Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wednesday At The Conference Booksellers Tea

It's been hectic here as you may have guessed so here we are to give you a couple more updates instead of heading to our beds... yes... cos we love you just that much!!!

So Fiona, Jenna and I headed off to our first ever Booksellers Tea this afternoon. This is where writers get a chance to meet with those people who do the important job of selling our work to the reader. And it's interesting to see how many writers were there circulating and how some of the ones with smaller publishing houses were working the room like pro's! Thankfully with all things like shipping and point of sale taken care of by a company as large as Harlequin Mills & Boon this meant we could just chill out a little and listen to what the booksellers we talked to had to say and it's interesting to hear how sales can differ from one store to another...

As part of the meet and greet process, everyone entering the room was given a playing card. It then transpired that booksellers had one playing card and somewhere in the room there were two authors with the same playing card. The aim was to search the room til you found them - making friends along the way and this proved a great ice-breaker!!

By then we had also managed to find the very lovely, very petite and ENTIRELY TOO GOOD LOOKING Jane Porter, so we chatted books and loops and all things wonderfully writerly with Jane and we're now VERY MUCH looking forward to seeing her again on Friday night at the Presents Dinner when Jenna and I get to tag along due to our Modern Extra Hats.... (this is moi with the lovely Jane)

Having socilaized and drank lovely lemonade and eaten some tiramisu it was then time to head off to think about changing and beautifying for the Literacy Signing... more on THAT to follow...

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  1. This is the next best thing to being there...or at least to reliving my experiences at conferences past. Example: I also met the entirely gorgeous Jane Porter for the first time at a Booksellers Tea, New Orleans, 2001 *g* Thanks so much for sharing your Dallas experiences Trish, Jenna and Fiona.