Thursday, July 26, 2007

Writers Wednesday with Anne Herries

Whenever possible, we at the Pink Heart Society try our best to persuade our writing heroes to stop by the blog for a chat. That's why you see the likes of Kate Walker and Liz Fielding around so much. We want to glean their success. Anne Herries is another such author we are proud to have with us. Let's see why, 70 books into her career, she's still typing away...


I began writing because I was confined to the house for various reasons and I had read just about everything I liked at my local library. In those days I borrowed more than I bought, a general habit that has become much less the norm now. Personally, I buy most of the books I read – (and review) - and I think a lot of the younger generation does too, which is a shame because we don't want to lose the libraries through lack of use.

My first book was a total disaster and Mills & Boon wisely lost it, though I don't suppose they meant to. However, my second book, which I rewrote eleven times was bought by Robert Hale and was called
The Witch Child. It actually sold into a cheap paperback for a couple of hundred pounds, which at that time was a success. The next book to be accepted was one that I had sent in many months before and that was Devil's Kin, which Mills & Boon published in the early nineteen eighties. After that I was hooked.

I write every day, because there are always stories buzzing in my head and I want to get them down. I love actually putting words together, and sometimes can go over the top with purple patches when I get carried away. In all I have written well over seventy books and a lot of them were for Mills & Boon, though several are under other names, mostly Linda Sole. Mills & Boon are nearly all historical, though I did three medical stories for them, but my first love is anything to do with history.

I often say that I would write even if I didn't get paid, because it is in my heart and my mind. However, there is nothing nicer than receiving a royalty cheque that is better than you expected, because then you know people are buying your books in numbers and that what you are doing is giving others pleasure.

Anne Herries writes under the pseudonyms Lynn Granville, Linda Sole, and probably a few others over the years as she's written both Medicals and Historicals for Mills & Boon, and historical romances elsewhere.

For more on Anne (or Linda for that matter!) surf over to their website, or click on their names for their blogs. Look at a typical day in the life of this prolific author at the Coffee Time Romance blog.

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  1. Anne, I'm one of the readers who has taken pleasure in your stories over the years. Congratulations on your 70 books. That's an amazing achievement.

    Best wishes,