Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wednesday At the Conference


Well it's just after eleven a.m. here and we're starting to settle in a little. We've even had coffee and visited the Goodie Room! Ooooh sooooo many books and oooohhhh soooo little time!!! And it's just as well there's a service to ship books home otherwise the excess baggage charge would be enough to buy the flipping plane!

First thing this morning Jenna and I went and registered and received our badges and our pin and our bag with books in and our conference handouts and a free pen and a notebook thingie and then had to put it all together. Sean of course registered under L for Leprechaun - cos thats his last name... first name Sean middle name The...

Fiona - being entirely too organized for her own good - did it yesterday!

For those who've never visited the Nationals there are an assortment of badges - with varying different little ribbons across the bottom. So an orange ribbon is a first timer at the conference - a pink ribbon is someone with a first sale - a green ribbon is a Rita finalist... and so on. For instance look how impressive Fiona's tag is!!!

Now PAN - the line across the bottom of the name tag is the Published Authors Network. And then some tags will have PRO across the bottom which is the equivalent for those trying to become published - both organize workshops of their own during the conference so that people can try and utilize their time the best way possible. How great is THAT???

So the first morning seems to involve a lot of staring at tags to try and find out who people are and then lots of trying to recognize faces from the internet....

In a while we'll start bringing you some of our first mini-interviews with people as we meet them and then Jenna will come tell us about the joys of the Goodie Room and then we'll talk fashion dahlinks....


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  1. That's one cool badge, Fi. Ohh, an the nails look fab too!!!