Saturday, November 24, 2007

Weekend Wind- Down: Who Can Resist a Cowboy?

As we've decided to forgoe a November hamper in favour of a bumper Christmas Hamper this year, this weekend at The Pink Heart Society we have columnist Donna Alward here to talk to us about the temptation of a modern day cowboy...After all Who Can Resist A Cowboy???

Right off the bat can I just say that I dedicate this post to Jenna. ;-)

I have to admit, there’s something tempting about a cowboy. And not just cowboys, farmers in general. Maybe because I’m a farm girl at heart, I don’t know, but I don’t think it’s coincidence that my first two Romances were cowboys and that they’ve asked me to write another one.

There are a few physical things that make cowboys Hot. The top of the list for me is a nice bottom in a fine pair of faded jeans. Mmm. Mmmm. Mmmmmmmmmm. The right pair of Wranglers or Levis can turn a butt into a work of art. Now let that work of art be attached to a pair of long legs and whoooeeee! I’m a goner. And yep, I’m just that shallow.

In keeping with that we get to boots. There’s your typical pull-on, pointy-toed boots with a glint of metal on toe and heel that you come to expect, and there’s also “working” boots like lace up Ropers which I absolutely adore. My current heroine is also a horsewoman and she’s a Ropers girl all the way. And by the way, if you DO have your cowboy in boots, there are two hot benefits. Number one he’s instantly taller (I like tall men, have you guessed that yet?). Number two they need to be scuffed and dusty to be sexy. And shined up if he’s courtin’.

The third prerequisite is the hat. Let me say straight off that I don’t require the hat to be a Stetson, though that’s quite sexy too. It can also be a ball hat, with a peak that’s hand-shaped to the right angle. In Hired By The Cowboy, Connor tends to wear ball caps. But in Marriage at Circle M, Mike usually doesn’t go anywhere without his cowboy hat. And my current cowboy wears a dark Stetson that shades his nearly black eyes and adds that little bit of mystery. It all depends on the man.

Farmers…well they’re a little bit different but to me just as alluring…the ball cap is definitely more common, or sunglasses. The uniform is still jeans and t-shirts for the most part, but then you have the footwear thing that can range from sneakers to steel-toed work boots to rubbers (Wellies to some of you). The common thing is that little bit of dirt and sweat that tells you this is a man whose biggest tool is his physicality, and there’s a whole lotta sexy in that.

But what else makes a cowboy so tempting? LOTS of things. Cowboys…farmers…tend to know where they belong. They tend to know who they are and they are comfortable in their own skin. They have a relationship with their environment that grounds them. They have a code of honour – they want to do what’s right – and a need to protect their women. Cowboys are not complicated people, which is not to say they are without conflict or complication. But there is a solidness and security about them that we love.

Who are some of your favourite cowboy characters, either in books or the movies?

And, seeing as it’s holiday season (Thanksgiving in the US and Christmas coming) I’ll do a random draw from the comments for copies of Hired By The Cowboy and Marriage at Circle M. If you haven’t read them yet, this’ll get you caught up for book three, Falling for Mr. Dark and Dangerous, which will be out next summer!

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  1. Hi Donna,

    I think what makes a cowboy so attractive is there earthy quality. They ooze sex appeal right down to their boots! Those hard muscles from working out on a ranch. The cool jeans and clothes they wear.

    Hmm....I thinking my favorite was Clint Eastwood. He really oozes sex appeal!

    Congratulations on your new book coming out next summer! Can't wait to read your next book!


  2. I loved your post today since cowboys hold a very strong appeal for me. They represent strength, integrity and above all a strong set of ethics. My favorite cowboy of all is Wyatt Earp, especially in the movie "Tombstone". This movie is a classic and he was exceptional.

  3. Cowboys are an integral part of the American West and I feel that they are overlooked. When I think of a cowboy with strong ideals and easy to look at I imagine Gary Cooper in High Noon. Maybe I am old fashioned but it makes me feel good to know that these men represent truth and goodness. Thanks for this uplifting post.

  4. I grew up watching Westerns and that was when I fell for cowboys. Everything about them was irresistible. From the top of their cowboy hats to the tips of their boots. Alan Ladd in Shane is memorable. Your photos have captured the cowboy lure beautifully.

  5. Mmmm, cowboys. I absolutely adore them, something to do with alpha guys in faded denim and boots (with gorgeous butts, of couse, as you so rightly put mentioned).

    Some of my favs? James Dean as bad boy Jett Rink in Giant - what was Liz Taylor thinking going for boring old Rock Hudson instead? John Wayne in The Searchers — a classic, nuf said. Paul Newman in Hud, eventhough he was a complete you-know-what. Steve McQueen, Charley Bronson, Robert Vaughn - oh hell, let's just say all of The Magnificent Seven. And Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger in Brokeback Mountain, one of the sexiest cowboy movies of all time imho — even if their smouldering looks were reserved for each other.

    Oh dear, I could go on forever on this subject....

  6. Mmmmmm cowboys. Mmmmm.

    Sorry can't think straight can only think about cowboys.

    Kenny Chesney... mmmm.

  7. Give me a cowboy story any time. I absolutely love the rider/horse pic with the gorgeous deep colored background.
    Cowboys are the salt of the earth, lol.
    Clint Eastwood comes to mind; I used to love watching Bonanza as a kid and the mighty fine handsome cowboys in the show.

  8. Oh wow, look at all these cowboy lovers!

    I have to admit - Trish went the extra mile and found some of those pics. She's a genius at it. Isn't the first one just GORGEOUS? That might even make it into my files for the book I'm writing now.

    The thing I love about cowboys is that they are often grounded. Even with Mike in Marriage at Circle M - yeah, he was a drifter. And yeah, he was always missing a family of his own. But he still knew what he was on the inside and made no apologies for it. I found that really sexy!

    My current cowboy is so responsible and has such a code of honour that it's going to make his upcoming choice very, very hard. Don't we all want a man like that in our corner?



  9. Cowboys have a mystique and this attraction I believe is universal. Their firm beliefs and innate good character shines through.To me cowboys are heroes. A movie that I hold dear to my heart is The Big Country with Gregory Peck.

  10. Boy did you gals hit the nail right on the head about cowboys!

    Just gotta love 'em!

    When I think of sexy cowboy, I can't help but think of George Straight.

    There's just something about him that ooozzzeeesss sexy, humble, classy cowboy!

    JMHO of course :-)

    Pamela S Thibodeaux
    "Inspirational with and Edge!"

  11. I'm a sucker for a man in a stetson. I love cowboy films but my all time fave has to be Alan Ladd in Shane.

  12. I guess if I had to choose a cowboy (instead of likeing them all) I'd have to pick Roy Rogers because he was my first idol (and I was only 6 at the time!!). I'd have to agree with all the others mentioned however.

  13. I'm doing the draw....and I'll post the winner here!

    *drum roll*

  14. The winner is DIANE!!!!!!!

    Diane if you can e-mail me at donna @ (no spaces) with your mailing address, I'll send out your prize!