Sunday, July 15, 2007

RWA National Convention - RITA Night & Fashion Galore!

Now when they tell you that RITA’s night is a big deal equivalent in the Romance Writing world to the OSCARS in the film world… well… they ain’t kidding! The sight of over 2000 people all dressed to the nines is something to behold – trust us!!!

From just after seven the hotel begins to fill with the varying shades and levels of sparkliness and bling required for RITA’s night. But I’ll admit I was running a tad behind due to leg issues and a small emergency when I mistook tanning spray for hairspray… but I digress…

The massive hall had the front 500 odd seats reserved for the ticket holders and the very very beautiful and glamorous Fiona had invited me along for some moral support so I got to sit near the front too! With Fiona and Kim and Marion and Jane on one side and new M&B historical author Debra and Maddie on the other…

The front of the room had a massive stage with three huge screens, two podiums and a tele-promter thing similar to Oscars night and once the hall was filled to capacity VOICE OVER GUY began the proceedings. The commentaries were hilarious, the presenters all past RITA and GOLDEN HEART winners – there were cheers and screams of support from the crowd when the names from each category were read out and rapturous applause for all the winners – and in between there were hilarious little clips for some of the bigger named authors who then had their pics appear and their signature as part of the Conference’s ‘Signature Of Success’ theme for this year. It was all very professionally done, very smoothly run and a fab night all round.

It ended with Linda Lael Miller being honoured with the RWA Lifetime Achievement Award and then everyone looked forward to San Francisco next year and the crowd filtered out for the post awards Dessert Reception… Ooooh and the desserts!!!!

I swear – I think we’ve EATEN OUR WAY through this week. So if you’re planning on Nationals next year – definitely lose weight before you get there, if nothing else just so you have some leeway for your glamour-puss RITA dress after a week of eating and eating and then eating some more!!!

But Ooooh those desserts!!!

And how gorgeous does everyone look??? Just look at those dresses gang!

There’s also pics of Kim Young with the plaque given to the Editor who worked on the RITA winning book – this time Pink Heart Society member Barbara Hannay’s – and yes! That IS a pic of Barb’s RITA – which will be winging its way to Aus as we speak with the lovely Marion Lennox.

And that just leaves us with our summing up of the Conference gang and we’re done…

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  1. Trish and Jenna, thanks for all your great blogging about conference!

    In the grand tradition of signing yearbooks, I thought I'd leave my impressions of meeting some Pink Hearters for the first time:

    First, I'd like to apologize (again) to Trish (from Ireland) and Fiona (from London) for constantly thinking you were from Australia, no matter how many times you corrected me. I've obviously taken one too many cocktails to the brain.

    Trish Wylie and Jenna Bayley-Burke--You girls are CRAZY, wild, wonderful and just an all-around bad influence. ;) You better come to SF or I'll hunt you down. Trish, I still owe you for the drinks at Sandra Marton's pizza night! Jenna and Trish, you guys bring a party wherever you go.

    Fiona Harper--funny, lovely and graceful. Fiona you had to be totally stressed out about your double RITA final. I was green at the thought of just presenting on stage, but you never showed a bit of nerves.

    Melissa McClone--girl, you rock! And rock climb! So apparently sweet and young and wholesome, and yet who was the one who found herself chatting up the handsome amazon guy while the hungry sharks circled helplessly? Hmmm....

    Barbara Hannay--I'm so sorry I didn't get to give you your RITA in person! It was fun to give it to your editor, though. (She's mine, too!) Marion Lennox took a picture of me holding the RITA pretending to give it to you. Hope to meet you whenever I make it Down Under!

    Marion Lennox--I nearly fell over when I realized who you were, sitting so calmly at the bar. After I got over the shock, I discovered you're so much fun to hang out with! So lovely and elegant, yet with a wicked, biting wit. What a hoot!

    Sandra Marton--there are no words to describe how much I admire you. Simply. No. Words. Thank you for taking me under your wing!

    Jane Porter I've known for years, but I just have to add that once again she could have taught Hollywood starlets a thing or two about how to look gorgeous. So talented! So wonderful!

    Olivia Gates--okay, officially you're not a Pink Hearter yet, but you should be! What a renaissance woman! Is there anything you can't do?

    Okay, guess I've gushed enough. Suffice to say that you guys all ROCK and I'm honored to be numbered among you.