Thursday, August 02, 2007

Welcome to the new PHS Columnists!

We at the Pink Heart Society blog are more than excited to present to you our band spanking new PHS Columnists who are starting out with us as regular contributors from this month onward!

I'm sure you will recognize them as familiar faces. And these tall, glamorous, svelt and ridiculously attractive published authors with Harlequin and Silhouette will be bringing you their wisdom, their experience, and their gossip from the trenches on a monthly basis.

So give them a big cheer and lots of lovely support as they slide into the deep dark world of blogazine publishing ;).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

First up::

On Friday 3rd of August we bring you Harlequin Presents author Annie West!!! Annie will be bringing us her first Friday Film-Night gem with the delightful "Enchanted April".

Check out Annie's website...


On Tuesday August 7th, two-time RITA nominee - in the one year mind you, this year, her first elligible year - Fiona Harper will be giving us her take on the PHS Diet Club goings on. After eating her way through the Romance Writers of America conference in Dallas last month we wish her the greatest of luck of convincing us of anything ;).

check out Fiona's website...


On Saturday 11th of August, the ever-popular Anne McAllister will be doing our FinDaBoo column! How much could you learn from this multi-published Harlequin Presents author? More than you could even imagine I assure you. About Hugh Jackman in a towel and other things I'm sure...

Check's out Anne's website...


Come Thursday 16th of August, fantabulous Blaze writer, Samantha Hunter, will be telling us all about her favourite ever category romance read. No surprises if its a hot one!!!

Samantha appeares regularly on the Love is an Exploding Cigar blog too...

And last but not least::

We have been lucky enough to procure the monthly services of the Queen Bee herself - Kate Walker! This month Kate, she of the 50, yes 50 published romance novels! will pop up with a column on Thursday 30th of August to tell us all about her favourite ever category romance read.

Here is Kate's website as well...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Added to that we have all of our regular programming going on around all this fabulousness with appearances by editors Trish Wylie who is back from galavanting around the world telling Where on Earth is Trish? every Tuesday, Jenna Bayley-Burke who is recovering nicely from the Coffee Time Romance Cross-Promotion we held all last month, Nicola Marsh and Natasha Oakley who are popping in every now and then while busily looking after their own brods right now, and Ally Blake who is currently trying to write while her own little hero or heroine kicks up a storm every time it hears the keyboard keys clatter away.

We also have Free Book Giveaways, and lots of lovely guest bloggers. And from this month onward, on Sundays we rest, combining the weekend onto one lovely Weekend Wind Down post each week. Phew! Can you blame us?

So we'll see you back here tomorrow for just about the most jam-packed month of fabulousness you've ever seen dedicated to the loooove of category romance novels.


  1. There are no calories at conference. Right? I thought I heard that somewhere. Blog on, Fiona! I'll read it as I slurp my SlimFast.

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome, Trish, Ally, Nic and Jenna! It's great to be here (and yes, I've finished my column for the 11th!)


  3. Ooh, just as well I did my usual quick check of the Pink Heart Society blog and found this welcome! I forgot today was the day we new columnists were being introduced. But don't worry, I promise I'll be much more organised when it comes to my contributions. Just check on Friday and you'll see - really!

    Thanks so much Ally, Trish, Jenna and Nic for the invitation to participate here as a regular. I'm really looking forward to it!


  4. Feeling a little unloved here this morning! But welcome to our new columnists. Should be fun!

  5. Oooh forgot to say ... SlimFast????? Jenna!!

  6. Oh, this is great! Thanks for the welcome :) Very excited about blogging here, this is such a great site. :)

    Very much looking forward to it...

    And let me mention I have a contest running in August which will include stopping by my first blog here at PHS, so check it out at my website, :)


  7. Hi from Wales where I've just spent the day in Hay on Wye the 'town of books' - too many secondhand bokoshops, too many books!

    So I'm word dizzy but I just wanted to say thank you for the welcome and how honoured and delighted I am to be one of the PHS Columnists - just don't tell my Editor when she wants to know where the next book is.

    Looking forward to being part of all the fun . . . nowe I'm off to read all my new books - well - to decide to read which of my new, old books (if you see what I mean!)


  8. Looking forward to posts from all the new columnists as well as my current favorites.

    Welcome, everyone!

  9. Natasha!How could I have left you off? My grovelling apologies. That's what happens when I type fast. Would chocolate buy my way into your good graces? Just say the word!

    Kate, I can see I'll have to visit Hay on Wye when I'm next in the UK. Any place that's called the 'town of books' should be on any decent tourist trail.

    Samantha, great idea about linking your contest to your PHS blog! My own contest is a stand alone on my site but now I'll have to consider other possibilities.

    Thanks for the welcome, everyone.


  10. Hi everyone! Welcome to the new PHS bloggers :) Can't blame the current lot for calling in reinforcements what with everything going on here. I, myself, am taking an enforced break from reading and blog-hopping due to the arrival of my little bundle, Noah :) He arrived two weeks early on 13 July weighing 7lbs 14oz and now, nearly 3 weeks on, he's a whopping 9lbs 3oz! Oh, and we also moved house 6 days after he was born.

  11. Annie, chocolate will always work. :)

    Jopee, CONGRATUALTIONS! They say the first eighteen years are the worst. Thank you so much for popping by the share the news with us.

  12. Welcome to our super columnists!!! All gorgeous women with plenty to say on the loooove of category romance.

    Can't wait to see what the month brings!!!

    And Jopeeeee!!! Congrats on the arrival of little Noah. Lovely, lovely news.


  13. Jopee, congratulations on Noah's safe arrival. That's fantastic!

    Natasha, when we finally get together - chocolate!!!


  14. Oh I can't wait! Some of my favorite authors added to the already great ladies on this blog. Thanks so much. Mads:)