Sunday, September 30, 2007

BIRTHDAY TREASURE HUNT and September Hamper!!!

This month's free book giveaways as donated by the lovely published members of the Pink Heart Society are doozys. Why? Because if you hadn't hear a thousand times already this month it is our first birthday and we've had an absolute blast celebrating it with you!!!

So - what else would we give you for celebrating with us but a bumper crop of the gorgeous category romance novels we are so proud to shout about here at the PHS?
First up is THE BIG ONE. Have you been collecting a list of the Lil Pink Dancing Guys's birthday presents??? You HAVE??? Well now's the time to send us your list to be in with a chance to win the most AMAZING set of prizes we think has EVER been put together on the net!!!

Simply email us at with your list and if you've got ALL the presents on there you automatically go into the draw and could win:

Treasure Hunt Prize: (prepare yourselves!)

From Anne McAllister ~ THE ANTONIDES MARRIAGE DEAL and THE SANTORINI BRIDE as well as a little stuffed bear who has a red (she's sorry it's not pink) heart that lights up if you give him a squeeze!!! (Trish says she wants this prize so we'll have to watch her!)

From Susan Stephens ~ A bumper SIX BOOKS and GOODIES!!!

From the gorgeous Kate Walker ~ (And Kate fans will want these to complete their collections!!! cos these books aren't so easy to find!) THE ANTONAKOS MARRIAGE and At THE SHEIKH'S COMMAND - plus Kate Walker Book Bag

From Michelle Styles ~ TAKEN BY THE VIKING (her UK October release)

From Hope Tarr ~ autographed copy of her April 1st paranormal Blaze, THE HAUNTING and a signed cover flat for IT'S A WONDERFULLY SEXY LIFE (and for those of you that are category romance fans these cover flats are little GEMS for collections!!!)

From Lynne Marshall ~ Her fantastic medical romance IN HIS ANGEL'S ARMS - thanks Lynne!

From Carol Townend ~ Her Harlequin Historical THE NOVICE BRIDE - thanks Carol!

From Kate Hewitt ~ A hardback copy of her debut novel THE ITALIAN'S CHOSEN WIFE

From Natalie Anderson ~ Her Modern Extra debut ALL MIGHT WITH THE BOSS and some New Zealand chocolate - CHOCOLATE PEOPLE!!!


From Bronwyn Jameson ~ HER PRINCES OF THE OUTBACK TRILOGY and what she describes as a little Aussie trinket thingy (And if the winner doesn't come back and tell us what it IS the curiosity might KILL us)

From Kate Hardy ~ her Modern Extra BOOK BREAKFAST AT GIOVANNI'S (the 25th no less!!!!) and CHOCOLATE !!! (we get the feeling our authors KNOW the way to our little pink hearts...)

From Julie Cohen ~ Her Modern Extra ALL WORK AND NO PLAY

From Margaret McDonagh ~ A copy of her Her Christmas Vows in the anthology Christmas Weddings with Shirley Jump and Carole Mortimer!

From Annie West ~ Copies of her books THE SHEIKHS PLEASURE and THE GREEK'S CONVENIENT MISTRESS and she's even throwing in a note pad!!!

From Elizabeth Lane ~ Copies of her Historical books THE STRANGER - BRIDE ON THE RUN and SHAWNEE BRIDE - Thanks Elizabeth!

From new Presents author Christina Hollis ~ Copies of her books THE ITALIAN BILLIONAIRE'S VIRGIN and COUNT GIOVANNI'S VIRGIN - Thanks Christina!

From Maxine Sullivan ~ Her August Desire THE EXECUTIVE'S VENGEFUL SEDUCTION

From Fiona Lowe ~ THE FRENCH DOCTOR'S MIDWIFE BRIDE which has a perfectly pink cover to match our blushing celebrations!

From Yvonne Lindsay - Her July release ROSELLININI'S REVENGE AFFAIR

From Trish Wylie ~ THE FIREFIGHTER'S CHOSEN BRIDE & hard to get copy of HER UNEXPECTED BABY plus little Irish cookbook & Irish Shamorock keyring

From Donna Alward ~ MARRIAGE AT CIRCLE M plus bookmark & fridge magnet goodies!

From Jennie Adams ~ Her brand new September Romance THE ITALIAN SINGLE DAD

From Jennie Lucas ~ A HARDBACK PREVIEW COPY of her second book THE SPANIARD'S DEFIANT MISTRESS (not out in the USA until May 2008!!!)

From Heidi Rice ~ Her second Modern Extra THE MILE HIGH CLUB & WAIT FOR IT HUGH FANS! - A copy of The Prestige on DVD!!! (not sure about regions so you might need to check that with Heidi...)

From Jessica Hart ~ Her Romance titles OUTBACK BOSS: CITY BRIDE and the unreleased (!!!)November book APPOINTMENT AT THE ALTAR

From Natasha Oakley - Her contribution to the Niroli continuity series: THE TYCOON'S PRINCESS BRIDE and MOTHERS-TO-BE, a UK released anthology of Mothers' Day novellas with contributions from Natasha, Julia James and Amy Andrews.

