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Male On Monday - Eduardo Verastegui

This Monday at The Pink Heart Society our very own Trish Wylie has surfaced from her flu-ridden haze to ring us a brand new discovery (viva la Google search she says!) - Eduardi Verastegui...


It's very important when ill to find something to distract oneself from feeling miserable I feel... Like maybe searching for new inspiration for future hero's yet to be invented for instance. And boy-oh-boy has this one proved inspirational!!! I just have to thank Liz Fielding and my obsession with blog hopping for the discovery of the very - erm - inspirational Eduardo...

I'll pause here for a moment while you all drool - sorry I mean STUDY the pictures.
Still pausing.

Okay - have we looked at all the pretty pictures now??? Good, then once you've gone and saved the ones you found the most - inspirational - then hop back here and I'll tell you a little about the man himself. And lemme tell you, there's some conflicting info about this chap on the web, so if I get anything wrong then it's not been for the want of trying. I like to think it was 24hrs well spent for the pictures alone mind you... and for the potential hero I now have planned for my next Modern Extra. *Sigh* - man this is a tough job we have...

Born José Eduardo Verástegui Córdoba on May 21st 1974 in Ciudad Mante, Mexico to a family of farmers, devoutly Catholic Eduardo left his hometown and having studied law for a while (ooohhhh Lawyer hero anyone???) in both Mexico and the USA he decided to turn his hand to some acting. Having studied the art for a while, he took a step closer to his dreams of fame when he auditioned for a three piece music group called Kairo and on landing a place he ended up in both Italy and Egypt where they recorded their first album and a video - pretty good start you gotta say! The group played throughout Latin America (musical talent too... guitar playing Hero anyone???) but despite the efforts they put in they split after only a few albums leaving Eduardo to temporarily set his love of music to one side in order to pursue his acting.

He began acting in Mexican soap operas but his love of music never left him so he headed to New York for a while, where he continued studying acting while he attempted to get record companies interested in his music. Unfortunately despite his efforts, and after many a rejection letter, no-one offered him a deal, so with a stint modelling for the likes of Calvin Klein and Versace he saved up his pennies and headed back to Mexico, feeling stronger as an actor but somewhat disappointed at his lack of success with his music...
More soap acting followed but with a reported 550 odd hours on screen under his belt he headed to Miami, one of the most Latin influenced cities in America, where he swam in the ocean, worked out on the beach and started working on his music career again. A gamble some might say when he'd been doing pretty darn well with his acting, but it paid off when he ended up recording an Emilio Estefan track that led to a recording deal. He recorded his first self-titled album and that then led to him performing at sold out concerts in over 13 countries - fame and adoration swiftly following. How's that for never giving up???
A few years later acting called again when he was chosen as the lead character in the Latin comedy, Chasing Papi. Though the movie grossed over $12 million worldwide, he mustn't have been overly happy with the part, because he then vowed to only work on "meaningful films that have the potential to touch people's hearts and minds" in the future. (Intelligence AND heart - I think I'm becoming enamoured...) But the part did lead him to several guest spots on US shows such as Charmed, CSI: Miami and Karen Cisco... what a career!

As if that wasn't enough, along the way he was voted by People en Español as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world (I agree) and was at one point named as one of the 25 hottest bachelors on the planet along with George Clooney, Keanu Reeves and Prince William - at six feet one tall with those gorgeous green eyes and looking the way he does you can kinda understand why!!! Oh yeah, and he apparently did some saucy dancing with Jennifer Lopez in one of her videos and went on to feature in her perfume commercials... Now where can I find that video exactly???
But as if all that wasn't enough to get him entered in The Pink Heart hall of fame known as a Male On Monday slot then we also have to look at the fact that he's a pretty darn savvy businessman and a man who sticks firmly to his convictions when it comes to his career. Because having made the bold decision to part company with his management team he went on to form a film production company with a handful of others and as co-owner he produced and was lead actor as Jose in the 2006 movie Bella.
Described on IMDB like this:

"Bella is a story within a story within yet another story. Jose is at a beach in present time reminescing of a time 4 or 5 years ago when he shared a life-changing day with Nina, a waitress that worked at the same restaurant as he. During that day, he comes to face yet even another story that haunts him from his past. Nina is facing a tough decision and when Jose' shares a tragedy that affected his life and how his family helped him cope, Nina is also transformed. Nina is then able to make a decision that will forever link her life to Jose's beyond even romance."

