Saturday, October 27, 2007

Weekend wind-down...and Hamper!

Phew, October is coming to an end...

For Nicola, it has been a bumper birthday month (I've managed to get through 7 family birthdays...7!)

And that's hot on the heels of the little pink dancing guy's birthday in September. Don't know about you but all this partying is wearing me out...

So why not do what I do when I'm in need of a little R&R? Grab a copy of your favourite book, curl up in a quiet spot and turn those pages!

What's that I hear? You don't have a book handy?

Well, then you absolutely, positively have to enter the contest to win our October Hamper!

So here it is! The October Hamper!!!


"Found: Her Long-Lost Husband" by Jackie Braun

"Christmas Weddings" anthology by Margaret McDonagh, Shirley Jump and Carole Mortimer

"Reunited: Marriage in a Million" by Liz Fielding

"Needed: Her Mr. Right" by Barbara Hannay

"Back in Fortune's Bed" by Bronwyn Jameson

"A Woman to Belong To" by Fiona Lowe

"Scandal's Daughter" by Christine Wells

"For Revenge...or Pleasure?" by Trish Morey

And it happened again! We're stunned by this quite frankly - but as our August Hamper winner didn't come forward we also have this cornucopia of goodies to add to the list. HOWEVER this is the LAST TIME we'll be rolling over prizes. So from now on - if you win - don't let the goodies slip through your fingers!!!

'For the Sheikh's Pleasure' by Annie West
'The Italian G.P's Bride' by Kate Hardy
'Sicilian Husband, Blackmailed Bride' by Kate Walker
'One Special Night' by Margaret Mcdonagh
The Roman's Virgin Mistress by Michelle Styles
The Boss's Demand by Jennifer Lewis
The Sheiks' Ransomed Bride by Annie West
Count Giovanni's Virgin by Christina Hollis

Her Outback Knight by Melissa James
Best Friend...Future Wife by Claire Baxter

Pick Me Up by Samantha Hunter
The Sicilian's Red- Hot Revenge by Kate Walker (Presents)

Breakfast at Giovanni's by Kate Hardy
Almost a Family by Donna Alward

One lucky Pink Heart Society member will win the lot! The best comment as judged by the editors will win.

Hamper Question: If you were having the dream birthday dinner, name 3 people you would invite? (Family are already there, so invite fantasy figures for fun!)

Don’t forget to come back through next month to find out if you won!
November promises to be huge so make sure you join us and spread the word!

Hugs and kisses,
Ally, Jenna, Natasha, Nicola and Trish
x x x x x


  1. I don't have to think about this one!

    First, would be Richard Armitage just for sheer drooling value. Now, i know drooling isn't very appealing when you're having dinner, but hey, you said FANTASY, right?

    Second, would be Ryan Stiles from 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?', just because he can make me laugh so much and I love this guy.

    Third, would be Anton du Beke (one of the male dancers from Strictly Come Dancing, UK). He's not gorgeous, but he can dance and he has this amazing sense of humour and rich, strong voice, I just know that he and my other guests would make my birthday dinner one to remember.

    To be honest, I don't think we'd get to eat much. We'd be too busy talking, or laughing, or in the case of Richard, flirting!

  2. I have to say that I usually don't do parties (no time for reading when there are guests about)but as family is invited to this one I'd invite guests to amuse them.

    First would be Einstein to talk maths and stuff with my eldest son.

    Second would be Freud so the other three sons and the daughter could argue with him about psychology.

    Lastly I would invite Anne McCaffrey so she and my husband could talk dragons.

    I would then talk about books with anyone willing to listen (or better still curl up with one or two in the corner LOL).

  3. Well, as i can't invite hunks as my fiance wold get a bit annoyed at my drooling, i would invite authors instead.

    But with so many it's hard to choooose! I would deffinately invite Sherrilyn Kenyon, so i can ply her with alcohol until she tells me aaaalll about the upcoming books ;)Then i would invite Jean M Auel, and ply her with some alcohol too and then force her to finish the 6th book in the earth children series coz damnit i want to know how it ends!

    so i need one more...with all the wonderful authors out there i have nooo idea who i'd invite. it would be too hard to choose just one, so i guess i would invite ... oh i know! Adam Savage from mythbusters! (because he's cool!)

