Friday, October 05, 2007

Film on Friday - No Reservations

This Friday Natasha Oakley is here to talk about a movie that was released worldwide this summer called No Reservations.

So often when people try and find a movie that could be a Harlequin 'Romance' I disagree. It's a difficult line to pin down. Partly, I suspect, because people get confused by the line's requirement to 'shut the bedroom door'. So often that's translated as 'no sex' which isn't true and means that we get likened to excrutiating teeny-bopper films. Horrid! But, No Reservations is a movie I could so easily turn into a Harlequin 'Romance' - which probably means I'm going to be a bit hard on it.

It's a remake of a successful 2001 German film called 'Mostly Martha'. By all accounts it was hugely popular and I've just added it to my rental list because I'm curious to compare the two. The reviews for No Reservations are patchy. What seems to be missing from the original is charm.

Kate Armstrong (played by Catherine Zeta-Jones) is a brilliantly creative chef. She's also controlling, meticulous and obsessively interested in creating perfect food in the Manhattan Restaurant where she's carving out an impressive reputation.

Everything changes when she becomes the legal guardian of her niece, Zoe (played superbly by Little Miss Sunshine's Abigail Breslin). Mothers everywhere will enjoy the bit where Zoe turns up her nose at Kate's wonderful food.

It's a steep learning curve. Forced to take time off work Kate returns to find her boss has hired a charismatic sous chef (played by Aaron Eckhart) and that the cool discipline of her kitchen has been transformed by the opera loving Nick.

Kate's life is also complicated by childcare issues - and her solution, for a time, is to take Zoe to the restaurant with her. It's Nick who gets the traumatised little girl to eat, Nick who makes her laugh ... (If you like to look out for continuity errors there's a big one here. The bowl of spaghetti Nick gets Zoe to eat alternates between full and almost empty!!!) Anyway, you get the idea??

And it's Zoe who plays matchmaker. When Kate forgets to pick her up from school she agrees to let her aunt make it up to her by giving her a wish. And her wish is that Kate should ask Nick to come round and make pizza.

I think this movie gets much better when Nick and Kate are allowed to sizzle. If it were my book I'd be wanting to cut down on the opera which I feel is a bit heavy handed, add in some humour and I'd really want to write something about why Nick, who is a hugely talented chef, isn't Head Chef of his own restaurant. We get to discover so much more about why Kate has become so controlling.

Despite Kate's competitiveness and their very different personalities their relationship is going great ....

Nick: Zoe, I am now going to kiss your aunt.
Zoe: [covers her eyes] This is so embarrassing.

... but then Kate's boss offers Nick the Head Chef job.

All told I don't think this a great movie. I say that because I want to rewrite whole chunks of it!!! :)

BUT it's a pleasant way to spend an hour and a half so I give it a Pink Heart Fuzzy Rating of 6 out of 10.

If you want to see the trailer or whip up Quail with White Truffle Sauce, Ravioli and Wild Mushrooms, one Kate's recipes, click here.

With love

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  1. Hi Natasha

    Haven't seen this one yet, but I think Aaron Eckhart has made a bit of a career out of playing new men. Remember him in Erin Brokovich as the biker boyfriend who looked after her kids. Yum. Guys that like opera, though, hmmm, I'm not sure about that. All the guys I know who like opera are gay - or maybe they're just the ones who admit to liking opera - or more likely I'm just not classy enough.

    Added to that I've always found Catherine Zeta-Jones a bit of a cold fish. And as for quail with white truffle sauce - I think I'm with the kid, I'd prefer pizza.

    Still, I'll give it a look now. A 6 out of 10 on the fuzzy scale is always worth a look, right.

  2. I haven't seen this one yet, either, but it drives me crazy because No Reservations is the title of the anthology story I have coming out in Blaze next summer -- and I came up with it well before this movie came out! Errr. Oh well. ;)


  3. I forgot that I'd wanted to see this one! So glad you brought it up and reminded me!! :)

    And don't you hate that, Sam? :( I feel the same way about novels. In fact, I was all excited about this great idea I came up with for a firefighter story, only to find out it varied only slightly with Trish's recent firefighter book. Oh, well. :(

  4. I saw the previews for this last December, but never saw it when it came out in the theaters. Thanks, Natasha, for the reminder and I'll add it to the list of DVDs i want to rent.

  5. Hi . . .
    See the original. It's a thousand times better. Yes, more charm. Also . . . I thought Martha was protrayed much more "real"--I think foreign filmmakers aren't so obsessed with glossy perfection, they aren't afraid to show characters warts and all, they don't look for the "easy" way to depict stuff.

    Anyway, the original is marvelous.

  6. UK postal strike allowing 'Mostly Martha' is winging its way to me right now.

    I don't know what it is about Catherine Zeta-Jones but her work always seems a bit 'empty' to me, if that makes any sense. Beautiful, tho, so maybe I'm just jealous. :)