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Writer's Wednesday :: What's NEXT?

For a category romance lover, having your favorite line end is frustrating. For an author, having your line end is frustrating...but the good news is that the authors of the latest line to dissolve aren't floundering a bit. We invited them here to the Pink Heart Society to share with us what's up NEXT...

My last NEXT was Motherhood Without Parole (Nov 06). Ironically, the sequel Motherhood without Warning was supposed to be out this year but got postponed several times, finally landing in Feb. 08, which will be one month too late. Harlequin is looking into other options for publishing the book so that readers who have been patiently waiting can still get Delia's story. I do feel that I ended on a nice note, however, since this past weekend my 2006 NEXT, The Good Kind of Crazy won the Published Maggie Award of Excellence, which meant a lot to me since I really enjoyed writing the books!!!

Meanwhile, I am writing more Tanya Michaels books for Harlequin American Romance (with a Christmas anthology, The Perfect Tree, out in Nov. 07) and for readers who liked my women's fiction novels with NEXT, I am now writing trade paperback women's fiction for NAL Accent under my real name (Tanya Michna). My first book with them, Necessary Arrangements , is in stores now, and I am donating partial proceeds to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Readers can keep up with me through either of my websites and or come visit at my blog, where I frequently host giveaways.

My next NEXT comes out this Tuesday, October 9! On the heels of the first Charlotte McNally Mystery, the Boston Globe Best Seller PRIME TIME, FACE TIME is another romantic mystery featuring 46-year old Charlie McNally, a smart, savvy and successful TV reporter who wonders: what happens when a TV reporter is married to her job--and the camera doesn't love her anymore?

Face Time is a fast paced thriller, with humor, romance, and a mystery plot so devious--with my trademark twist of an ending--that you'll go back to look for all the clues you missed.

"Face Time is a winner!" says the queen of romantic suspense, Christina Skye. Sarah Strohmeyer, nationally bestselling author of The Sleeping Beauty Proposal says, “…Hank Phillippi Ryan is an exciting voice for smart women who are ready for some real, kick-ass romance and intelligent plot. I loved it!”

What's next? I'm writing the next Charlotte McNally mystery, called Air Time--where Charlie uncovers secrets in the high fashion, big money and dirty dealing world of counterfeit designer clothing! (And will her hot romance with that dishy professor finally result in a little blue box from Tiffany?) Look for Air Time on the shelves next year. I'm also currently on the air at Boston's NBC affiliate. I've been the investigative reporter there for 22 years--and as my station bio says, I've won 24 Emmys, changed laws, and changed lives. I have several big big stories coming up in the next few months. So I have two careers--one as a real-life reporter and one creating the life of a fictional reporter!

Here's my website, with lots of appearances scheduled and lots of terrific photos. I'd love to hear from you!

And two more things!

One--you should know, according to the powers that be at Harlequin, Next is just going through some changes..and who knows what will develop with these wonderful books! So stand by to see what happens!

Two--for your wonderful readers who may not have read my first Charlotte McNally mystery PRIME TIME--I'd love to introduce them! In honor of this week--the launch week for FACE TIME-- I'll send a free signed copy of Prime Time to the first ten readers who email me via my website and correctly answer this question: In the excerpt of FACE TIME, Charlie calls someone "my darling." Who is that? Those ten readers will also get a coupon for a discount on Face Time!

The next ten people who answer correctly will get the coupon. That's a total of 20 winners!

My last NeXt was SPARKLE. The next thing coming out for me is: BLAME IT ON PARIS--a HQN release in April 08. There's some talk about the NeXts being converted to trade paperbacks, instead of selling them in thes eries paperbacks...if this happens, I'm hoping to write more of them... We NeXt writers plan to keep up the NeXt website until we run out of news. :)

--Jennifer Greene, NeXt authors website & blog

My last Next release will be WHO CREAMED PEACHES, ANYWAY? which will come out in January 08. There's no cover available yet, that I know of. (The last one that already came out was WHOSE NUMBER IS UP, ANYWAY? an August 07 release.)

Next for me, after some well-earned time off to play with my new granddaughter and do some traveling, is a new murder mystery series. The characters are already at play in my head. You can keep up with me on my website at, where there'll be murder, mayhem, and matching drapes!
My last NEXT was Raspberry Sherbet Kisses, published last April, a Romantic Times Top Pick! and probably the closest thing I've ever written to a true romance. My other three NEXTs were women's fiction . . . and happily, the first two of them will be coming out next year in trade paper, Riggs Park in March and Daughters of the Sea in September. I'm just finishing a novel called Ribbons for Paisley, about four longtime neighbors in a suburban subdivision, and the ways their lives are changed -- enriched and deepened as well as saddened -- by the illness and death of a fourth neighbor they've known for many years.

Lots more is on my website,, including info about my unusual foray into children's fiction this year, for a company that publishes materials that help elementary school teachers make history fun for the kids instead of drudgery! -- Ellyn Bache

Thanks to all who stopped by to let us know more, and best of luck to all of those who found a home with the NEXT line.
xoxo - The Pink Heart Society

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