Saturday, September 01, 2007

Happy Birthday to Lil Pink Dancin Guy!

Ahhhhh Memories!!!!

Yes, this is what happens when you have a Trish twiddling her thumbs in the hiatus between Christmas and New Years you know…. She has time to THINK.
And anyone who knows Trish will know this can be a dangerous thing! So on the 1st January 2006 she had a bit of a chat about it here… and she *eventually* said:

“And my message for today; if you read category romance and you enjoy reading it is this; be proud to say so!”

Which led to her *eventually* concluding:

“Maybe we should even start some kind of a campaign to let all those critics know we are a force to be reckoned with? A pink heart would be the obvious choice I guess…Oh dear, now the promotions gal in me is designing logos! HELP!!”

A few months later, thanks to MSN Messenger and Nicola’s comment in a conversation with Trish, Ally and Natasha that ‘maybe we should start a joint Blog?’ the two ideas came together and that seedling of an idea during the twiddling of thumbs suddenly became a very excited topic of conversation…

And so The Pink Heart Society was born.

Ally worked frantically behind the scenes to come up with our beeeaaauuuutttiful blog design ~ authors crawled out from caves all over the planet to say I’M IN ~ messages and ideas were passed back and forth and back and forth and sleep was lost as we dealt with the time zones and
on the 1st September 2006 The PHS went LIVE!!!!

And before we knew it the lil pink dancin' guy was

EVERYWHERE on the Internet!

So do you remember where you were that historical day? Do some of you remember that you said:

“I love romance - reading it and writing it. I'm still up in the clouds at having been accepted by Harlequin Mills & Boon to write for their Medical Romance line and have just sold my third manuscript and am starting my fourth.”

“We're all, let's party. And what a great day and so much to celebrate...Spring in OZ, The PINK HEART launch, a sensational hunks data base, and I got a fab cata review for The Nurse's Longed-For Family. All in all a great day:-)”

“I waited until it was "almost" midnight my time to come to the party! I am trying to get a book finished this weekend, so I may not be partying a lot. But believe me, I will be there in spirit!”

“I have two minutes for vital emails etc before they unplug my computer for the day while my office is refurbished - so guess where I came first?”

“All my favourite category romance authors are here and I am absolutely thrilled that the PHS was set up! I remember picking up a M&B romance many, many years ago when I was 14 years old and that started off a most wonderful addiction. These days, I have shelves upon shelves and many boxes full of wonderful Mills and Boon romances and I have had to order a new bookcase because I've run out of space!”

“Congratulations ladies! The site looks fantastic.”

“I've also recruited my DH to our cause - we both PROUDLY got out our current reading material on the train to London on Weds for EVERYONE to see! (Trish's White Hot and Mags The Italian Doctor's Bride)”

“I'm from Washington State about an hour from Seattle by Ferry. I love reading,and I'll read everything. My favorites are romance with some humor,and Superromance books are wonderful because you really get to know the characters.Sometimes I'm in the mood for something fun,sexy,and quick and a lot of catagory fits the bill for me.I look forward to adding this blog to my favorites list.”

“Happy new blog. What a wonderful celebration of category romance. I'm picturing dancing pink hearts taking over the world.”

“Congratulations on the new blog. It's visually exciting and has lots of fun content.”
Do you recognize yourself? Can you believe it’s been a whole year since you said those things??? We certainly can’t!

And in that year we’ve brought you:

Hero inspiration in the form of Rodrigo Santaro, Hugh Jackman, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Chris Noth, Jensen Ackles, Sean Bean, Josh Lucas, Christian Bale, David Boreanaz, Wentworth Miller, Rufus Sewell, Cary Grant, Paul Newman, Peter O’Toole, James Purefoy, Daniel Craig, Tom Williams, Robbie Williams, Nathan Fillion, Richard Armitage, Mark Philippoussis, Patrick Dempsey, Clive Owen, Colin Farrell, Michael T Weiss, Matthew McConnaughey, Eric Dane, James Penfold, The men of The Unit, Alan Rickman, Adrian Grenier, Christian Clark, Jeremy Northam, Toby Stephens, Johnny Depp, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Jason Lewis, Josh Hartnett, Colin Firth, Michael Weatherly, George Clooney, Davis Wenham, David Tennant, Rob Lowe, Michael Shanks, Denzel Washington, Brendan Fraser, David Annable and Josh Holloway in our oh-so-popular Male On Monday slots

We’ve taken you travelling to: West Sussex, St. Kilda, The Outback, The Ring Of Kerry, The Gold Coast, Paris and Brunswick Street…

Tempted you with: Recipes, Spring Racing, Men with Mo’s, Ways to Pamper yourself, Italian Heroes, Your Ideal Santa, Tropical Getaways, Book Launch Parties, The Internet Playground, Must See TV, Revising those Old MS’s in your bottom drawer, Being Elsewhere, Creating Imaginary Worlds, Blonde Bombshells, Men In Uniform, Brunette Beauties, Youtube Procrastination, Biorhythms and Summertime..

And told you NOT to be tempted with The PHS Diet Club!

