Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wednesday At the Conference Literacy Signing Pt 2

The Literacy Signing is amazing. Not just from a charity standpoint, but from the sheer volume of people and energy pulsing through the room! Trish was signing, so I got to wander about, meeting and greeting, wondering at it all...

First, I caught up with some friends from Romance Divas. Cassidy Kent invited me to a drag queen kareoke show...but I had to decline in lieu of a Mills & Boon author get together...doubt there will be drag queens.

Then I fould Eden Bradley, whose career has exploded in the last year. She has books with Bantam, Berkley...I mean...fantastic. And to think, we had our first releases together with Phaze at the same time.

Next I found authors from my local RWA group. Stephanie Rowe tried to hide behind her RITA sign to get away from me. Chicken.

There were lots of books to be bought and fun to be had. The Romance Divas had a treasuer hunt where readers collected signatures from signing Divas. Other groups had similar things. I'll let you know if I win anything...

Speaking of winning, gift baskets were raffled off at the event. HUGE baskets. Since nearly everyone travled to get here, instead of whicker, most of the 'baskets' were carry on luggage! Quite clever.

Of course I met as many of the authors from eHarlequin and PHS blog guests as I could manage. For some reason, Blaze author Lori Borill calls this her sexy author pose. LOL. I love you Lori! But, I did tell you I was going to use that picture.

While I was teasing Lori about mocking me, Tracy appeared. Tracy sold to Everlasting...two months back? She's been trying, and trying, and this was one of those sales where half the eHQ board cheered! It was great to put a face to her name! And soon, we'll all have a book cover to go with it as well.

I have to tell y'all, Hope Tarr is friendly AND adorable in person. The chic can write an eerie book (seriously, read The Haunting), but she is as sweet as they come.

My advice for those coming to the Literacy Signing next year? Two words - comfortable shoes. No, three words. Cash & Comfortable shoes. Those lines were LONG and there were so many great people to chat up!

XOXO -- Jenna

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