Monday, October 15, 2007

Male on Monday...Mark Valley

We've witnessed my affinitity to enroll former soap hunks in the Male On Monday hall of fame...and I am back at it! Mark Valley stepped into Days of Our Lives back in the early nineties, one of his first roles after being spotted by an agent while he was stationed in Germany. Obviously, being 'discovered' while walking down the street...I mean...that alone makes him MOM worthy!

Tall, dark and handsome...that describes most romance heroes...but what if you need a blond? With the right inspiration, you can make it work, and what better insiration than Mark Valley?

West Point grad, Desert Storm veteran, fluent in German...oh, and did I mention smoking hot?

Whether he is playing lawyer Brad Chase on Boston Legal, trying to make TV shows work on bad nights (remember Emily's Reasons Why Not? Keen Eddie? Once and Again?)...he's convincing in any role.

In the movies he's been everywhere and everyone...which makes snagging pictures for inspiration all the easier. Soldier, lawyer, outlaw, doctor...he's been there, and has the picture to prove it.

So...what do you think? Doesn't it look like blonds can be more fun?

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