We’ve met brand new writers sharing their call stories and then coming back to tell us about life after THE CALL; Donna Alward, Abby Green, Fiona Lowe, Jenna Bayley-Burke (who became a PHS EDITOR!!!), Michelle Styles, Yvonne Lindsay, Margaret McDonagh, Lynne Marshall, Annie West, Jeannie Watt, Anne Oliver, Maxine Sullivan, Fiona Harper, Christina Hollis, Michelle Willingham, India Grey, Lori Borril, Claire Baxter, Karina Bliss, Paula Roe, Terry McLaughlin, Lynn Randall, Abby Gaines, Sarah Mayberry, Shelley Galloway, Miriam Auerbach, Pam Jenoff, Tessa Radley, Cynthia Reese, Hope Tarr, Heidi Rice, Kimberley Van Meter, Kate Hewitt, Helen Brenna, Natalie Anderson, Jennifer Lewis and Jennie Adams…

Chatted up a storm on topics like; Writing Contests, Sport & Romance, Kidlets being contraception on legs, Shippers, Courting Distractions, Plotters v Pansters, How-To Books, Judging a book by it’s Cover, Sheikhs as heroes, Cowboy heroes, Celebrity Boyfriends, The Historical Hero, The Contemporary Hero, Being A Princess, The Harlequin Romance Report 2007, Writing Is Waiting, Favourite Category Romance Novels,

Given you films like: Dirty Dancing, Sleepless In Seattle, Someone Like You, About A Boy, Notting Hill, While You Were Sleeping, The Truth About Cats And Dogs, Take The Lead, The Little Mermaid, Stage Beauty, Love Actually, Noel, The Holiday, Bridget Jones Diary, When Harry Met Sally, The Notebook, Riding In Cars With Boys, American Dreamer, North And South, The Abduction Club, Funny Girl, Father Goose, 50 First Dates, Sarah Plain And Tall, City Of Angels, A Good Woman, Cyrano De Bergerac, Paperbook Hero, The Jane Austin Season, Sixteen Candles, Bride And Prejudice, Bed Of Roses, Return To Me, Picture Perfect, The Importance Of Being Earnest, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, Calamity Jane, My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Cake, The Princess Bride, Sweet Home Alabama, Enchanted April, An Officer And A Gentleman, Anne Of Green Gables and A Walk In The Clouds to wile away your Friday Nights with…

We’ve had books read and reviewed by our simply gorgeous volunteer reviewers over on The Pink Heart Society Review Blog ~
Cindy, Gray, Janet, Jopee, Julie & Marilyn!!!

Thanks to all our generous authors we’ve given away over
130 books in our Hampers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We’ve taken you to the RNA Romance Prize Awards, all over the States with Trish in her Where’s Wylie series, we spent the week at the RWA Nationals, we had an Editor from the Mills & Boon Offices in Richmond answer your questions and we had guest author after guest author pop by to give us tips to help you FinDaBoo

We’ve gotten so busy we could never have continued without our wonderful new columnists stepping up to the plate;
Fiona, Sam, Anne, Kate & Annie!!!

And we had our first every BABY PINK HEART-ER thanks to Editor Nic and have ANOTHER ONE ON THE WAY from Editor Ally!!!

But best of all we got to MEET ALL OF YOU !!! All of you who love Category Romance as much as we do and who keep coming back again and again and again and again to keep us company in our passion for writing and reading those
*little romance books*

Without you there... we wouldn't be here...


Come back tomorrow for the Hamper Winner from August and to hear all the plans for OUR BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!! YOU WONT WANT TO MISS IT!!!

Hugs and Kisses as always

Ally, Jenna, Natasha, Nic and Trish


  1. Congratulations Pink Heart Ladies... I came to category romance only a few months before the PHS was launched... and I was sooooooooo glad to find you all.


  2. Hooray! The party's begun!

    It's going to be a fab month, ladies (and gents out there in lurkdom). I can't wait to get started in on all the celebrations!

  3. Happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday to you,
    happy birthday Pink heart Society,
    happy birthday to you!

    Hip, hip, hooray!

  4. Hooray on the PHS birthday!

    And here's to next year, I know it will be even better.

  5. Congratulations Pink Heart society ... I'll lift a glass (or two) today in celebration!

  6. Happy first birthday Pink Heart Society. Huge thanks to the PHS editors and contributors for a fab year. Can't wait for the birthday celebrations to begin in earnest!



  7. Happy Birthday and many congratulations.


  8. Happy Birthday PHS! Such a wonderful site and community--thanks to all the editors and contributors for making it happen.

    Kate H.

  9. Happy Birthday!
    And many more of them
    Best wishes

  10. What a wonderful accomplishment, ladies of the Pink Heart Society! I'm so happy for your success and am especially glad to be able to reap the benefits!

    Here's to another great year at the PHS.

    Lynne Marshall

  11. Happy Birthday PHS!!! Its been a wonderful year... hoping for many more :)


    Can you believe it's been a whole year??????? Where has the time gone!!!

    STAY TUNED cos we have LOADS of stuff coming up!

    And CAKE...

  13. Happy Birthday PHS!

    Congratulations and may there be many more to come! Have a great year!

  14. I've been out of the loop...but me thinks cyber cake is befitting a Temptation Tuesday...

  15. Happy Happy Birthday PHS and Lill Mr Dancing Heart - from the other birthday boy

    Sir Sidney St Johan Eamon Willoughby Portly-Lummox Bart

  16. Happy Birthday, Pink Hearters! Congrats on a great first year...

  17. Congratulations and Happy Birthday!

  18. Happy Birthday to us! Can't believe its been a whole year!!!



  19. Happy Birthday, PHS! It's been a terrific year and here's hoping for many, many, many more!

    Raising a glass of cyber bubbly,

  20. Coming in late to wish a happy birthday to the PHS (but I did bring a huge cyber pile of my infamous choc-chip cookies...)

    Kate H xx