Monday, September 17, 2007

Male on Monday...Channing Tatum

Just look at him, ladies! I know we're always on the lookout for man candy...potential heroes...inspriation...whatever you want to call it, Channing Tatum has it.

Who is Channing Tatum? He's perfect Male on Monday fodder, especially for those trying to cast a 27-year-old hero. The former Abercrombie & Fitch, Dolce & Gabbana and Aeropostale model's big break was being cast in Ricky Martin's video for "She Bangs". I know, not the stuff of legends...but that's the first time he started turning heads

Sports kept him out of trouble growing up, and he earned a fooball scholarship to a school in West Virginia. He still summers with his grandparents back in Alabama. (aaahh)

Last year he won a fun Teen Choice Awards for his role in She's The Man - best breakout male. He was nominated for his role in Step Up...and earned critcal notice for his dramatic part in
A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints.

Much is expected of Channing Tatum. Up next is Kimberly Peirce's Stop-Loss about returning home from the war in Iraq. Then comes Stuart Townsend's Battle in Seattle about the WTO protest. Lighter stuff is on the way as well, The Trap by Rita Wilson and Poor Things...that movie everyone is wondering if Lindsay Lohan is still doing...

A star on the rise, you may wonder who he is now, but mark my words, you'll still be drooling over him next year...

Oh, and ladies...he can dance!

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  2. I knew I liked you, sally! You have wonderful taste!

  3. Cuuuutiiiiieeee Jenna! Nice pick as I hadn't heard of him before. Lovely to see there are many many more up and coming "heroes" out tehre for us to nab to our hearts content!!!