Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Male on Monday :: Keanu Reeves

Okay so he might not come across as the smartest guy on the planet, and he's had more dodgy acting moments than not, but I think this is one of the more beautiful men on the planet. And if you haven't heard the behind the scenes story of Keanu Reeves, you may well be in for a surprise or two yourself...

Keanu first became out and out hero potential material for me when I saw him in POINT BREAK. Seriously, that dark slick hair, those muscles wrapped in wet lycra. Okay so I was in my teens and wasn't thinking of him to use in a book, but boy oh boy did he make an impression on a young romantic girl's mind!

This same image of him I did eventually use as my hero inspiration for my third book MARRIAGE MAKE-OVER. And he made it verrrrry easy. Especially when I surrounded myself with iconic Point Break pictures. This one on the left inspired me to write the first moment we actually met my hero Simon.

Other big Keanu moments have been in the iconic BILL AND TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE ("Strange things are afoot at the Circle K"). I must have seen this movie a hundred times. He's dark and serious and young and hopeful and tragic in DANGEROUS LIAISONS. If you are looking for more delicious eye candy then you can't go past the man in a uniform in SPEED. Fun, fun stuff. And I do believe his turn in PARENTHOOD has a couple of the most poignant moments in an all round poignant film. Good for him!

MATRIX put him back on the map. And THE LAKE HOUSE implanted him firmly thereupon. Nothing like a classic romance to drag an actor back into the hearts and minds of women the world over!

But to me, SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE is his piece de resistance. In that film (which also happened to be my Film on Friday last month) he plays a secondary role, one that culd have been given to an unknown actor just as easily. But choosing Keanu, a man with this much beauty, and this much heretofore untapped charm, was a revelation.

Why? Perhaps without the pressure of having a whole film on his broad shoulders he could relax and just be. He walks into frame and every female character, and every femalae viewer just melts. He’s a doctor. With too long hair. Dreamy dakr brown eyes. Oodles of charm. Chutzpah. A twinkle in his eye. A smile that lights up a room. Smitten with Dianne Keaton. And he's not afraid of a little romance. What’s not to love?

A little about him...

Keanu looooves riding his numerous motorcycles and coined the term "demon ride" to describe how he often rides with no headlights at night. On one of his "demon rides" in 1988, he crashed near Topanga Canyon and broke several ribs and ruptured his spleen; he has had an abdominal scar ever since: when the paramedics arrived, an emergency medical technician trainee dropped one end of the stretcher by mistake.

To temper this wildside, he took a significant amount of the profits from his Matrix series and treated the 12 stuntmen who worked on the films to Harley Davidson motorcycles. Awwww.....

His personal life took a terrible turn a few years back when In December 1999, his girlfriend, Jennifer Syme, gave birth to a stillborn daughter who was named Ava Archer Syme-Reeves. Then less than two years later, Jennifer was killed in a car accident. For a man who seemed abloe to live his life out of the public eye, this news was so sad, so tragic. It seemed the man who had all the outer appearance of a romance hero has it wihtin him to be one as well.

A beautiful man with a tragic past. A Pink Heart Society Hero Hall of Famer to be sure.

Ally's November release, STEAMY SURRENDER is also out now in Australia & New Zealand as a Sexy Sensation.

This is the one with the sexy Italian hero who owns his own string of gelatarias. Could it get any better? Yuh-huh! Add in a beautiful cabin in the snow, designer duds for our heroine and a sidetrip to Paris and life's a dream.

For more check out an excerpt on her website...


  1. I loved him in Point Break. You are right it is an absolutely iconic movie. And I do need to see Somthing Gotta to Give.

  2. I didn't know any of that about Keanu and he looks great in Something's Gotta Give.

  3. I love Keanu... even though he has definitely had some dodgy acting moments as you said. ('Much Ado About Nothing'? 'A Walk in the Clouds'?)) but I loved him in The Matrix and Something's Gotta Give. I read about the losses in his life awhile back, and it is so tragic... it makes you realise there is more to him than meets the eye.

    Kate H.

  4. Trish absolutely loves 'A Walk in the Clouds'. She's got me to put that on my 'buy' list.

    Personally I love him in 'Speed' and 'The Lakehouse' - which probably has a lot to do with his on screen chemistry with Sandra Bullock.

  5. Good pick! I love Keanu. Very Hero Hall of Famer worthy. His character Jack always seemed to me to typify the best of the Silhouette Initimate Moments heroes.

  6. When I was reading Steamy Surrender I had Keanu in mind for Saxon Ciantar (I have this bad habit of trying to 'cast' all the books I read!) and was kind of annoyed at the time, because Keanu doesn't really float my boat, but he kept popping into my head anyway and I really, really like Saxon. Now I know who to blame!

  7. All right... maybe I need to see 'A walk in the Clouds' again... it was a long time ago! It seems like as an actor he went through a wooden phase and then he learned how to play understated ;)

    Kate H.

  8. I totally agree. Something's Gotta Give is one of my favorite movies evar, because of his presence. He did seem so natural in this film and I believed the chemistry between him and Diane. I also adore The Lake House. I've always been a Keanu lover.

  9. IMESHO Keanu is great in all his movies. A Walk in the Clouds is one of my favs, he's awesome in Point Break (so tenacious!) and heart stopping in Speed. And then you get to see the softer side of him in Lake House and Something's Got to Give etc. I was never into the Matrix films. Personally I just find the whole concept a bit dark for me. The dh LOVES them. Oh, and I agree wholeheartedly about the onscreen chemistry between him and Sandra Bullock. They are an awesome onscreen couple.

    (sigh) doesn't he have the most beautiful mouth? And those eyes...

    Someone slap me and send me back to work!

  10. A Walk In The Clouds has one of my favourite lines out of any movie, when he says to her father, 'Why can't you just love her? She's so easy to love.'

    The on-screen chemistry between Keanu and Sandra Bullock is great, but I've liked all his movies I've seen other than Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Parenthood was in a class all its own. Heh.


  11. I am right with you on Keanu being real hero material. I have loved him in so many films and A Walk in the Clouds is right up there with Point Break and The Lake House. He has been a model for heroes for me for a very long time. Who cares if he doesn't come across as being brilliant!

  12. Oooooo....Keanu Reeves is the sexiest thing ever! He is so charismatic, handsome, and intelligent. I haven't seen all of his movies yet but my absolute favorite is Something's Gotta Give. That is my all time favorite! Great blog! I did hear about his girlfriend being tragically killed in a car accident. I read a lot of People magazines.

    Oh you picked a great guy to have as your hero model for your book!