Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Male On Monday - Josh Holloway

This week at The Pink Heart Society our very own Trish Wylie brings us a Male on Monday she truly couldn't believe we hadn't inducted
into our hall of fame before now... then she figured maybe Josh Holloway was a little lost until now...

I'll pause for the groans at that one shall I.... You done - no? How about now??? Okay - then I'll begin...

Josh Lee Holloway was born on July 20, 1969 in the area of Northern California now known as Silicon Valley but moved after a mere two years to the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia, where he was raised the second-eldest of four boys and one girl.

(we'll just pause for another second here shall we while the idea of THREE MORE of these soaks in... can anyone say LINKED SERIES??? Hmmmm... Ooooohhh...Well maybe...Or there's...Ahem...Okay, sorry - ikkle bit distracted there!)

From an early age he had discovered a passion and love for films but after only one year at the University of Georgia, he embarked on a successful modeling career which took him all over Europe and North America. You can kinda see why really...

But Josh's ambition for acting remained and eventually took him to Los Angeles, where he landed himself a role in the comedy Doctor Benny, following that up with leading roles in movies Mi Amigo, Moving August and Cold Heart. From there he started to get noticed with his leading role in the US Sci-Fi Channel movie Sabretooth, guest appearances in Good Girl's Don't, NCIS, The Lyons Den, Walker Texas Ranger, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Angel (I had to go look that one up cos I didn't remember seeing him and well, a gal would remember, wouldn't she? And it says on IMDB that he played - wait for it - 'Goodlooking Guy' - kinda made for THAT role then wasn't he???) and appearing in the Aerosmith video for Cryin' (LOVE that track)

You kinda gotta say when he was THAT busy it was only a matter of time though... Right?

So after all that hard work he landed himself a role as someone called Sawyer in a brand new never before heard of series called... altogether now... Lost. And that as they say, was THAT. The show propelled him up into celebrity status, but left him with little time to use that fame to grab the other big roles that automatically came his way. For example, according to one US magazine he had to take himself out of consideration for roles in both a Brad Pitt Western and the X-Men 3 movie due to the demands of his shooting schedule with Lost....ahhhh the price of success.

Despite that, he found time to star in upcoming thriller Whisper and its now rumoured he's been approached again for the X-Men 4 movie (for the same role apparently 'cos it was taken out of the third one - and CAN I JUST SAY that my nephew is a HUGE X-Men movies fan and 'cos of that I happen to know the third one was subtitled The Last Stand! LAST. L-a-s-t. Hmmm... and there's now ANOTHER one...not so much 'last' then was it?)

So what else can I tell you about our Josh? Well, funnily enough (keeping in mind the reason I'm suffering through all this research for you guys) he's widely regarded for his good looks (*blinks innocently* Can't say I'd noticed...). In 2005 he was named one of the "50 Most Beautiful People in the World" by People Magazine, in 2006 the "hottest hunk" on TV by In Touch Magazine and was voted the 17th sexiest guy worldwide (we'd like a look-see at 1-16 please!) by British readers of OK! Magazine. So it was no great surprise I suppose when he was chosen in 2007 to represent the face of Davidoff's Cool Water fragrance world-wide (can anyone say YUM? - have you road tested that fragrance yet??? No - go! And then come back and say YUM with me)

Josh is 6ft 1 tall with green eyes and sandy blonde hair. He lists blue as his favourite colour, doesn't have any pets apparently, likes snowboarding, martial arts, fishing and dirt biking... and says his favourite foods are fried chicken and chocolate pie (one would hope not on the same plate)...And if good looks and all this stuff isn't hero material enough for you then how about this - in the summer of 2006, he threw his name behind a self-defense project called Just Yell Fire, aimed at teaching teenage girls techniques to defend themselves against abductors and rapists.... Now THATS heroic!!! GO JOSH. He is however married. (see how I sneaked that in last... or in the tradition of X-Men 3... maybe NOT...)

Yes, 'cos I can't leave you alone not knowing how to find more info and pics can I??? I found JoshHolloway.com and the Josh Holloway Fan Forum to be some of the best places for info... go on - play - make new friends... IT'S RESEARCH...

H's & K's

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  1. Yum, Josh is a mighty fine piece of Monday morning eye candy! Just the shot of sugar I needed to get me going! Thanks, Trish!

  2. Thanks, Trish. That was a lovely dose of Male on Monday. And so much information! LOL! Isn't he married to that girl (the artistic one, slightly NA Indian looking) in Bones? Or have I got my people mixed up?