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Temptation Tuesday - Ravishing Redheads

Today I continue with my series on heroine inspiration. Over the past few months I had the blonde bombshells and brunette beauties with piccies and rundowns on just who you can use as the next heroine you read or write about.

This was the hardest category to fill. Somehow across the ages these gals have either fallen into being cast as the smart girl or the seductress. So for some winners I've had to go back, waaaaay back.

This month we finish off the pack with...


(and we’ll include sometime auburn in there too ;))


Nicole Kidman -

Maybe I'm reaching here. Not so grand in her choices of husband. Dresses like a dream but is still into ringlets in a big way. But if you can get past all that, there is something of the beautifully bookish about her look. She keeps getting cast as nuclear scientists and revered authors so it ain't just me.

Kate Winslet -

A most-time blonde with the spirit of a redhead. THE TITANIC saw her Titian so that'll do it for me ;). Soooo smart. Soooo together. Soooo honest. Soooo upfront. Soooo worldy. And truly beautiful from the inside out.

Julianne Moore -

The ultimate smart girl? She gets cast that way more often than not. A pair of glasses perched atop her nose staring down at the hero in question. But she can play it goofy as well. Adorable as all get out in EVOLUTION. Completely disarming and damaged and loveable in BOOGIE NIGHTS. Petite, bookish, and unique.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Susan Sarandon –

Married to someone fifteen years younger, an avid cause taker, and sexy all at the same time. See her in SHALL WE DANCE to see what a fantastic NEXT heroine she could be. She is beautiful, brainy, and a seductress of the highest order. Look out heroes!

Marcia Cross -

She plays it bad better than most anybody. Is it the classic beauty? The porcelain skin and raging red hair that makes her seem too good to be true? The glint in the eye, the

Alicia Witt -

Known to many from her appearance in MR HOLLAND'S OPUS Alicia is young, smart and sexy. Skin like alabaster, long curling red hair halfway down her back, and the golden eyes of a lioness there is no way this girl would ever let a hero get the better of her in the boardroom or the bedroom.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Debra Messing -

Grace Adler in Will and Grace. She's funny, self-efffacing, prettier than you realise, and the type you can imagine running barefoot through a park, being able to catch a frisbie, and snuggle in front of a fire.

Jennifer Aniston -

Blonde, or auburn, our Jen was like every girl’s best Friend. Cute, buff, with mannerisms and tics galore that endear you to her when she acts. She landed one of the hottest men on the planet. Then lost him. Was it because she wasn't ready to start a family? Why? Is that a great conflict for a heroine or what?

Geena Davis -

Just to complete the pair from the ultimate redhead story, THELMA AND LOUISE. I believe that these two women brought about the comeback of the redhead as a sexy, scrumptious force to be reckoned with in films and in life. I, for one, as a redhead, wish to hug and thank and kiss them ten times over. Geena is at her best when lovably goofy. She is also well-spoken, smart, and fills out an Oscar dress like nodody's business.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Lindsay Lohan -

Sooo young. Was once so sweet, so delicate, and now so seemingly ruined by fame. Will she ever return to her roots? Is she redeemable? There is a vulnerability there. Still. And a knocked down, trailer park, I've got ambition and I'm not afraid to use it steel. Is she still the ultimate young adult heroine a la MEAN GIRLS? Or is she the next generation Modern Extra heroine fighting her way into the light?

Alyson Hanigan -

Best known as Willow from BUFFY, and as " band camp" girl from the America Pie movies. With those huge Disney eyes and swet delivery she is entirely likeable. And beneath the bookish looks, the straight red hair and simple clothes she has a killer little bod!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Julia Roberts –

Stick her in a room with George Clooney and Brad Pitt and she’d have them wrapped around her little finger. Sassy, smart-mouthed, and the boys best best friend.

Rachel McAdams -

Another blonde/brunette redhead. But she did it for me best as Allie in THE NOTEBOOK. Whether leaping into a stream half naked in that glorious film, or hanging out with the likes of Owen Wilson in THE WEDDING CRASHERS, our Rachel is a fantastic heroine. Gutsy, vivacious, beautiful, spontaneous, raucous, can't you see her sitting down to a strip poker night with the boys, glass of scotch in one hand, cigar in her mouth? Heaven!

Shirley Maclaine -

She was the only woman in the Rat Pack. Way back when she was the grinning minx with the pixie haircut, she was cute as a button aka SWEET CHARITY. Hanging out with the likes of Frank Sintra and Dean Martin. Could a heroine possibly have anymore fun while being allowed into the boys' club? And she still has legs to write home about.


Lucille Ball, Carol Burnette, Ann-Margaret, Gillian Anderson, Deborah Kerr, ...

Who's your favourite redhead?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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  1. Ally, my favorite redhead is my daughter Keri. I believe at one time I told you that you and Keri have a similar look?

    As for famous....Julianne Moore - and Julie Roberts.