- The film took top prize at the 2006 Toronto International Film Festival by winning the “People's Choice Award”. Eduardo's company, Metanoia Films, financed and directed the distribution and the film broke the record for Box Office average per screen for films in it's category and was the #1 Top Rated Movie on the New York Times Readers Poll, Yahoo and Fandango. It then won the Heartland Film Festival's Crystal Heart Award and the grand prize of $100,000 (the largest cash prize of any festival in the world) and received the Smithsonian Institutes Legacy Award and Tony Bennett's media excellece award. The Wall Street Journal saying Bella was "the fall's biggest surprise" and calculating it's gross revenues after only four weeks in release with total sales of $5.2 million".

NOT-TOO-SHABBY you gotta say. (Successful, driven, wealthy Hero anyone???)
So let's look at the basic stuff shall we?
(for research purposes obviously)

6ft one tall - green eyes - lists favourite drinks as water, orange juice, red wine - favourite foods as Mexican, Italian, Sushi - favourite animal as a Golden Retriever dog - enjoys Classical and Gregorian music - enjoys swimming, tennis and lifting weights - prefers casual dress... Well I'm sold. He's now officially in my 'inspiration' file and I have a sneaking suspicion there's more than one fictional hero coming out of these pics.
To find out more about Eduardo you can visit his official website here and if, like Natasha and I, you wish to spend a few productive hours browsing through Google Images then lemme tell you.... IT'S WORTH IT.
And yes - I know it's a lot of info. But you know how seriously I take my research. And you'll thank me in the long run, cos with this much info I got to post all these lovely pics - less info = less pics. Yuh-huh there IS method in my madness. You're welcome by the way.
So there you go, my contribution this month for Male On Monday is - Eduardo Verastegui - anyone see a potential hero appearing in their minds??? Mine's Italian, just to please everyone involved with last weeks BBC Radio show I was a small part of. A gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do...and I'm ALL FOR THE FANTASY me...

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  1. Oh, Trish honey - you missed a little bit - he dances as well . . .



    You might have to wait a little - but it's worth it

    Research anyone?

  2. Sorry - I should have said - that's where you can find that video!

  3. lol Speaking as someone who helped veto one or two pictures I can tell you the boy isn't shy!

    I'm casting him as a sheikh btw - His Highness Prince Hamza bin Khalid bin Abdullah Al Baha. That should keep the word count up. :)

    Though Italian, yes, I can see that. And, Trish, I do consider an Italian hero your duty.

  4. Yep - he gets to be this month's Greek doctor and next month's/February's Sheik for me.

    Oh, and Trish - ask Kate W for **THAT** pic. Better than a towel is all I'm saying.

  5. lol we might have found it, Kate! Is it the one with the well placed water? Really made me laugh. Can you imagine doing that??????? You'd feel such an idiot, wouldn't you?

  6. Very nice, Trish! Another new one for me!

  7. Hmmm....so I'd be in good company if I made him a Puerto Rican chef and sent him to Hawaii with his ex?

  8. I've had Eduardo on my "hot & inspirational" list for quite some time - here's a good site for additional "research" ladies!


  9. No Natasha - it's the one with a well placed cutie . ..

    I'll send you a link - an done for Trish - I' do like to share my research . . .

  10. Ah, yes, we found that one too. Dangerous!!!!!!!!!! lol Must have made an interesting conversation, 'Eduardo, we were thinking ....'

  11. ok so this guy was in a movie called "Meet me in Miami" - which was filmed in Christchurch NZ (my home guys!) - the movie was made by a woman here who was sick of not being able to go to a feel good romance with her daughter 'cos they were all too racy etc so she set out and made one herself - which is a pretty radical yet completely awesome thing to just go off and do. They had trouble casting the heroine and my hubby wrote a piece in the paper for them and voila, they found their lead actress - hubby is in the credits and everything - wow, tick that one off the 'to do' list - LOL. Anyway, rumour on set was that Eduardo was actually very shy and indeed.... innocent.
    Waiting til marriage.

    Fascinating piece of gossip isn't it?!

  12. Oh my gosh! That guy is so sexy! Woo! My kind of drop-dead gorgeous kind of guy! He would make a fantastic heroine for a lot of books!

    I loved reading all the gossip girls on this fascinating guy!

    Michele L.

  13. Golly. Thanks, Trish. I just found a picture -- you did all the work. Perfect.

    Natasha, he's already a two-book sheikh. Zahir bin Ali bin Khatib. Playboy, businessman and dream beyond belief, making personal appearance on my blog right now. God, you have to love this job...

  14. Ah, yes, Trish. Thank you for all the research. Tough work. He'll do for my Greek surfer and my Greek gone walkabout. Now I can spend more time working and less time ogling as that's settled! (later, though)