Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Male on Monday :: Brendan Fraser

One of the most underated actors in the world today methinks. Is it his fault? Does he choose strange roles over class? Not always. So why isn't strapping, tall dark and handsome Brendan Fraser in the stratospheric realms of the Brad Pitts of the world I ask you?

He's not afraid to play gay - as he did in the really quite wonderful Gods and Monsters.

Not afraid to play dumb, and ugly, and stupid as he did in the almost forgettable but not quite for all the hilarious roles he played in Bedazzled.

And he's sure not afraid to play out and out comic book heroic. He could have been the next Indiana Jones with the wit and charm and gorgeous streapping good looks and swashbuckleness he displayed with suuuuuch ease in the rip-snorting adventure wonder of The Mummy. And that was up against the supremely beautiful tattooed one, Oded Fehr.

He goes topless better than almost any other man on the planet. Seriously. But he does so on films such as George of the Jungle which means not enough discerning movie goers get to see him in that manner.

Hit and miss? It sure seems so. So let's look past his spotty movie career, and his glorious abs, to find out more about the man behind the muscles. Come on, you can do it, look away from the pretty man for just a minute and then you can have him as long as you please!

He's been married for almost ten years to Afton Smith on and they have three sons, Griffin Arthur, Holden Fletcher, and Leland Francis. He holds dual Canadian-U.S. citizenship and speaks fluent French. He is also an accomplished amateur photographer. You can check out some of his work on his official website here. There are some truly beautiful black and white stills.

Good on paper so far right?

Has developed a reputation for being extremely approachable and friendly to fans who meet him on the streets. He's ambidexterous. And I reckon he's super cute. At 6'3" he towers over most pipsqueak Hollywood types. He has a booming deep voice. A sharp sense of humour. He fills a suit like nobody's business. Heck if I don't use him as hero inspiration and soon then I deem myself plain silly.

Oh, and I just found out he made something like $12,500,000.00 for making The Mummy !! like five years ago, so I think perhaps he's doing just fine without me;).

Ally's current release, her first ever Sexy Sensation release in Australia and New Zealand, GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS, is out in Down Under right now. As we speak. Heck there may not even be that many left on the shelves so you'd better hurry.... ;)

Though you can be one of the first to read about Abbey and Flynn by checking out an except online now!


  1. Name a hero Brendan and I'll follow him anywhere, Ally. It's the name, though, not the guy. This Brendan isn't bad, though.:)

  2. Ally,

    I'm so glad you posted this piece about Brendan Fraser. I always enjoy his films - such a joy to watch!


  3. Ally you have great taste - but you missed a pic! The lovely Mr Fraser was the inspiration for my latest Greek hero (November book) so I posted my own favourite - and very inspirational - pic on my blog this morning to mark this particular Male on Monday


  4. Oooh, Anne, I haven't done a Brendan yet, and you're right, it's a gorgeous strong name.

    Off to check out Kate's blog ;).


  5. Ooooh Ohhhhhh Ohhhhhh I'VE done a Brendan!!!!

    *Trish sits back from computer and thinks about the wording of that for a minute...hmmm...*

    Anyhoo. I also have to hold my hand up high and say I used to have a HUUUGGGEEEE CRUSH on Brendan Fraser. And YES the Mummy films most DEF helped. And he's hyper smart in real life I'd heard. And successful and artistic? Well... nuff said... just goes to prove once again our EXCELLENT taste in potential heroes here at the PHS.


    *slinks back to cave...*

  6. Another good pick, even though I think most of his movies have been inane. I believe he's very renaissance in real life, which adds to the attraction.

  7. Ah, Trish, I'll check out your Brendan. I "did" one, too, long time ago. He was my inspiration for writing actually. I wanted a son named Brendan, and after four of them, with no sign of my husband relenting, I decided I would write one and he could be "my" Brendan. Loved him to bits.

    By the way, I read your Eamonn, too, after my "battle" with Abby Green about the name. I was sooo glad you named a hero Eamonn (though I wanted a hero with one 'N'). Abby forbade me from naming my hero's brother Eamon, even. Bad Abby!

  8. Ooooh, you're right. He's uber renaissance. Check out his website for pictures he's taken. They are copyrighted so I couldn't put any on here, but they are goooooorgeous.

    A man with potential far beyond his film work I do believe.