Saturday, October 13, 2007

Friday Film-Night :: Somethings Gotta Give

This month Ally Blake is bringing you the rundown on a romantic film about a couple of people who've been there, done that are don't realise they are looking for love until it finds them.


One of the better films of the past five years. By far. This movie is rich, beautiful, classy, funny, moving, chocca block with characters and great dialogue and so many moments I’m sure I’ve left out a good half dozen of the best.


A 63 year old hero played by Jack Nicholson, and a fifty-something heroine played by Diane Keaton who is truly getting better and better with age. She also was Oscar nominated for the role. Both utterly appealing. Both living fantasy lives. She’s a playwright, he’s a record label owner. He’s a playboy, she’s a divorcee in a man drought while men her age date girls her daughter’s age.

Is this cinema’s answer to NEXT?


He comes to her house in the

Hamptons for a dirty weekend with her thirty year old daughter. She and her sister Zoe (the always perfect Frances McDormand) turn up on the same weekend, leading to no dirty weekend for him, and bemusement from her end as she comes to truly realise that her dating life may be over forever if men her age are dating women her daughter’s age.

Mid-tryst that night Harry has a heart attack. This sets in motion several story threads important to the development of the romance. 1) He is forced to stay at her house while he recuperates. And while her daughter has to go back to New York for work. 2) We meet the handsome young doctor as played by Keanu Reeves (heavenly delicious in this film – he’s never looked better!)

So Harry is laid up while Erica becomes the object of affection by a much younger man. Her world is fast turning on its head. But so is Harry’s as he finds himself becoming intrigued by her. Her smarts, her experience, her beauty, her sass, the fact that they have so much in common.

And it is here that the romance between Harry and Erica truly grows into something believable and very real for the both of them.


- When Harry is hepped up on pain killers and walks out into the hospital hallway in his hospital gown revealing his 63 year old backside to the world.

Erica: “Even drugged he’s a letch.”

- When Harry walks in on Erica naked the night he comes home from the hospital.

Harry: “I’m sorry.” Shivers. “Oh God am I sorry.”

Later the next day...

Harry: “You saw my ass and you don’t see me acting nuts and wearing glasses and hats!”

- The sex scene. Funny! So real, pulling on the truths of sixty year old nookie. Bad eyesight. Wobbly bits. Menopause means no birth control. The need to check blood pressure before over-exerting. The aftermath being the first eight hour sleep either of them has had in years. All funny, but all terribly poignant.

Colour plays a big part in the look of the film which I adore. Beige, white and blue, the colours of the beach. It makes the film look comforting and beautiful. It’s also meaningful in the character development.

- Collecting white rocks on the beach that Erica keeps in glass jars around the house. Harry gives her a black stone to remember him by. Later in the film, when he leaves her house, she gives him a jar of black rocks with one white rock to remember her by.

- The costumes. Erica’s turtlenecks and top to toe beige and white. Harry’s darkness. The way they morph into one another’s colours as the film goes on. Clever, clever.

- The house. A classic white and grey shingled mansion in the Hamptons. I wanna live there. Seriously. The open space, the white and beige furniture. It was designed for me. She’s a writer and she lives there. Does that mean I can too? Surely!!

This film twists and turns on a dime a dozen times over. Will they or won’t they end up together? Do we want her to end up with the handsome Doctor instead? Will her ex-husband really marry a girl only two years older than their own daughter and prove men are men and there’s no changing them?

Ending he film in Paris sets everything up for a big showdown. Glamour, glitz, and pure romance. Which way will Erica turn? Which way will Harry turn? Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

Rent it and find out!

Warm and fuzzy rating: 9

(I must have seen this movie twenty odd times and that’s gotta tell you something!)

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  1. I don't get much movie watching time these days, but recently saw this advertised on TV and had to watch it.
    Hubby and I laughed our heads off, it was fabulous!
    An absolute must-see for anyone who hasn't!!!
    Is it just me or does anyone else find Jack Nicholson strangely repulsive yet you can't look away?

  2. Jack Nicolson is truly amazing. He always annoys me, yet he's so compelling. Remember him in A FEW GOOD MEN doing the Stormin' Norman cameo?

    I loved this movie. Nicola, great idea to rent it to watch with dh.

  3. You have to take your hat off to Jack the lad, who, unlike many stars his age (did anyone notice Robert Redford's dreadful face stretch for example) isn't afraid to look his age and show it.

    Similarly Diane Keaton, I love the scene in this movie where she's scared to take off her polar neck jumper and show her chicken neck (let's face it, we're all heading that way). So nice to see a movie about December to December love as well.

    Having said all that, I thought Keanu Reeves's character was a bit of an anachronism - did we really need a younger guy to fancy her for Jack to figure out she's sexy? Then again, come to think of it, I find Keanu a bit of an anachronism in everything.

  4. Yeah, the Keanu character was a contrivance.
    Too obvious...
    But nice eye candy ;)

  5. I really enjoyed this movie! It did leave me that warm and fuzzy feeling I love. A definite must-see for anyone who hadn't seen it yet!

  6. Ah, Ally, this one I've watched over and over again, for so many of the reasons you've listed :-). Such a funny, fun film, and so well written.

    And here I thought I was the only one who noticed that gorgeous house and all that beige and blue, LOL!

  7. Oh, yes, I loved, loved, loved that house and the scenery and the use of colour imagery.

    Ally, definitely a NeXt storyline.

    Really enjoyed the humour and the secondaries, esp the sister. Heh, I didn't mind the earnest young doctor but maybe that's my own age and wish fulfilment thing happenin' *g*

    Lots to like, but I'm not a huge Keaton fan. I just kinda found some of her scenes/emotions OTT. The one where she's crying at her computer comes to mind -- it kinda went on and on and on. And on. (At least it felt like it to me, but then I'm more the choked up inside kind when I'm writing emotional scenes.)