Thursday, August 16, 2007

Writers' Wednesday with Kelly Hunter

This week one of the funniest authors to have popped up onto our radars in an age, Modern Extra's fantabulous Kelly Hunter, brings us some insight into how her life has changed since selling her first book...

  • Writing became a business. This one’s a biggie because it involved a different mindset altogether to writing whatever I wanted, whenever I felt like it. There was promotional material to get to the publisher, a website to make, author loops to join and - if there was time - an online presence to build and maintain. There were line expectations to get a handle on (because, no, selling one book to a line doesn’t automatically make you an expert), and…oh yeah… there was another book to write. Once writing becomes a business there’s always another book to write.

  • Life got busy. I have two children and a husband, and I adore spending time with the lot of them. I have two non-writing day jobs, friends to enjoy, a huge garden to play in, cooking to do, cleaning to avoid, ironing to try and force sons to do (and while we’re on the subject, what moron invented the notion of flat clothes?) and a couple of books to write for Modern Extra each year. Time to get the skates out and sit them by the door.

  • I met some amazing women. Generous, savvy, funny, resilient, talented women who greet newcomers to this business with and a pitcher full of Margheritas in one hand and a parcel full of invaluable advice in the other.

  • I got to hold my book in my hands. See it on the shelves in my hometown. I got to cross ‘become a romance author’ off my to-do list and it felt soooo good.

It still feels good.

Kelly Hunter’s Wife For A Week was a finalist in eharlequin’s best laugh out loud book for 2006, and was Cataromance’s Best First Category Romance of 2006.

It’s on the shelves now in North America and also available as an ebook!

Visit her online at


  1. Hi Kelly!
    Can't wait to read your book...sounds like fun. Thanks for the description of your writer's life...

  2. Thanks Carol, I hope you like it. Don't be put of by the very Presents cover - there's a different beastie altogether inside.
    I think...

  3. Kelly,

    I missed your post because I was grappling with my wip. You didn't by any chance hear a gnashing of teeth, did you?

    Welcome to the Pink Heart Society. It's wonderful to see you here. I'm thoroughly looking forward to your next book. For those readers not in Australia, let me just brag and say we've had Kelly's first 2 releases available here so far and they've been wonderful reads! As you say, Kelly, they're not a Presents read, but they're definitely wonderful, fast paced, witty and emotional. I'm glad to hear you're ignoring ironing in favour of writing - good on you!