Monday, October 29, 2007

Male on Monday :: Boris Kodjoe

What is it about Boris Kodjoe?”

The smile? The eyes? The drop-dead gorgeous looks?

All of the above?

Well, yes. But there’s more to the man than that.

So if you have seen him in Showtime’s Soul Food or Tyler Perry’s Medea’s Family Reunion or in The Gospel or in any of the other films he’s made in the last se
ven years, and you’ve stopped at the smile, eyes and the looks, don't. You’re missing a lot.

He’s a man who likes challenges – and finds them.

Born in Vienna, Austria on March 8, 1973 to a Ghanian physician and a German psychologist, Boris grew up in Germany. Naturally, then, his native language is German. But he speaks three others fluently, including flawless American English.

As a youngster he excelled at tennis. And as a teenager, he was once the 7th seeded junior player in the world. A back injury ended a potential professional career, but he still came to the US on a tennis scholarship (and he still plays tennis with Serena Williams!)

While he was studying marketing at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, someone noticed that he was, er, sort of eye-catching.

And the next thing you know he was not just a tennis-playing college student who spoke four languages, but an increasingly sought after model for Ford Modeling Agency.

If you have stacks of old GQs and other magazines with gorgeous men in them, you might want to check back and see if you can find Boris in ad campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Perry Ellis, Yves Saint Laurent and The Gap, among others.

Not satisfied with merely looking good, playing tennis, speaking four languages and traveling the world doing photo shoots, Boris wanted another

So he took up acting. He figured it was a good way to learn about the world.

He debuted in the film, Love & Basketball, and followed that with four seasons on the TV series, Soul Food, and several major films, including the well-received Brown Sugar where, not surprisingly, even more people noticed him.

People Magazine noticed, in fact. And in 2002 People named him one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World.

As my kids said in junior high school, no, duh.

But far more important to Boris than People's recognition was that his co-star on Soul Food, Nicole Ari Parker, noticed him, too.

Happily she didn’t just notice his looks, though. She noticed the charm, the intensity, the integrity, the person he was inside.

And Boris wasn’t immune to her charms either. They married two and a half years ago in Germany and are now the parents of two children, Sophie and Nicolas.

Fatherhood, Boris says, in true hero fashion, “is the best project I’ve ever been involved with.”

It’s obviously one more challenge he relishes and, judging from his comments, the best and most exciting yet.

With a wife and two preschoolers, a new clothing line, more films that include increasingly challenging and diverse roles, it would seem that Boris has his hands full.

But in case he gets bored, he's also got a MySpace page. It's fun. Drop by. Become one of Boris's friends. I'm sure he -- and you -- will be glad you did.

His enthusiasm is infectious, especially when he says, “I always embrace everyone and see where our journey takes us. The only thing I do not compromise about is POSITIVE ENERGY! I don't mess with negativity! Life is too beautiful to waste...”

Anne thinks life is too beautiful to waste, too, and so she's trying to finish up her current manuscript in order to go out to Washington State in November to the real life "cowboy auction" she's been invited to!

Her most recent book, The Boss's Wife For A Week, was out in UK as a Modern Romance in September, and was an October Harlequin Presents in North America and a Sexy Romance Down Under.

Despite the Chrysler Building on the cover, a lot of the book takes place in Fiji. Honest!

Check out an excerpt here and visit her blog for more pix of Boris -- and a few men in suits!


  1. Ooohh, Anne, what a treat! Boris is stunning, isn't he? I have several photos of him in my "potential hero" folder but I didn't know very much about him. Thanks so much for your lovely post. What a great way to start the week!

    Mags xx

  2. My kind of guy! Thanks for filling in the blanks.

  3. I loved him in the Gospel. But I'm shallow.(I am impressed he knows four languages) I know I'll never have him so I'm satisfied by the looks.

  4. Oh now he is sexy. I'm feeling inspired!

  5. My pleasure, ladies! I promised pix of Boris on my blog, and you will get some.

    But right at the moment I'm deep in deadline hell and Kate Walker is telling the story of Abby Green and her new love, Eamon, on my blog. So, Boris will have to wait a week or so -- until I get back from the cowboy auction anyway.

  6. Wow. He's definitely delish.

    Man I love Mondays around here...:)