Thursday, August 23, 2007

Writers' Wednesday with Lisa Renee Jones

A big Pink Heart Society welcome to the lovely Lisa Renee Jones, newbie Blaze author whose road to publicaiton with Harlequin is a doozy! Read on for more ;).

About Lisa

Lisa Renee Jones is an author of paranormal and contemporary romance. She lives in Austin, Texas. Before becoming a writer, Lisa lived the life of a corporate executive, often taking the red eye flight out of town and flying home just in time to make a little league ball game.

Her award winning company LRJ Staffing Services had offices all over Texas and in Nashville and was recognized by Entrepreneur magazine in 1998 as one of the top ten growing women owned businesses. Over the next year Lisa plans to move to New York just in time for a busy year of book releases.

My call story

My path to publication was long and drawn out and I was lucky to have tiny little successes along the way that kept me going. That, and a wonderful man, who gave me great support. I can remember saying 'Maybe I am not a writer after all' and he would say 'You ARE a writer'. Sometimes he really believed that more than I did. Sometimes he still does! Right before turning in a finished book I start to doubt again:) I wonder if that ever goes away?!

I sold a book several years back to Five Star, which is a big library publisher but amounted to little in the form of recognition and upward mobility to further publication. Then, I did some e-books and was fortunate to be with Ellora's Cave for print and e-books where you can actually make money and learn a lot. I wrote like a mad woman during that time period and really grew as a writer. I also learned how to write under pressure which has been important. I also think e-publication can teach authors how to take criticism and how to work with an editorial staff. That is really important once you are published.

Finally, almost a year ago exactly I somehow landed in four anthologies.
Avon Red, Pocket, Berkley, and Kensington. STILL, no book with just my name on it. I started to feel it was a mean trick meant to tease me. I mean after the first anthology sale, I was sure I was close.....but no. It took many months after that and I experienced so much doubt about my career. I wondered if anyone would ever believe I was good enough to have JUST me on the cover of a book. The week before RWA 2006 I almost backed out. I was discouraged in a big way. My Blaze submission had been in for almost a year and I had other things out that felt like they would never close. My agent had sent something to Nocturne about a month before RWA as well. My man, once again came to the rescue, and made me go to the convention.

Once there, things perked up. One of the Nocturne editors hinted something good might be coming but I didn't dare get excited. The Blaze editor hinted as well. No. I WOULD NOT DARE DREAM it was real. not this time. A week later, I got the call for 3 books from Nocturne. A week later Blaze called as well. This was all the week of my birthday. Needless to say, I cried, but this time for a good reason.

Last week I turned 40 and amazingly that very day, Walmart put my first Blaze on the shelf. I had promised myself by 40 I had to be making a go of writing or I had to go back to the corporate world I'd lived for so many years before.

So, to all those who are fighting for their publication dreams, keep going. Every time I said I wasn't going to write anymore, I'd find myself at the computer an hour later. Writers write. We can't help it. Don't let the hard path upward stop you from writing and making the dream come true!

Lisa's August 07 Harlequin Blaze - Hard and Fast - is available now! Check out your local bookstores in North America or grab it from eHarlequin today!

Visit and her website at to see all of the other fanbtabulous stories she has coming your way in the coming months.


  1. WOW! What a ride you've had...and it just keeps getting better! When can we expect the Nocturne releases?

  2. Oh my gosh! What an amazing story, Lisa! I adored the love story between you and your husband, how he wouldn't let you quit. And happy birthday! I can't imagine a better birthday present than seeing your first book on the shelves!

    Thanks for a very inspiring story to wake up to this morning.

  3. I've already posted on your blog, Lisa, about how much I loved Hard and Fast, but I'll do it here, too! I LOVED IT!! But, then...what's not to love about smokin' hot baseball players, or athletes in general?

  4. so great great for u, cant wait to read the blaze. love sports and looks so hot. love the cover, my fantasy, in a man's locker room. lol

    kim h

  5. Great call story - and good to know I'm not the only writer who has a panic attack whenever they turn in a finished book!

  6. Congrats on all the sales and surviving the rollercoaster ride on the way there!

  7. Ladies I am late but thank you so much for the support and I so appreciated the invite to be here! Thank you everyone! AND Sally! Huge smile! Thank you!!!