Thursday, September 13, 2007

Writers' Wednesday with Donna Alward

This week at The Pink Heart Society we're pleased to welcome back Donna Alward to tell us about life since she received the coveted CALL...

How My Life Has Changed Since Publication.

You know I read that title and it makes me smile. Really makes me smile. Because the biggest thing that’s changed is that I’m now a published author. And now that the launch of HIRED BY THE COWBOY has come and gone, it’s really true. Before, I had been bought but my book hadn’t been out yet. But now, it’s absolutely true. Cool!

So, here is my list of how things have changed, both good and bad!

  • I can say writing is my day job, and people believe me. Even the tax man believes me!
  • I have a backlist, and I can tell people where to find it!
  • I also have deadlines. *shudder*
  • AND suddenly life is not about selling the book, which was the main focus before publication. Now life is about Career Development, which means writing books my editor will want to buy, and keep buying, and all the business part that goes hand in hand with that and causes moments of panic and lack of sleep.
  • The payoff for that is fabulous reader mail that tells you how your book touched them in some way even if it’s just simple enjoyment. Nothing turns a grey work day around faster!
  • Time Management is no longer a nebulous idea, it’s a fact of life and an absolute necessity.
  • People actually think I know what I’m talking about when it comes to writing romance, but when I’m writing I feel so much doubt that I’m sure I must be a complete fraud. J
  • People also think that now that I’m selling books to Harlequin, I must be raking in the dough. Which makes me laugh hysterically (or else I’d cry when I look at my bank balance).
  • I have a shelf on my office bookcase with copies of my own books on it, as well as those of my CP because I feel invested in those too.
  • But the NUMBER ONE way my life has changed is that I am astounded every day that I have fulfilled a dream and that I get to do the greatest (even though it’s difficult at times) job in the world!

Donna's latest release MARRIAGE AT CIRCLE M, a follow up to her utterly lovely first Harlequin Romance HIRED BY THE COWBOY is avaiable now in the UK, mid-September in North America and next month is Australia and New Zealand!

For more check out her website or her Blog

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  1. Donna, one of the guys at my post office said the other day, 'It must feel amazing to have fulfilled your dream this way.' I was mailing off a book to a contest winner and he guessed it was one of my books being sent out.

    He's right about realising that dream. It is amazing. I am so thankful I've had the chance to write and share my books with readers.


  2. I know what you mean about feeling a fraud - I still wonder if the books that have been accepted so far have been a fluke! My first novel, His Cinderella Bride,is on the shelves this month, and I'm eagerly waiting for some reader feedback, so that it might all feel a bit more real. Thanks for being so honest in your blog about the panic and doubt - now I know I'm not the only one!
    chris b
    (Annie Burrows)

  3. LOL Annie- sometimes my frustration is about getting stuck and knowing I SHOULD know what I'm doing and feeling I don't! But each book and character is different and life would be pretty darn boring if we suddenly knew it all and stopped learning!

    Post office people are amazing, Jennie! A girl at mine asked what all my envelopes were when I sent out review copies of my debut. When it came out she bought it and read it and had to tell me the next time I went in!