    That would be one interesting birthday party!

  4. This is easy. Daniel Craig(on my left), Mags Mcdonagh's Cameron (on my right) and Ronnie O'sullivan to keep the boss amused for a few hours.


  5. Well it would have to be Stephen Fry to keep the wit and humour going, Samuel West so I can drool and also make so repartation for the debacle the last time I met him. And for number three... Hugh Jackman in a towel!

  6. Ahh this is a toughie. It would have to be...
    Georgette Heyer, because she writes historical romance like no one else, and it'd be fun to pickle her brain on her oh so gorgeous characters.
    Suzanne Brockmann, because her writing is just SO much fun to read, and I'm sure she'd be as much fun to talk to.
    Oh, and George Clooney. No explanations required.


  7. For this special dinner which is very meaningful I would have to invite, Daphne Du Maurier, as I have been enthralled with her novels forever. Sir WInston Churchill since I consider him a marvellous statesman, person and wirter as well, and Christopher Plummer since I am crazy about him, his superb acting and his presence.

  8. A birthday dinner with Mark Twain would be like a dream come true. I could sit for hours listening to him talk and expound upon the world. I have always been fascinated by Wyatt Earp since his legend and life is interesting and one filled with stories. Wilberforce is a remarkable man who deserves a seat at my table. I could speak to him forever.

  9. My first pick would have to be Sherrilyn Kenyon since she is my favorite author. (Love the dark-hunter series) My second pick would be Ryan Goosling from the movie The Notebook. (He is so hot) Then my last pick would probably have to be another author who would be J. K. Rowling, I would have to know what she is up to now that Harry Potter is over.

  10. I'd invite Alice, the March Hare, and the Mad Hatter. No way would the evening turn boring with that trio there!


  11. william shakesspeare,they are something in his writting that draws me to it,

    ann franks.i would love to know more about her diary

    leonardo de vinci, so i could ask him who mona lisa was

  12. It is my birthday... so I think I can indulge myself!

    I would invite Jane Austen... to sign all the books I have at home from her (she is my all time favorite author). I would invite the fairy god-mother to give me the ultimate party... however, it maybe will end at midnight, so not wanting to take a chance, the third person should be a genie (I am not sure if he would come in his bottle) to grant me three wishes :)

  13. That is a good question!

    I know I would invite my best friend's husband who passed away from a heart attack this summer and who was abroad at the time of his passing, just to be able to say good-bye and hear of his always intrighing stories.

    I would also invite my son's best friend - who was like a brother to him. He died one year ago in a car accident when he was only 26 old and he was also abroad, so they can spend time together for one last time.

    Finally, at the end of the day, it will be pretty emotionnal, because they will have to leave... so I think we will need a spiritual guide of some sort to help us deal with some of our grief issues.

  14. I am a med student and I know for sure that I would like to invite some past medical personalities!

    I have always been inspired by Elizabeth Blackwell, the first american woman who was able to attend medical school and she opened the first women's hospital in New York. So it would be a true priviledge to be able to hear her stories while eating a delicious chocolate cake and get a bit of advice from her... I am sure she would be able to give me a ton!

    I am rotating now in oncology, so I would also like Florence Nightingale to attend just to have some advice on patient care that is based on empathy and I am sure she would be able to help me deal better with those feelings of emptiness I feel when a patient has lost all hope in survival.

    Finally, the guest of honour would be my mom's godmother - I never had the chance to meet her, she passed away the year of my birth - she was one of the first women to practice medicine in Lebanon. She cared for the sick free of charge even if her family disapproved and she even enrolled in the Red Cross during WWII to help all the injured overseas... she seemed like a truly remarquable woman, by all the great things I hear from my mother. It would be just amazing to give a her a hug and to tell her she was my inspiration for studying medicine.

    That is a great hamper... I do volunteer work at the hospital and each week we do activities with the patients that are hospitalized, especially the ones that don't have a lot of visits. It would be great to have some feel good books to share with them. We could read one aloud - a change from those really old gossip magazines - and they could take the other ones with them to their room at night... a luxury we really don't have because hospitals are always cutting the budget and the little we have is spended on decorations.

