Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Travelling Tuesday - with Trish!

At least that was the plan!

Trish may live in a very beautiful part of the world but there are certain disadvantages and tonight she's experiencing one of them - she's got no internet connection. At all.

Picture the frustration ...

She has her blog all beautifully written and illustrated. She's ready to push 'post' and .... zilch.

So, I'm here to report that 'normal service will shortly be restored' (as soon as Trish makes the 35 mile drive to find an alternative connection). I knew there was a reason why I stay living an hour from central London. :)

Come back soon!!

With love


  1. Oh my! She's been in full on travel panic...I think this was supposed to be the how to pack post...or perhaps the how to panic.

  2. Certainly 'How to pack post'. And she's guest blogging over at Kate Walker's 50th Book party ...

    She *will* be doing the 35 mile drive because she's also got a book to deliver to her editor before she's allowed to fly anywhere!!

  3. Oh, to be Trish. As if she needed another thing to stress about.

  4. Yes, but *where* is she?????? No posts anywhere yet which must mean she's not been able to get to a connection. Perhaps she'll ring me in a bit and I'll have some more news for you.