Monday, September 03, 2007

Birthday Month & Hamper Winner

Behind the scenes here at The Pink Heart Society we've been beavering away for weeks now with preparations for a MONTH LONG celebration of the Lil Pink Dancin Guy's birthday!!!

So what have we got planned for you???

Well pull up a chair and we'll give you the biggest sneak preview EVER... And keep in mind this is all AS WELL AS our normal gorgeous selection of daily blogs at The Pink Heart Society Blogazine!!!

We kick off the month the best way possible by inviting you all to participate in the PHS HUGH JACKMAN TOUR 2007!!! The what you say??? Well WHERE WERE YOU this time last year? 'Cos you missed out on all the fun....

So if you have a Blog or a Myspace Blog go Google yourself your absolute favourite pic of Hugh Jackman in preparation for tomorrow and then pop in and add your link to the comments before you TAKE THE TOUR...

And later in the month you can come back when PHS Columnist Anne McAllister tells us The Legend Behind Hugh In A Towel... TOO GOOD TO MISS FOR THE PIC ALONE WE FEEL!!!

Then we're very excited to launch our month long Pink Heart Society Birthday Treasure Hunt

If you thought our gift Hampers were good up 'til now then prepare to be blown away by the generosity of our Author Members this month!!! The Birthday Hamper is AMAZING with not just enough books to keep you going for months and months but a tonne of goodies ranging from chocolate to keyrings to fridge magnets to tote bags to cuddly toys and we could go on and on and on. We've been STUNNED by the generosity of our Authors ~ THANK YOU LADIES!!!

So with a prize like that on offer it seems only fair we make you work for it... ;)

But being us we had to make it fun too... So all through the month at the bottom of the normal days Blogazine posts you'll find links for our Treasure Hunt. All you have to do is make a list of the birthday prezzies our lil Pink Dancing Guy gets and email it to us by the end of the month. All the CORRECT ANSWERS will then go in our draw for the BIG MAIN PRIZE!!!! And you get to visit some blogs along the way you might not have been to before ~ how cool is THAT????

Throughout the month we're also showing you some of the great Birthday messages the Lil Guy has been sent ~ so if you have a message about how much you love category romance or how you first found the PHS or what you've enjoyed about the PHS or a particular Male On Monday we featured ;)... Then simply email us we'll add it to the bottom of one of our posts and at the end of the month we'll be uploading them all into a file on the Yahoo loop to add to The Pink Heart Society's History!!!

And speaking of the PHS Yahoo Loop... There's a BIRTHDAY PARTY going on over there...

So if you're not already a member then click on the PHS Yahoo Loop join up key on the sidebar and you can join in for all THIS FUN:

The PHS Members have all been gearing up to the Birthday Party with the usual party hats and streamers and banners and food and drinks and... well... we think they've got the place looking rather nice actually...

So as a reward we've invited a few special guests along to share cake and kicking off the month's guest list is Canadian Harlequin Mills & Boon Romance Line and PHS Author Member Donna Alward ~ who'll be talking to us on the topic of Anticipation! We can't wait ~ ooohhhh hang on ~ isn't THAT anticipation??? Oh she's good!

Donna is then followed by British Harlequin Presents/Mills & Boon Modern and PHS Author Member Christina Hollis who will be talking to us about Ambience~ the little added extras of scent, taste, sound and scenery that are added to a book to make it seem even more real to us...

You need more??? My but you're demanding...

Alright then ~ how about a Mills & Boon Modern Extra AUTHORS PARTY for a full FIVE DAYS when you can come along and meet a tonne of authors from all over the planet all in the one place at the one time chatting up a storm about their books, their writing, what the line is all about and their super hot fabulous heroes!!!!

It's the first time they've all met up enmasse this way ANYWHERE ONLINE and they'll be donning party hats and sipping drinks from Monday 10th to Friday 14th (inclusive)... So if you're wondering just what Modern Extra is or if you've read one you LOVED or you're curious about writing for the line then you really won't want to miss this one!!!

Oooohhhhh but we're not done yet!!!

