Monday, November 26, 2007

Male On Monday...the OTHER towel photo!

It’ll come as no surprise to anyone who knows Donna to see who she's picked for a Male on Monday slot...and apparently TV Guide agreed in their 2007 Sexiest Men issue...

Confession time: Ever since I heard about Male on Monday I’ve dreamed of writing this post…that makes me sound rather desperate, doesn’t it. Oh well – I can live with that. Because I am still as much of a fan now as I was several years ago when I first discovered this talented, smart, HOT actor.

He is, of course, Jamie Bamber.

How much of a fan am I? I have an autographed picture of him at my desk. I had my picture taken in the area of London where he grew up…Hammersmith…and thanks to fellow PHS’er Trish for taking this picture and contributing to my fangirliness during our afternoon in London. I have watched much of what he’s acted in, except for a few that just can’t be found in North America. I’ve even loved listening to him in radio plays and interviews.

The official bio states that: Jamie St. John Bamber Griffith, was born on April 3, 1973 in Hammersmith, London. His father, Ralph is an American. His mother, Elizabeth is Irish and she trained as an actress. He has 5 brothers and one sister (we'd like to see the brothers too). The family lived in France for Jamie's first few years. He attended a bilingual school there until the family moved back to England when he was eight.

Jamie's first part was that of a woman! He played the wicked witch in the "Wizard of Oz" at school - his hair was probably long at the time. In 1996, Jamie went to the London Academy of Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) where he completed a post graduate course. Before that he received a first Class Honours Degree in Modern Languages (Italian and French) at St. Johns College, Cambridge University. (courtesy of Jamie Bamber, This Is Your Website)

Now…one of the biggest attractions for me is a man who is intelligent, and you don’t get First Class Honours from Cambridge by being a slouch. The very thought of him speaking in foreign languages is enough to make me stuttttttter. His favourite book is Dante's Divine Comedy and he has a fascination with Italian national hero Garibaldi. Added into that a propensity for practical jokes and a sharp wit, and I’m already nearly sold.

Jamie also fell madly in love with a co-star and they married, promptly had three baby girls (one set of twins) and somehow manage to juggle parenthood and two careers – his wife Kerry is a singer and actress and has starred in a guest role on Jamie’s current show.

Wrap all that up in a package that looks like this:

(Look, we all know that the PHS is famous for towel pictures, so why not one more for the record books?)

The thing I love about Jamie’s acting is how he brings all the nuances of his character to light. Archie Kennedy wasn’t even supposed to be a recurring character in Horatio Hornblower until they gave it to Jamie and saw all the potential…and we’re forever grateful…and we’re still rebelling over the ending of RETRIBUTION…even if it was superbly acted.

He even brought Hans to life in Daniel Deronda despite a lack of lines and bad hair. Which I will NOT show here.

But most of all, we love him for the fracked up character of Lee Adama in Ron Moore’s reimagining of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA…there are sites dedicated just to this character and whether or not he’s being written as he deserves, whether or not he should ever be with Starbuck, and fanfiction galore. Odes have been composed to his "sapphire bullet" eyes and the glory of his muscled arms...but may I also add that it is his character that really intrigues me... Lee is principled, but open-minded in a world that no longer has the luxury of being black and white. He has twisted relationships with his father and best friend and we’re still not sure exactly why he's made some of the decisions he has….

And of course if you aren’t into smart, thought-provoking writing, you can simply carry on looking at pictures like THIS…something to be said for Wet Jamie...

All in all I don’t see my interest waning any time soon….so what do you think? Are you converted?

Donna's latest book which doesn't feature Jamie Bamber is Marriage at Circle M, available on e-harlequin and amazon and soon to be released in December in Australia and New Zealand.

You can find out more about her hero worship on her Blog and her books on her website.


  1. Let me be the first to say, that is one HOT towel photo!!
    Someone pass me a fan please...

  2. AAAAAAGGGHHH noooooooo!!! *covers ears* lala la la la la We haven't seen series three here yet!!!!! The DVD is released this week. NO no no no no SPOILER WARNING pleeeeeazzzeeee

  3. Mmmmmmmm what a great way to start the week... especially as I start my new contract this morning *sigh*

    And yes you should post a spoiler warning... series three hasn't made it this far yet.

  4. Jamie Bamber.
    In a towel speaking italian.
    Oh yes.
    That is a nice way to start a wet Monday morning here in the UK.
    LOL Ray-Anne

  5. Dudes. I thought that was totally made clear in the season 2 wending.

    And the season 3 dvd has been out since September in the UK. Where are you pomo?

    Anyway...that's not a big spoiler cuz if you didn't know, you're gonna find out in like the first five minutes of episode one. :-)

    But I can go back and edit the post. :-)

  6. Australia. It is really, really annoying that they make you wait so long - it is almost impossible to avoid spoilers, and you can't join in the conversation on it on the net - I feel the same about books: publishers and distributors of all media need to get on board with the global village idea. I'd have to think that the community buzz would outweigh the market-testing or whatever rubbish reasons they have for treating us like a backwater.

    I had to spend the morning watching the last episode to make sure I didn't miss something! (It's been ages since I saw it.) I didn't see what you mentioned - I'll have to go back to part one.

    It took me AGES to track down the webisodes on an accessible website - they aren't even putting them on the region 4 DVD, and you can only access them online from the USA.

  7. I actually had a bit of a soft spot for Billy - I couldn't believe they killed him off. He and Duala made such a nice couple. I keep wondering if Gaeta (Alessandro Juliani) is going to warm up a bit - there's got to be some secrets lurking under that cool exterior.

    It is SO the perfect series for me - loads of action, tough women, gorgeous blokes, space, romance - love it.

  8. Oh God.

    *wiggles at Gaeta*

    It's awful knowing what you haven't seed yet.

  9. ...oooohhhh.... ! that's right, rub it in.

    LOL at the typo... reminded me of the way my kids sometimes end words they aren't familiar with - it's so cute - and often logical!

    Oh, oh, can I vote for Tahmoh Penikett as Male on Monday? Droooooll.... there's a really nice photo of him in civvies on FlickR. Is he a Beta do you think?


  10. I think Helo is the most Heroic of the heroes on the show. He's in my folder of hero casts and just waiting for the right book. Love him.

    I think we have a LOT in common, Helen!