Saturday, December 01, 2007

Friday Film Night :: Two Week's Notice

This week, Blaze author Samantha Hunter drops by the Pink Heart Society to bring you the not-so-steamy romantic comedy, Two Week's Notice...

If you love charming, incorrigible playboy heroes and New York City, this film is for you -- the shots of New York's streets and buildings are amazing, and Hugh is at his charming, bad-boy best. I can't believethey were thinking of filming this in Canada to save money -- nothing against our neighbors to the North, but I agree with Sandra Bullock who argued, if you have a movie in NYC, you have to set it in NYC!

I love this movie for the quirky romantic hero that Grant pulls off. He doesn't start the movie as a hero, but becomes one. Many of Hugh's movies challenge us to love another kind of bad boy. He's not the danger-oriented, dark, mysterious male, but the shallow, witty, smart ass, sexy, annoying guy who we don't really want to love, but do. George's character arc is the adolescent becomes an adult via falling in love. The movie proves that romance can be just plain fun,offering dialogue along the lines of...

Lucy: "You are the most selfish person on the planet!!!"

George: "Now that's just silly, have you met everyone on the planet?"

It's classic category conflict: millionaire real estate developer George Wade (Hugh Grant) is completely dependent on Lucy Kelson (Sandra Bullock), his company's chief counsel who also happens to have a strong social concience. George isn't quite sure where he left his conscience, so he just asks Lucy. He also depends on her to pick out his suits and just about everything else. After being on call 24/7 in George's life, Lucy decides she doesn't want to be a part of it anymore and decides to quit. She's tired of her insubstantial work, andwants to do something that has meaning, not just make money. She has more important things to do, like using her legal skills to save historic buildings that are also part of the city's charm as well as being people's homes -- of course, Wade's company, driven by his brother, is the one threatening to level the building.

Still it's apparent that while George needs Lucy to help him make almost every decision, he needs her for more than that, too -- he's received his "2 weeks's notice" on how much he loves her, but how can he convince her that she's the only one for him, knowing what she thinks of him? How can she give into her attraction for a guy she shouldn't have fallen for in a million years? The two travel back together because George won't quite let go, and in the end he not only grows upand saves the day (and the building), but gets the girl. In doing so, he loses his millionaire status and gives it all up for living with Lucy and eating take-out in her small apartment, but it's really a great HEA.

Classic romance.

Warm and Fuzzy Ranking: 8/10

(I figure the constant laughs the movie offers offsets the warm and fuzzy, though the romance is wonderful)

Samantha Hunter is a former professor, quilter, dog lover, environmentalist, and not above picking her husband's brain for plot details.

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  1. I haven't seen this movie start to finish, but the parts I've seen were really good! I really need to watch the entire thing in one sitting.

  2. Hi Sam, I loved that movie. If you have it on DVD, watch the outtakes. They are even funnier than the movie.