Monday, October 22, 2007

Male on Monday - Naveen Andrews

This week Natasha Oakley introduces us to a potential romance hero who might need a little work to make him truly romantic. Maybe ...

Naveen William Sidney Andrews was born on the 17th of January, 1969, in London, the eldest of two sons.

Now, this bit interests me - at the age of 16 he moved in with his Maths teacher, Geraldene Feakins.

You've got to admit if this were fiction it'd be a great back story. Isn't your head just teeming with questions? Don't you want to know how his family reacted to that?? What about her family??? And then, of course, I want to know why they split. Which they did ...

But I'm ahead of myself.

Naveen trained as an actor at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, a contemporary of Ewan McGregor and David Thewlis.

Immediately on leaving he won the role of Bike in Hanif Kureshi's movie 'London Kills Me', filmed in 1991 in flippin' cold weather. I know that because I'd also just left drama school and I was also cast in that movie. Unlike 'My Beautiful Launderette', Hanif Kureshi's previous movie, it wasn't a hit. In fact, one of the reviews I remember was something along the lines of 'London Kills Me is about as interesting as watching drug addicts in NottingHill' which was quite cutting since the film is about drug addicts in NottingHill!

Oh well ...

In 1992 Naveen and Geraldene had a son together, Jaisal. Professionally things were also going well as 1992 also saw Naveen nominated for the Evening Standard Drama Award as most Promising Newcomer for his portayal of Zak in 'Wild West'. 1993 saw him in a TV adaptation of Hanif Kureshi's novel 'The Buddha of Surburbia'.

He's probably best remembered as Lt Kip Singh in 'The English Patient' (1996). Until that is 2004, since when he's been playing Sayid Jarrah in 'Lost' though my personal favourite performance is as Mr Balraj (the Mr Bingley character) in 'Bride and Prejudice'.

He's a lovely actor, if a little short. Just 5ft 8" which means that heels would be out for me! And he has the most beautiful eyes. They truly are.

Sadly his personal life hasn't been as easy. His twenties saw him experimenting with drink and drugs and he nearly crashed his career. He made a break and moved to the States for a fresh start. Even now he associates London with that time and loathes it. Whilst I can understand the reasons behind it I find it irritating everytime I read he's said something negative about my city.

His long-time girlfriend is the actress Barbara Hershey who, and I hate myself for mentioning this, is 21 years older than him.

"Older women know who they are, and that makes them more beautiful than younger ones. I like to see a face with some character. I want to see lines. I want to see wrinkles."

I rather like that!

Gossip says that the couple separated briefly in 2005. Whilst apart Naveen had a son with A N Other. I haven't found out any more than that. All reports suggest that the he and Barbara are currently together, sharing a home in Los Angeles.

So, all told I'm not sure how much of a 'hero' he is - flawed but beautiful. And easy to feed!!!

"A slice of hot, buttered toast is the perfect meal. It's not too much and not too little, and it gives you just the right buzz."

So what do you think? Anyone going to cast him for their WIP?

With love

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  1. Oh, yeah! Easy on the eyes and now I am totally intrigued about his life!

  2. Hmmm but I had heard that Barbara Hershey has had loads of "work" so not quite sure what wrinkles he is refering to...

    I can't quite like him because I hated 'The English Patient' so much (due to Juliette Binoche *spit*), i can't believe I wasted money seeing that at the cinema.

  3. I can't find anything heroic here...

  4. I think I liked him better before I knew so much about him, LOL.

    I love the character Sayid, but I think this is one of those cases where I like the character more than the actor. ;)


  5. I agree with Sam above. Sayid was interesting to me (I stopped watching the show last season) but the attraction stops there for me.

  6. lol I did say he needed 'work' to make him a romance hero. Apart from anything else I really would have to make him taller. I know I'm shallow but .. BUT ....

  7. Aren't most heroes flawed in some respect? He's pretty hot in an exotic way.

  8. I think flawed is fine... it's not so much that, but when the flaw is kind of running around producing progeny at random, well... All of those things taken together make him sound like he just has too many issues for me. ;) I think it was Leslie Wainger who said in her Dummies book that flawed heroes are great for romance, because we have the power to fix them, but in real life, they're not a good bet. ;)

    Barbara Hershey looks great tho!


  9. Natasha,

    Now, this is an actor who's had me intrigued for ages. Yes, he does have wonderful eyes - am so jealous! But his personal life does make me wonder just a bit about his personality. He was great in 'Bride and Prejudice', wasn't he? Looking forward to finding out what his next role will be.


  10. I've only seen him as Sayid but I did hear him on an interview--and his London accent was so surprising after hearing him do his Middle Eastern voice for Lost! Intriguing past... as a hero, we might still be waiting for his redemption...

  11. and of course you could wear heels. I wear heels and tower over DH, who is half an inch shorter than me, and just lean on his broad shoulder. Hey, it worked for Tom and Nicole, for a while.

    He definitely has some issues, doesn't he.

  12. Yes, but I'd be fatter too! That doesn't seem quite right, does it? I'd need to be willowy if I were going out and about with Naveen and, as we've discussed on here before, that necessitates eating nothing nice for ages!!!!!!

  13. willowy? no no no not at all.

    A friend of mine, who is about 5ft10 I think, and generously proportioned (with cleavage I'd kill for) recently married a handsome young chap who is a good deal shorter than me. She is totally glamorous, and they make a gorgeous couple. He looks like the cat who got the cream!

    I think the key is that she is completely comfortable in her own skin. She also knows how to show off her curves.