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Thursday Talk Time With Trish Wylie

This week at The Pink Heart Society our very own Trish Wylie is here to tell us about her favourite Category Romance... and it's special to her for more than one reason...

Like everyone else, choosing just one book from all the category romance's I've read over the years is a tough, tough choice to make. Each one brings something all of it's own after all - a different location, different problems, enough happily ever after's to give a single gal a little faith... ;)

But if my feet are nailed to the floor and I'm tortured into picking just the one - then like so many other's who have blogged on this subject before me, I have to pick the one that meant something special for reasons above and beyond just the reading experience.

So for that reason my favourite Category Romance has to be: Lori Foster's ~ Morgan...

So what was it about this book? Well I was a big Temptation fan to begin with - had read them on and off through the years when I was a commuting career girl but Morgan, well Morgan kinda called to me from the shelf... and with this cover you can kinda tell why... Shallow? Me? Wellll actually....

But it was the story that captured me. Morgan was the town sheriff and the second of four gorgeously sexy brothers - the eldest of which, Sawyer had had his story told in a preceding book which I went in search of once I'd read Morgan's story. Whereas Sawyer had had his modern-day Alpha-male role shaped by taking on the care of his family as the eldest son, Morgan had his formed through the job that immediately put him in a protective role for ALL of the inhabitants of the town they lived in. He was stubborn, strong, determined, honourable, sexy as sin... sigh... bliss! Then add Misty, his brand new sister-in-law and you had the makings of some serious sparks and the kind of battle of wills that has always kept me turning the page.

I loved that Morgan didn't want to want Misty but couldn't seem to stop himself. I loved that, despite her vulnerability, Misty was able to stand up to Morgan and give him a run for his money. I loved the blend of red hot passion and deeply felt emotion. Honestly, I think by the end of the book I loved Morgan full stop!!! He was my kinda guy.

And I read all four of the brother's stories. I went back and found Sawyer's, waited with bated breath for Gabe and Jordan's stories (When it came to choosing one book for this blog, Gabe's ran a close second to Morgan's I have to say - and Morgan only won for the reason I'll explain in a wee minute...) and I marvelled at how Lori Foster had managed to make each brother so different and yet maintain that strong, sexy, irresitable male each and every time. By the end of the series I was gutted to let them go and over the years I've re-read them all again and again and never been disappointed - which is a sign of a good book I feel! And what the series also did was make me a big fan of a family of strong willed brothers... but then, who isn't I ask you???

But what makes Morgan the stand-out book for me is the timing. It was released in the UK and Ireland in July 2001 - I think I got my little mitts on it at the tail end of June - and I read it cover to cover in one sitting. Why is that year so important? Well thanks to that book I felt inspired enough to go search out a manuscript I'd played with when I was eighteen. I began re-writing it in the summer of 2001. I finished it by the end of October 2001. And in November - I subbed the partial to Mills & Boon. By Christmas Eve I had a request for the full - by the end of January I had a request for revisions and by March, after a second round of revisions I got THE CALL to say it had SOLD.

So thanks to Morgan and Lori Foster, I was inspired to write again after mumbilty mumble years and you guys got The Bridal Bet. And it's all history after that...
THATS why this book is special to me, and always will be... And THAT'S why I credit Lori Foster as being the inspiration for me becoming a writer. As to whether or not I can write heroes anywhere in the same league as hers... well... I can but HOPE, right?

What kinda makes blogging about this exciting for me right now is the fact that the series known as The Buckhorn Brothers has been re-released this year with brand new covers (though I still like my original one better...) and - excited wiggle here - there's one I HAVEN'T READ YET coming NEXT MONTH. Squeeeeeee!!!! I always wondered what had happened to Casey after his appearance at the end of Jordan's book, but I have to admit at the time I didn't know how Lori Foster would be able to tell his story when he was still as young as he was. So for me, it's fitting that I've had to wait six years to read the story, regardless of the timelines in the books... because in my mind those men became very real. So while I've been out here building a career as a writer, I like to believe the Buckhorn Brother's have been out there somewhere living their lives with their lovely women... and Casey has been growing up, maturing like a fine wine... and NOW he's ready to tell me his story...
So does anyone else have a family of brothers to tempt me with? Huh? Huh?
H's & K's

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  1. I just finished reading this incredible book and it tugged at my heart because I was the wife of a firefighter, and know first hand what this means. Trish obviously has done her reserach or has known first hand what this means to the man, the woman he loves, his family and friends. It is truly a wonderful book

    As Trish states " When you love someone it's a risk. It always is. But that's just life. Your the one who has to make the choice and live it." I did that and I'm not sorry I did nor are my children.

    Trish, the book was moving, spirited, just an incredible read. Thanks!