From Judy Christenberry ~ Copies of her wonderful romance novels RANCHER AND PROTECTOR and THE COWBOY'S SECRET SON
And from Tara Taylor Quinn ~ Her latest two Mira novels, IN PLAIN SIGHT and BEHIND CLOSED DOORS plus bookmarks - THANKS TARA!

How's THAT for A PRIZE??? You have til Friday 5th October to enter so GOOD LUCK!

But we don't want to leave anyone out ~ So we have a second chance for you to win some books in our usual Hamper Slot as well!

For the chance to win all you have to do is tell us:

What's your favourite way to celebrate your birthday?

Hamper Prize:

From Joanne Rock ~ SCENT OF A WOMAN and mini tote bag!

From Hope Tarr ~ autographed copy of her April 1st paranormal Blaze, THE HAUNTING

From Annie Burrows ~ Her gorgeous debut regency HIS CINDERELLA BRIDE - reviewed over on our Pink Heart Society Review blog!!!

From Jennifer Lewis ~ Her October Desire SEDUCED FOR THE INHERITANCE - thanks Jen!

From Sue aka MsCreativity ~ a lovely donation of three of her fav books Anne McAllister's The Santorini Bride, Kate Walker's At The Sheikh's Command and Fiona Lowe's Pregnant On Arrival - THANKS SUE!!!

From Melissa James ~ Her July Romance release HER OUTBACK KNIGHT - and volunteered while moving not only house but countries!!!

From Kelly Hunter ~ Her Modern Extra/Sexy Sensation book SLEEPING PARTNER

From Paula Roe ~ FORGOTTEN MARRIAGE and a few goodies!

And from Tricia Jones - her e-book release HIS CONVENIENT AFFAIR - THANKS TRICIA!

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE and don't forget to come back next Saturday to find out who won both prizes!!! And THANKYOU ONE AND ALL for visiting us this month to help us celebrate our FIRST BIRTHDAY ~ We have a lot planned for our second year so don't forget to pop by and see what we're up to!!!

Hugs and kisses,

x x x


  1. What an amazing list of prizes for the treasure hunt!!!!!
    My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is a quiet dinner at home with my family with my favorite birthday meal of lasagne then ice cream cake for dessert.


  2. My favorite way to celebrate is to be with my family and friends, that is the most important thing :)

  3. I'm in agreement with the other ladies so far...a quiet dinner at home with my husband and kids is how I love to spend my birthday! And, of course, it helps if I don't have to cook the dinner! :) And that the kids are tucked in early, too! (wink, wink!)

  4. I agree with everyone, dinner with the family... and as I am single, in college with no social life... there is no wink at the end of my post (super funny by the way)

  5. Hum... a great birthday would be receiving nice presents and eating a very chocolate cake :)

    PS: What a Hamper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love to celebrate my birthday by being with my friends and family. Usually start out at my favorite mexican restaurant by eating and drinking margueritas. Then go out dancing and having a fun time.

  7. My birthday is the day after Christmas so it's a weird time. I'd like to have a nice dinner and night away with my husband. Or celebrate with a few of our really good friends at a nice restaurant. One or the other. How's that for decisive! LOL :-D

  8. With young children, it's just a delight to go out as a couple again and have a good natter.
    On both our birthdays we watch a film(if Daniel Craig's in it even better!), got to a nice pub for a few drinks and then on to an indian restaurant for a fabulously naughty curry.
    The evening ends with a cuddle on the sofa after the babysitter (my mum) has gone and then, well, time for bed!

  9. As it has just been my birthday I love celebrating it as many times as I can!

    Drinks with friends, dinner with my family at this amazing restaurant that we always use for birthday dinners. Getting away for a girls weekend... and I am lucky enough to be doing all of these in the next few months. Keep those birthday fires burning.

  10. Spending it with the family, dinner, cake, presents! :)

  11. My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is with a nice dinner I don't have to cook,a decadent cake and presents.

  12. My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is with a nice dinner I don't have to cook,a decadent cake and presents.

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  14. Gotta confess, hate my birthdays! Not because of the getting older thing, coz that's just silly but just because everyone feels like they have to make a big fuss. I generally like a quiet dinner, preferably with my best friend...a sangria or two and some yummy lebanese/italian food. Heaven!

  15. I've always loved birthdays. Why not? Doesn't everyone want to feel extra special for at least one day?

    My favorite thing to do, now that I'm older, is to treat myself to a really nice gift. Because I seldom do that but my birthday's a good excuse.

  16. I need presents... like the Lil Dancing Guy!!!!!!

  17. I love when we had my bd, my twin brother's bd, my sister-in-law's bd and my niece's bd all together in April when we all had bd's. There was family, visiting, lunch/cakes, sometimes bingo and my niece unwrapping her presents b/c she is young she got some. A great family time.

  18. The ultimate birthday clebration for me, since this would be a milestone birthday, and I am healthy for now would be a wonderful trip to a special destination that I love and would enjoy visting.

  19. What amazing and generous prizes!

    My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is doing something relaxing with my husband and children. Well, sometimes the relaxing part is not possible with the kids, but a girl can dream lol. I like things low key now. I do like to go dancing on occassion though, so Lil Dancing Guy and I have something in common!