Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Writers Wednesday with Kate Hewitt

Today Harlequin Presents newbie Kate Hewitt is here to tell us all about:

The Five Friends I’ve Made Since Being Published:

1.) My Laptop:

I’d become accustomed to using my old laptop just like a regular desktop computer because of its appallingly low battery, but now that I have a nice, new (and small) one, I take it with me everywhere... children’s doctor appointments, softball games, the library... it’s amazing how many words you can get done while watching your eight year old on the field!

2.) My Freezer:

I think just about every list of writer’s tips I’ve read includes something about letting the home-cooked meals or clean house go. It always irked me just slightly because as a mother of three, I wrote only at night and home-cooked meals and clean houses didn’t really cut into my writing time. Besides, I scoffed, how much writing time do you really gain by popping a pizza in the oven? The answer: 1000 words, my friend.

3.) My Editor:

For years I viewed editors as, if not precisely the enemy, then certainly not my friend. Editors were people whom you desperately needed to convince that you were amazing, and then they were not very likely to believe it. Yet since being published I’ve come to appreciate my editor’s wisdom, especially in regard to revisions, and the collaborative process she has made writing, which is really a lovely surprise.

4.) My Perspective:

Now that I have deadlines to adhere to, it’s easy to feel the pressure and begin to panic--easy for me, anyway! Yet I count on my husband, my family, my friends, and my occasional good sense to remind me that there is actually a lot more to life than writing romance. Shocker, I know, but the last thing I want is to enjoy my life less now that I’m published.

5.) My Internet Connection:

I didn’t bother looking to the internet for support in romance writing (fool that I was!) before I was published, but I’ve since discovered a whole new world of friends -- romance writers both published and unpublished who offer fantastic support and companionship -- very much appreciated when writing can be such a lonely business sometimes.

Kate's first book, a Harlequin Presents novel entitled The Italian’s Chosen Wife is out in December 2007, and her second Seduced by The Greek is out in March 2008! If you want to read about Kate's "The Call" story, check out her earlier visit here!

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