Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Talk Time...Jennie Lucas

Presents author Jennie Lucas joins us today to share her latest Presents-worthy experience! Jennie is always up to something fun, so the PHS editors were quite excited to get her post. You'll love it as much as we did, even though she is a bit of a tease (read on to find out how we formed THAT opinion)...we asked Jennie back for December to ask how she managed that model figure!

My Day as a Model

This whole thing is still blowing my mind.

Yesterday, I went on a photo shoot. As the model.

I had a fashion stylist. A driver. And a photographer who’s photographed Angelina Jolie, Sir Anthony Hopkins, and done covers for People and Time.

During our hours on location, people stopped and stared at us. A man walked by, then turned around, held up his camera, and took my picture. (Why? Why?!) As I posed, pretending to hail a non-existent taxi, I heard a stranger ask in a breathless hush who I was. “That’s Jennie Lucas,” my stylist told him proudly. “The romance author.”

Oh. My. Gosh.

Every day, I write about glamorous heroines for Harlequin Presents. I never expected I might someday feel like a Glamour Girl myself.

How did this happen? After all, unlike our own Pink Heart Society co-editors Ally Blake and Natasha Oakley, I’m no gorgeous actress—just a regular-looking mom of two. And unlike fellow Presents author / film director-producer Abby Green, the closest I’ve ever gotten to celebrity life is reading Us Weekly.

So I’ll tell you how I ended up with my entourage. I hired ‘em, the whole lot. Because of two terrifying words: author website.

I’m always curious about my favorite authors’ lives. (I’ve visited the website of every author on PHS!) Where is she from? Does she have kids? What kind of life does she lead? And finally, the shallow question: What does she look like?

Unfortunately, what goes around comes around. As a new author, I realized some Harlequin Presents readers might be similarly curious about me. Talk about panic!! So when it came to doing my website photos, I knew I needed all the help I could get. I hired photographer Steve Smith and fashion stylist Jeane Gadd. Her grown-up son was our driver, double-parking in bus lanes, schlepping my wardrobe changes and props all over downtown.

I didn’t want just a typical head shot. I wanted something different. Something that might show more of my city, and of my typical day—well, except I’m wearing lipstick and nice clothes instead of my usual ponytail and sweats! I just never expected to feel so much like a star—all my teenage fantasies of modeling come to life.

The day started at 7:15 a.m. I was too excited to sleep the night before, and arrived at the studio bleary-eyed, my hair still wet from the shower. I felt like so sophisticated, sipping coffee and reading the New York Times while I was fussed over with a hair dryer, hot rollers, and makeup brushes!

The shoot finished at noon. Our kids were still with their babysitter, so my husband and I celebrated with an impromptu lunch date, going out for mai tais and grilled ahi at a rooftop tiki bar drenched in sunshine. Ahhhh….

Was the photo shoot successful? I’ll leave it to you to decide when my full website is launched in October!

But it was a glorious day, glamorous—and on the date with my husband, very romantic. Have you ever had a day that made you feel like a star? Did you feel glamorous, as I did yesterday? Or was your day more adventurous—perhaps you traveled to some exotic land fabulously solo? Or was it gorgeously romantic—your wedding day? The day you met the man you would someday marry?

Have you ever had a perfect day that made you feel like you stepped out of the pages of a romance novel? What was it like?

For today’s blog, Jennie had planned to write about how she lost 60 postbaby pounds; but she decided this was more interesting than some boring old diet. Her first HM&B Modern/Sexy/Presents, THE GREEK BILLIONAIRE’S BABY REVENGE, is on sale now in the UK. It will be a September release Down Under, and a December release in the U.S. Her website-in-progress is

P.S. These behind-the-scenes shots were all taken by my mom. (Thanks, Mom!)


  1. Jennie, what a fabulous, fabulous day! I'd never have thought of doing anything so..professional! It looks like so much fun. I can't wait to see some of the pics on your website.


  2. How completely cool! I'm looking forward to your website with all the glamor photos. What a great idea!

    Kate H.

  3. Thanks, Annie and Kate! My favorite photos of the shoot were actually the ones where I was totally casual, working at my desk in front of my computer, wearing a big sweater and jeans and not much makeup.

    And the best part of the day was definitely going on the spontaneous lunch date with my husband. *sigh* We need more of those!

    So all that glamour of a celebrity-day, and what did I like the most? Spending time with my husband and slouching in front of my computer. Funny...

  4. What a cool post. And, Jennie, if you're just an average-looking gal, I'm as attractive as a wet dishcloth. You're gorgeous. I really like the looks of that black outfit. Can't wait to see the new Web site when it's done.

  5. Thanks for the compliment, Trish! Geez, you're making me blush! Just goes to show the remarkable illusions that can be achieved with a gallon of hair spray and two pounds of makeup.
    (And you know the women of the Wet Noodle Posse would beat you with soggy linguine if they heard you put yourself down like that. You're lucky I don't turn you in!!)