Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Temptation Tuesday - The PHS Birthday Treasure Hunt

This Tuesday at The Pink Heart Society we're here to tempt you away onto a bit of a treasure hunt through the blogaverse! Would it help if we told you there were loads of goodies at the end of the hunt???
So you may have heard it's the Lil Pink Dancing Guy's Birthday...

Wellll... it being his birthday, several of his Pink Heart Society friends have gotten him some nice cyber-presents. What we need YOU to do is go find them for him... So each day we'll leave you a link at the bottom of the usual post and all you gotta do is follow it and make a note of the prezzie you find there... (you can see he's very excited about what he might be getting!!!)
At the end of the month you come back on hamper day for the last clue and then email us the list of prezzies to be in with a chance of winning the biggest hamper of goodies we've ever had!!! You gotta be in it to win it gang!

So... are you in to try and win tonnes of goodies with The PINK HEART SOCIETY TREASURE HUNT??? Today's Birthday Present for the Lil Pink Dancing Guy can be found at Yvonne Lindsay's Blog... GOOD LUCK!

What would YOU give the little guy????

H's & K's

Ally, Jenna, Natasha, Nicola & Trish

Happy Birthday Lil Pink Guy from your friends:

"It wasn’t that long ago that I was still unpublished, and met a fabulous group of ladies online. Ladies that helped me so much on my journey to publication – for several long years! Trish was one of those women. After I sold to Romance we chatted regularly and when she mentioned the idea of setting up the PHS, I thought it was brilliant. After all, there have always been those that just don’t GET what category romance is or what it achieves…and why it is so very, very wonderful.

But I never envisioned the idea taking off in the way it has. It’s amazing – for readers, for writers, for anyone who believes in romance! It’s one of my daily stops every day, and I’m always excited to take part. There’s always something worth reading – whether it’s hero worship, writing craft, or motivating stories from other authors – I’m simply hooked.

Happy Birthday PHS – from your birth as an idea to such a fabulous site! I can’t wait to see how much you grow next year!!!!!!!!!"
Donna Alward
And Donna is with us today at The Pink Heart Society Yahoo Loop today so you can come along and chat to her by simply clicking on the Yahoo Loop key on our sidebar!!!


  1. Love the Birthday Side on the sidebar. Good job, Trish!

  2. LOL! I thought Kate's hot pink shoes were the Pink Dancing Guy's first present ;p

  3. THANKS JENNA! I have my moments...

    Jopee BELIEVE ME if there was ANY WAY of parting those shoes from Kate I'D HAVE FOUND IT BY NOW....

    Just not happening!

  4. I also thought the pink shoes might be the first gift! I was confused about when and how the whole treasure hunt would start.

    Can someone confirm that today is the first day of the treasure hunt?

  5. Yes Sue today's the first day - just look for the treasure hunt logo on the bottom of each days post... and keep your list of answers until the end of the month...

    GOOD LUCK!!!