Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Male on Monday :: Gabriel Byrne

This week's Male on Monday here at The Pink Heart Society is no bohunk. No muscley blonde superstud. But he is someone the kind of guy that'll make Ally Blake leave the cosiness of her home in order to see him on the big screen. Ladies and gents, we give you...Gabriel Byrne.

The thing I have for Gabriel Byrne is an Irish thing. The dark hair, pale skin, blue eyes. Yuuuummmmm... And the reason my husband has agreed to come back as a Boston-Irish fireman in his next life. (I have to be Norwegain - aren't I a good wife?)

He's craggy, he's 57, he's divorced.

But at one time he was crazy beautiful. Long straight nose, lips carved by the gods, dark hair, and eyes that just draw you in until you're lost.

Half the photos you find of him are in black and white as his bone structure is so fantastic. And that voice. Deep husky Irish, laconic and brooding as all get out.

He married actress Ellen Barkin and has two children with her, Jack Daniel (born 1989) and Romy Marion (born 1992). The couple separated amicably in 1993 and divorced in 1999. (Can you blame her? I mean look at this guy!!!)

You might know him from such film roles as Millers Crossing. The Usual Suspects. Little Women. Excalibur. Into the West. And the recent highly acclaimed Aussie flick, Jindabyne.

He wrote his autobiography in 1995 entitled "Pictures in My Head" in which he said he hates being called brooding. Oops ;). He's a Chelsea FC fan - Go Chelsea!!! - and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

He's only twenty odd years older than me. But age doesn't matter right? Not when you're using a guy as hero inspiration it does'nt! Bwahahahahahaaaa!

Ally's second Modern Extra Sensual novel, STEAMY SURRENDER is out....now in the UK! This is the one with the sexy Italian hero who owns his own string of gelatarias. Could it get any better? Yuh-huh! Add in a beautiful cabin in the snow, designer duds for our heroine and a sidetrip to Paris and life's a dream.

See more in an excerpt here, or better yet, go out and buy the thing!

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  1. I knew that I liked you ladies! Gabriel Byrne is my fave and the inspiration for my current WIP Suspense. You missed a good, but obscure movie in This Is The Sea, set in Northern Ireland and very, very good! Stigmata was spell binding and darned if he isn't cute no matter the movie!

  2. Gabriel Byrne, Mmm (which stands for Mean Moody and Magnificent). I always had him pictured as the perfect guy to play Roarke (the hero of Nora Roberts's In Death novels) if he were only 20 years younger. Him or Pierce Brosnan, who I also have a soft spot for. I guess it's just that Irish thing.

  3. Ooooh Heidi, yes, he can be a good Roarke but I think Pierce would be perfect :) How tall is he, Ally? And yeah, GO CHELSEA!!! ;-)