Following the Modern Extra authors we have PHS Author Member Pamela Thibodeux who'll be acting as our party hostess for two days and initiating a Getting To Know You loop de-lurk so all of our over 250 strong membership can pop out to talk to some of their favourite authors, chat up a storm about books and heroes (well we couldn't *not* really could we?) and writing life and life in general. It's a chance to make new friends all over the world who love category romance just as much as you do so don't be shy...

Next up is Australian Harlequin Mills & Boon Romance and PHS Author Member Jennie Adams who'll be talking to us about A Man With A 'Past'... we LOVE how gorgeously mysterious that sounds!!! So if you've always been curious about a category romance hero's history and how it effects the story then pop on by and join in with the chat!!!

On to American Silhouette Desire and PHS Author Member Jennifer Lewis who we fully expect will be kept MORE than busy as she invites us all to talk Heroes!!!! We have a sneaking suspicion this one might prove a tad popular so make sure you get your party hat, a slice of cake and a comfy chair in plenty of time for this one gang!!!

Following Jennifer is Great Britain based Harlequin Mills & Boon Historicals and PHS Author Member Michelle Styles who'll be talking to us about GMC: Goal - Motivation - Conflict ~ the invaluable lessons all aspiring authors need to learn to make their current WIP a real page-turner!!! So if you're following our FinDaboo series or writing a book or just thinking about writing a book or just plain curious about what goes into writing a book then you'll LOVE this one...

And we're still not done...

Because our very own PHS Columnist and Author Member Kate Walker ~ who saw her fiftieth Harlequin Presents hit the shelves this year will then be popping in to round off the month in spectacular style!!!

So just take a look at the sidebar at all the favourite authors you could be sharing a slice of cake and a chat with and really ~ How Can You NOT want to join in the fun??? Naturally all your PHS Editors will be there as well ~ popping in and out to share memories of our very first year here at The Pink Heart Society and meeting up with ALL OUR NEW FRIENDS ~ you just TRY and keep us away!!!


Oh, and just in case we forget in amongst all the excitement of the Birthday Celebrations... HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to our August hamper winner ~ for telling us she spends far too much of her hard earned dosh on sheikh and cowboy novels the winner is... Becky!!!

Becky, please email us at with your postal addy and this insane collection of books will be yours!

DON'T FORGET to turn up for the end of September Hamper. It's looking so mammoth we feel for the poor posties who'll be lugging the thing around the world to the winner's house! You've got to be in it to Win it Gang!!!

So let's get this party STARTED!!!

Happy Birthday Lil Pink Guy from your friends:

"I've been involved with the Pink Heart Society from when it was just a twinkle in Trish Wylie's Blog's eye - before there was a group, before there was a Blogazine - from the minute I read about Trish's Brilliant Idea, I knew I wanted in. And I'm so glad I did. I've been part of something that's close to my heart ever since. I've loved the way that every member of The Pink Heart Society stands up to say they love category romances whether they write them or they read them - or both - I love the way that the group started small and grew and grew. I' love reading the blogazine - one of my first stops in the morning, every morning when I do my daily blog round up. There's always something worth reading, something worth discussing, something - or someone worth researching. And now I'm even prouder because I'm officially a brand-new PHS columnist. Yeah, like I needed something more to do - but for the PHS I'd make time, anytime. And I'm not a Pink Wearing Person normally but for September 1st I'll make an exception. (I have some stunning pink shoes from a certain party start with . . .) On September first I'll be Pink and Proud - ready to say Happy Birthday little Mr Pink Dancing Heart - and Happy Birthday PHS!" ~ Kate Walker


  1. Oh my, that was a long post! Good typing, Trish!

    We should give the jumping heart the Pink AND Proud title. I love that! Off to see Kate's pink shoes...

  2. Happy first birthday, Pink Heart Society! We're in for a bumper month.


  3. Wow, when will we have time to write books, Trish? Far too much exciting stuff going on around here! I love The Pink Heart Society and the readers and writers I've met here. Thanks to you and all the rest of the innovators (instigators!) and especially to the lil pink dancin' guy!

  4. happy happy birthday

    pink heart society

    and many many more