Saturday, July 14, 2007

RWA National Convention - Harlequin Spotlight Talk Part 2

Pix and fun stuff is Trish's bag. Soon, she'll be back from her own workshops to tell you all about the Harlequin party (even I did the conga line) but until are more workshop notes for all the writing hopefuls among us...

Presents - 50K - looking for stories with intense feeling and highly charged conflicts, an alpha hero and a fiesty, independent heroine. International settings and sensuality driven by the characters. An alpha male is strong, decisive, focused, affluent, but with a sensitive side it is up to the heroine to discover.

Everlasting - the history of a romance. Can use the present to frame the past. They look for excellent and individual writing and storytelling.

Intrigue - 55-60K - Run from thrillers to murder mysteries within the frame of a romance. A well motivated crime drama with no easy outs and an unrelenting pace. There is not room for much outside of the romantic relationship and suspense. They like hero driven stories and have a gothic inspired series coming. For more, check out

Medicals - Accurate medical issues and treatments on the edge of realism. The hero and heroine often work together on medical cases and have deep emotional conflicts. Important to have a global voice. Very popular in the UK, Australia, and France.

NEXT - 70-75K - Dedicated to women reaching for their dreams, real life fantasies. Seasoned women, usually over 40. Optomistic and entertaining. In September they are having a soft relaunch with a more branded look to the covers.

Blaze - 60K - sexiest series romance with 6 titles per month. Stories need overwhelming sexual tension. They signed three new authors this year. Look out for a 5 in one short story collection and a Blaze historical. Last year they dabbled in time travel, forbidden fantasies, chick lit, and adventure.

Historicals - 75K - richly textured, intense stories set in a wide range of historical periods. Regency Rakes and Cowboys are very hot right now. Look for a blokd storyteller with a passion for the past. Historical detail should all color, but shouldn't take over. 12 new authors in the last two years.

And with that...I am off to lunch. 3 more seminars left to post! Trish has lots of party details and pics too...oncde she stops worshiping at the shrine of Michael Hauge.

XOXO -- Jenna

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    The talks were worth the whole darn trip!!!!! Have soooooooo much to tell you all but my personal GOD is talking again in ten minutes so really gotta go!!! Sooooo much to tell you all - so we'll keep adding to the Saturday posts til we're caught up...