Thursday, September 06, 2007

Writers Wednesday with Natalie Anderson

This week at The Pink Heart Society Modern Extra Author Natalie Anderson returns to tell us about her experiences of life as a writer since she got THE CALL...

Life Beyond the Call...

· 10 months on I'm still in shock. Still can't quite believe it.

· Hopefully this will change in September when my first book hits the shelves here in NZ and I can wander into the supermarket and see it - scary but super cool!

· The deadlines I used to give myself as motivation/inspiration have now solidified into R-E-A-L-I-T-Y and they're even tighter! I can't just 'forget about them'. To keep the panic at bay I have to work every single day.

· I spend my days wearing babyfood, running after four lovable little monkeys. I hardly get the chance to comb my hair and I couldn't tell you where my five year old lippy is. I'm lucky if I make to to the shower before 10pm - now where's the life of the glamourous author hmmmm?

· I've had to dust off the 'old computer' - the one that is NOT ATTACHED TO THE INTERNET. And I use this to write on, in the other room, through the door from my darling husband who is usually back in this room watching DVDs, drinking red wine, reading The Economist and keeping an ear on the baby monitor. When I hear exciting movie soundtrack music, I dash through to see what's happening...

· I'm terrified of stuffing up - of sending something in that'll make my Ed think - 'Why on earth did we give this one a chance??!!!' Ahhhh, doubts... just gotta learn to live with them....

· Everybody knows now. And everybody is super supportive.

· Everybody asks where I get the inspiration for the sizzle scenes from.

· Everybody asks what the money is like.

· I don't do any ironing. But then, I never did.

· And I'm still in shock. Don't anyone wake me from this great dream ok???!!!!!

Natalie's first book, Sexy Sensation ALL NIGHT WITH THE BOSS, is out right now with Mills & Boon Australia New Zealand and as a Promotional Presents in North America January 2008.

For more check out Natalie's website and blog!

Natalie will be joining us next week on the PHS Yahoo Loop when pretty much ALL of the Modern Extra Authors will be joining us as part of our Pink Heart Society Birthday Celebrations!!! To join the loop simply click on the Yahoo Group icon on our sidebar... We'll see you there!!!

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  1. I identify with many of those remarks! Especially the no shower before 10 pm and the lack of ironing... ever! Can't wait to read your book.

    Kate H.

  2. Hey Natalie

    You're life sounds exactly like mine, except that I've only got two rugrats and my deadlines are still for motivation.

    Oh, and nobody asks me about money or sex.

    Okay, so maybe we don't have THAT much in common, but since I'm halfway through All Night With The Boss and am loving it, I'm enjoying thinking we're alike! :)

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks Kate - the no shower thing can be a bit of a killer eh! ;)
    Rachael - I'm so thrilled you're reading the book and enjoying it so far - I hope you find the ending satisfying!
    I'm a touch nervous right now because I've just found out the telly interview I've done will be aired tonight in NZ (7pm our time). The link to the website is here:
    And you'll be able to view it a couple of hours after its aired (or you can watch it as its aired as they stream it live!).
    I'll link from my blog as well.
    So you can all see my masses of rugrats!!!

    Best wishes,

  4. Hey, Natalie--I wish I were there to see your TV interview. I'm sure you'll be great!

    Enjoy the ride :-)!

  5. Terry!!!! How cool to hear from you! Oh I must email you - and hey, you CAN watch it - tomorrow - I'll put up the link on my blog...

  6. Natalie,

    Congratulations on your first book being on the shelves NOW! How exciting! I hope you and your husband celebrate the occasion with something more interesting than the Economist!

    I can relate to so much that you say. Especially deadlines, and the 'glamour' aspect of writing. I just dashed to the shops for emergency stationery supplies and saw someone buying selecting my book off the shelves! I was going to go up and talk to her when I realised I was in my oldest around the home clothes (hey, I'd been writing!) and I didn't want to scare the woman. Note to self - if any chance of meeting a prospective reader, look tidy!

    May all your deadlines be met with ease and may your revisions be few!


  7. Natalie,
    bestest good luck for the interview,I'd be a bag of nerves!
    Loved reading All Night With The Boss-especially knowing the circumstances surrounding the revisions! Yours is one call story I don't think I'll ever forget.
    Keep up the good work and don't forget to breath!

  8. Congrats, Natalie! I can relate to many of your list, and it will have been 10 years since I received the call!

  9. Congratulations on your book, Natalie - I love the cover.
    And remember - Real Writers Never Iron!

  10. Congratulations, Natalie.
    I loved reading your story. Looking forward to the Jan. 08 release so I can read the book.
    Enjoy the ride!

  11. Thanks so much everyone - LOL at being caught in your daggies at the shop Annie - and yes, ironing - what is that??!!!