Friday, July 13, 2007

RWA National Convention - Invading Sandra Marton's Room

One of the reasons we were so late posting last night with Literacy Signing pics and why we're a little dead on our feet and slower than normal today is that last night a group of Mills & Boon authors got together and invaded the very very lovely Sandra Marton's room...

And what an international room it proved to be!!! With the USA, England, Ireland, Australia and Egypt ALL represented!!! Which made for an eclectic bunch of women and some fantabulous coversation and many many laughs...

Now we HAD planned to get together at an actual restaurant, but due to how many of us there were and the fact that everyone seemed hell bent of eating Italian that night in the hotel's one wee teeny Italian Restaurant it proved a tad tough to get a table... so we decided to picnic instead...

Now we have to give a big shout out to Romance Writer and PHS Member Melissa McClone for the pics at the party - but this meant that she wasn't in the majority of them as she was behind the camera... so this is one of Melissa after her Bobby Brown make-over yesterday... How gorgeous does she look - huh, huh??? Melissa started out with Silhouette Romance and since the merge is now edited out of the London Offices with Harlequin Romance...
Then we had our two RITA finalists - Marion Lennox from Australia (to whom we bow down in homage for the number of RITA pins she's wearing!!! And not just because she brough Tim-Tams all the way from Aus for us to eat as part of our dessert....) And our very own Fiona Harper with her double RITA nominations for her VERY FIRST BOOK - and it's especially special this year for these two gals cos they're among the LAST finalists for the Traditional Category of the RITA's which has now officially been done away with...
Olivia Gates brought baklava (sp?) all the way from Alexandria in Egypt!!! And guys - it was YUM! Olivia writes for the Meds line and also wrote for Silhouette Bombshell... and for those of you who are eharlequin visitors you may know her as Doctor Olivia or Doctor Ola from her board... And how glamorous is she?????
Then of course we had Jennie Lucas, new Presents author who had us all organized and where we were supposed to be with the efficiency of an army general (she's a mother - nuff said) and Carol Grace - another who wrote for Silhouette Romance and has now moved to the new Romance line - the very very lovely Sandra Marton who has now written 70 BOOKS for the Presents line - and two gals named Trish and Jenna who we don't really know much about as they were so quiet and kept such a low profile...

(Oh and Melissa honey - photographing us from a low angle sooooooo not flattering... and mentioning on your Blog that we went and got the wine and champagne and all the glasses from the bar right next to this pic did make us look slightly - erm - shall we say tipsy??? Note to self to include only flattering picture taking for all PHS members from here on in...NEW MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENT...)

Suffice to say that by the end of the evening Sandras very beautiful room looked like she'd been burgled and we all looked a little the worse for wear. We did suggest that as tonight is the Harlequin Pyjama party we could all just go back to hers and have a sleep over... Sandra smiled. And yet the invitation doesn't seem to have arrived at our room yet...Hmmm...

But it was a fantasic evening enjoyed by all and still being talked about today by the time we hit the Focus Group... it was certainly a highlight for me. And for everyone who thinks that all women who write romance have heads full of pink cotten candy - can I just say they might have been surprised to hear our INTERNATIONAL views on the many varying topics we covered. A highly intelligent and though provoking bunch of women all told and the number of degrees would have made your head spin...
Now off the the Harlequin Romance tea I go...


  1. A shocking display! I assume we'll be relaunching the PHS diet club as soon as you get home??????

  2. Ah, it all looks like Too Much Fun! Wish I was there. And yes, Australian Tim Tams do rock...the best choccie biscuit in the world! :-)

  3. BTW, THANKS for this blog...I'm loving living vicariously through you all.

  4. Me too!
    It's wonderful, feels like I'm there...almost...great big sigh here...
    Enjoy, ladies :)

  5. ahem...are you saying we NEED the diet club? Because I assure you, Melissa has some freakish camera that adds 80 pounds instead of the usual 10.

  6. Fantastic stuff guys. Am so jealous of the lolling on the floor piccie with so many lovely author friends. FUN!!!



  7. I'm so jealous!! Looks like loads of fun.

  8. Trish,

    Totally off topic but wanted to tell you I read BRIDE OF THE EMERALD ISLE yesterday and loved it. The characters were as beautiful as the story itself. I cried when he begged her to stay.

    Glad you are having such a grand time in Dallas!


  9. We had an absolutely wonderful party! But oh, if I just had a photo of the housekeeper's face the next morning when she entered my room and found umpteen wine glasses and three (or was it four) empty wine bottles on top of the credenza...