Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday 13 -- RWA Nationals Edition

I tell you... it is good to be The Pink Heart Society! Not just for the usual reasons, but because category authors make this Thursday 13 SO EASY! Honestly, they seem to be the most generous and creative group...see for yourselves...

Thirteen Great Things in the Goody Room at the RWA National Conference

1…. Books! Some publishers were obviously VERY generous...yesterday Warner and Red Sage had lots out. After the literacy signing, some authors took the opportunity to buy their books and placed them in the Goody Room today. Thanks to Fiona Harper, Linda Barrett, and Dianne Drake
2…. Navel lint brush - for the person with everything from Desire author Michelle Celmer.
3…. Bookmarks. There was the standard bookmark, but my favorite came from Blaze author Tawny Weber - they are magnetic!! I chatted her up, she's just as nice as you'd think! In fact, she made the bookmarks herself while watching the Food Network!
4…. Temporary Tatoos. I've decided, PHS must get tatoos of the jumping man. I love these things. Susan Mallery did cherries to coincinde with her latest HQN release, Tempting.
5…. Book thongs. Kind of like a bookmark, but made out of strings and beads.
6…. Keychains. Superromance author Elaine Grant tagged her postcards with cowboy keychains to highlight her Cowboy Country release, Make-Believe Mom.
7…. Post-it Notes. Some authors had their names printed on them, others got together and did it as part of a blog group. Yet another way to spend money...if only PHS made some...
8…. Candy. Not nearly enough in my opinion. Though, it did seem that the erotica authors had the best...
9…. Pens. Really, come here and you'll never have to buy another again. Some are quite plain...others...not so much.
10…. Band-aids. What better way for Medical author Molly Evans to promote her books?
11…. Notepads. Linda Warren highlighted her Superromance Cowboy Country release, Adopted Son, with cowboy boot and cactus notepads.
12…. Magnets. Lots use magnets as either a business card or to advertise their book cover.
13…. Buttons. Sometimes, these are a great idea. I have one about chocolate I just adore...but....while I wanted to pick up the shirtless cowboy, really, where could I put it?

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  1. Sounds like a blast!
    And yes, erotica authors DO have the best candy, mrow :)

  2. You are making me wish I was there! Sounds like fun and those are great promo items!

  3. Great list for promos! thinking I should write these down especially the keychains LOL

  4. Ah, the things we poor people miss out on. Sounds like you're having a blast!