Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wednesday At the Conference Literacy Signing Pt 1

So the Literacy Signing was next on the agenda - and here at the RWA Nationals its a darned pretty big deal!!! THIS is SOME of the queue waiting for the doors to open just to give you an example... and that queue winds and winds and winds around the hall - erm - LOTS...

When the doors opened the folks were let loose on the innocent prey that was over 450 authors all ready to sign their books, give away gifts, hug old friends and greet new ones. Naturally the queues for some of the bigger names grew rapidly... whereas some of the less known names got to watch the queues for famous people and just people watch in general... We did spy many interesting promo items mind you - bookmarks with little silver hand cuffs - bags with sparkly lettering - pens - bookmarks - more pens - huge printed cover flats.... and so so so much more. It's a bit like Christmas in Dallas - in JUNE.

Now Jenna will be back after some sleep to tell you about what it was like to wander round and meet some familiar faces and Fiona will be here to tell you what it was like signing books with a little RITA flag in front of you - but in the meantime I'll tell you about some of the lovely people I MET.... people like the very very lovely lady who was halfway through my book on the plane on the way here and just wanted to say 'hi' - (made my night) - or the reviewer who popped over to say she'd reviewed my first two books and really enjoyed them - (amazingly amazingly sweet!!!) - or Penn who I know from the eharlequin boards and who is a local Dallas-ite (WAVES AT PENN!!!) - or some lunatic woman called Jennie Lucas whose very first Modern title comes out in the UK NEXT MONTH - so A NEWBIE!!! And this is a pic of me and Jennie smiling sweetly for official photographer Jenna... how cute are we????

So all in all my first ever book signing was jolly good fun!!! Even if there were sooooooooo many people in the one room.... Mind you - a part of me really wanted to be wandering round those tables finding my favourite authors too... ;)

Still to coem we have a smorgasborg of authors pictured at the signing - Fiona's impressions of the signing with her RITA flag...and Jenna's THURSDAY THIRTEEN of the best things in the GOODIR ROOM....

Oooh and thanks to Blogging Nationals we've had a great number of visitors to the blog today - so VISITORS WELCOME - and PHS'ers... MAKE THEM FEEL WELCOME BY CHATTING UP A STORM... ;)


  1. so many people! I don't think I'd cope, actually... too long living in the country. And these are all writers.... amazing!

  2. WOW!! You all look like you are having a good laugh!!

  3. Trish and Jennie, you look fab! Great reporting, am VERY jealous not to be there and supervising shoe detail! Trish you look cool and unflappable, not at all like it's 300 squillion degrees outside, and just to make you feel even better, it's STILL raining in this lovely fertile green land of ours...
    x Abby Green

  4. Wish I was there... Wish I was there... Wish I was there...


  5. Oh it looks wonderful!

    Hooray that you three are doing this.

    Even if it means I get a serious case of conference envy...

  6. Great reports and pics. Thank you for sharing the experience with everyone at home. :)

  7. I'm weeping with Liz. Wish I was there .......

    Mind, I think I'd be terrified no one would want me to sign my book. That has shades of people the last girl picked for the rounders team. Bad emotional memory.

  8. Thanks so much for doing this, ladies! I went to the conference a few years ago in Reno, but knew no one other my sister (who also writes romance). But seeing the photos of all of the people I've *met* through PHS and eHarlequin, I really wish I was there for this conference.