  15. Wow, what a tough question. My first thought was a few good-looking men, but as someone already said, my husband probably wouldn't appreciate that! :)

    So, after some thought, I think I'd first like to invite Marilyn Monroe back from the dead. I know, sort of an odd choice, but I've always wanted to know what the heck she was thinking messing around with half of Washington like she was. I love juicy gossip and she sure caused enough of it!

    Second, I'd pick NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne. Not just because he's a cutie, though it helps, but because maybe he'd give me free tickets to a race as a b-day gift!! LOL!! Actually, I love racing and he seems like a really down to earth guy. He could keep my hubby entertained, too!

    Third, I'd invite Jo Frost, The Nanny, to watch my kids while I enjoy the party. I love 'em dearly, but Mama needs a little R&R time, too! :)

  16. Jamie Oliver would be invited so he could cook.

    If we're doing fantasy Dr House, the character, because he'd liven things up. Since it's my birthday i'd have to add the condition his caustic wit not be turned on me.

    And Ender, from Orson Scott Card's 'Ender's Game' because he's one of my favourite characters from my childhood. A little boy who thought he'd unwittingly killed a species only to save them who grew into a wise, wise man.

  17. First person I'd invite is Walt Disney. That man had it all together, the best marketing mind of his time and I think of today too. I wonder what he would think of the Disney World of today.

    The second person would be Robin Williams. His quick wit cracks me up! There's nothing I like better in a man than a sense of humour.

    And for my last person I was going to say Matthew McConauhey, but then I found out that he doesn't wear deoderant. I don't care if he smells manly, that's just gross. So instead I opted for Jeffrey Dean Morgan. I loved him on Grey's, and since I cast him as the hero in my WIP, I could disguise the visit as research! Would that be tax deductible?


  18. It would be such a honor to spend time with Isaac Bashevis Singer. I have read and love all of his novels. Another memorable individual would have to be Michaelangeo. Ic annot lover look the fascination I have with his intellect and abilities. Last but not least is a great writer whose work I have admired forever, Charles Dickens. These comprise my special dinner company.

  19. Your topic is so appealing that I cannot resist mentioning my selection of memorable people for this dinner. First and foremost would be Charlotte Bronte,since I love her novels, Linus Pauling due to my interest in Vities and health and on a totally different note would be Golda Meir.

  20. Great hamper as always.
    Well, first I'd want to have my dad's father there. He passed away before I was even born. I've heard such great stories about him & I'd like to hear some of the stories I know he would have to tell me.
    Second, Harrison Ford. I've just always liked him. So forceful on screen, yet I've heard he's very quiet and intelligent in person.
    Lastly, the ventriloquist/comedian Jeff Dunham cause he makes me laugh and that's very important to me.


  21. Martha Stewart would be on the top of my list; she could decorate my dining room and set the table for an awesome view and I think she would be a great guest also to talk with. Everyone would love her 'take home' goodies.

    Second would be Bozo the clown to loosen everyone up and make some laughs.

    Thirdly would be Kenny G so he could provide some entertainment for us along with some good looks. I love his music.

  22. Gosh, already so many good choices. First off, for me Cary Grant. He was just the the total package, good looking, charming, funny. He always seemed to be able to laugh at himself, a quality I admire and it seems in short supply in Hollywood today.
    Since family is already there, I will say Audrey Hepburn for my husband (I am an understanding soul :-)) plus I would enjoy her company as well. Her life seems fascinating since she went through so much during World War II. She was not only a great actress, but a great humanitarian.
    Lastly, Oscar Wilde to help the conversation along. He is so clever, I don't know if anyone, but Cary Grant could keep up with him!

  23. First I'd invite Sandra Bullock, I think she is so beautiful and down to earth. Then I'd invite Vince Vaughn. He's so tall and cute. Then I'd have to invite Oprah Winfrey. She knows everyone just about. LOL

  24. I would invite country singer Alan Jackson to sing for us, Robin Williams for comedy and Matthew McConaughey so I could gaze in his beautiful eyes and hear his sexy voice.

  25. I would invite David Copperfield to do some magic tricks and Sting to sing and David Attenborough, because I just love his nature documentaries!