Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Film Night: Serendipity

This Friday, Fiona Harper is here to talk about her absolutely, positively favourite romantic comedy, Serendipity, starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale.

Why do I love this film? It's romanric, witty and poignant, with an 'ahh' factor in bucketloads, and it has some great acting and some totally brilliant one-liners. For example, there is a scene at the beginning of the film where Jon (John Cusack) and Sara (Kate Beckinsale) are ice-skating and generally getting to know each other. They're firing off all sorts of questions: favourite movie, favourite New York moment etc, when Sara skates away and yells over her shoulder, "favourite sexual position?", only to skid on the ice and fall flat on her back. "Mine too," Jon mutters sagely as he goes to help her up.

Right from the moment Sara and Jon meet, fighting for a last-minute Christmas present in Bloomingdales, there is an unusual connection between them, but…they are both involved with other people. It's not the right time for them. Sara is a strong believer in fate. Not the everything-is-mapped-out-for-you kind of thing; more that fate sends you signs and it's whether you recognise them and follow them that determines whether you are happy or not. She says that if they are meant to meet again when the time is right, they will - then disappears in a yellow cab without even telling Jon her name.

However, destiny is on their side and their paths cross again the same night and they spend hours talking, ice-skating and generally feeling that something special is happening. "You don't just have the most incredible night of your life with a perfect stranger and leave it all to chance, do you?" Jon says as Sara is preparing to vanish again.

They decide to give fate a helping hand. Jon writes his name and number on a five dollar bill and Sara immediately spends it without looking at it. She then writes her number inside an old book and tells him she will sell it to a used-book store in the morning. The idea is that if they ever come across the book or the note in the future that it is a sign that they are meant to be together.

Ten years on and Jon is days away from his wedding to Halley in New York, while Sara's boyfriend has just proposed to her in San Francisco, where she now lives. Suddenly the signals start coming thick and fast and all they can think about is each other and that magical night "a million hours ago", as Sara puts it. Is this just normal wedding jitters, or is the universe trying to tell them something?

Over the next few days they both have some pretty big decisions to make. Will they let their lives continue on the track they are on and be happy, or are they willing to take a crazy leap of faith and find something truly incredible? Oh, it makes me go all tingly to my toes just thinking about it!

Funnily enough, I'm not big on the whole fate and destiny thing, but, somehow, it works in this film, and the result is just magical. I dare you not to love it!

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  1. The ending of this is the best. The whole of why I love this movie can be summarised with the bit where Jon is standing on the ice and sees her and he has tears on his face. O.M.G.

    Besides, John Cusack does quirky, loveable and hot soooo well....

  2. Hi,
    I so tried to like this film. I LOVED the start but then it fell into the frustrating category of film where the main players are apart way too much. I find that totally frustrating. And sue me, (Fiona Lowe ducks for cover) I didn't like Sleepless in Seattle for the same reason.
    However, I do love John Cusack so that saves it :-)) Also adore him in MUST LOVE DOGS

  3. I couldn't like this movie either - and I wanted to. I think Jon and Sara annoy me and I really don't care whether they get their HEA. But, FIONA L, 'Sleepless in Seattle' is perfection!!! :)

  4. See, I don't like "Must Love Dogs". It has all the right ingredients and a cracking script but, somehow, it just doesn't work for me. No magic.

    But I do agree that John Cusack is the best thing in this film. i may not have liked it as much with someone else in the lead role. his scenes with Jeremy Piven are just hysterical!

  5. OK, I'm sold on the ice-skating line, and I've just added it to my Amazon rental list.

    (Naturally you'll be hearing from me if it doesn't come up to scratch, Ms Harper....(snurk))

  6. Oh, I LOVED Must Love Dogs! I cry buckets because I love Diane Lane's character so much. When she's in the shower I can feel exactly what she's feeling.

  7. I really enjoyed this movie, and yes, the choice of John Cusack for the role certainly contributes to that. I really like his acting.