy, but... the dude SINGS!!!

    Cassandra, you're mind was ALREADY there! Don't think you can fool me. And Suz's obviously was since she's licking cocktails off Clive.

  26. Tawny, as tempting as you make Johnny sound, I grow weak in the knees for Hugh Jackman. If he were at the spa/massage day I would be verrrrrry tempted. LOL

  27. Mmmmm, Jill. I can see your point. Hugh is hot, no question about it! Methinks he'd be quite yummy in a spa, too!

  28. Great temptations *g* I'd love a laptop and a chance to get caught up on the TBR pile. Of course as soon as I get my copy of Does She Dare I plan on treating myself to a day of fantastic reading :-)

  29. I want that pile of books! You can't ever have enough, even when the stack is teetering. Can't wait to add Does She Dare to my keeper shelf. about tempting. Can I have the object on your cover.

    Yeah, it's the motorcycle I'm a wanting.

  30. Hmmm.... there's a motorcycle on that cover, Sheila? Oh wait, if I squint so the hunky guy's chest is blurry, yeah.. Oh yeah, that IS a motorcyle, isn't it?!

    LOL :-) Thanks so much for addding Does She Dare? to your pile of TBR books! I hope you love it.