Friday, July 13, 2007

RWA National Convention - Coming Next And Captions Contest

Still to come from Thursday's hectic schedule we have some of the social and business events we've been kept busy with including The Romance Diva's dinner and the Eharlequin Pyjama Party and some of the best ways to network and make new friends at a conference...

But in the meantime just to amuse you all we have some of those pictures that caught a moment in time we're not quite certain of... or happy about from a dignity perspective...

So let's see what captions you can come up with for these and the funniest one's will get a book posted to them from the great pile I seem to have gathered since I've been here... deal??? And in that pile I have everything from Historicals to Paranormals to Erotica to Fantasy to Action Adventure to... well, let's just say there's something for everyone shall we? AND IT'S OPEN TO ALL - AUTHORS AND READERS AND BLOG VISITORS ALIKE... If you know me you know I'm all about the funny. So c'mon - make me giggle...

We'll leave it on here til the end of the week and then I'll post the winners their book when I get home...

First up top right we have our very own Fiona Harper with her hands in the air at the Welcome Reception (more to come on that too...)

Then middle left Fiona and I at the Eharlequin Pyjama Party...

And finally bottom right another guest who we'll be telling you about tomorrow at the Eharlequin Pyjama Party...(remember to keep the captions for this one rated for public viewing now!!!)

Right - c'mon then - whats the caption???


  1. No captions - my one brain cell has fused - but Sid would like to say that he's glad to see his friend Sean enjoying himself - but he didn't get up to that sort of thing (or into that sort of place!) when he was here! America - or Ms Wylie - must have corrupted him!


  2. Hmm. Top pic: 'Yes, I can sing E above middle C - Laaaaa!'

    No caption suggestions for the others, but Trish and Fiona look about sixteen years old :-)

    Thanks so much, PHS, for sharing these conference moments with us all.


  3. * And then we do the okie kokie... [ great dress by the way Fiona]
    * my mummy said that I could come down and talk to you grown ups, but only for a minute 'cos it's school tomorrow and..
    * and this is our new model typical romantic novelist. There will be a prize for whoever can dress her up to be a sparkly party person instead of Betty Rubble. Now. Who has that push-up bra?
    LOL - looks like great fun, Ray-Anne

  4. Picture 1: This is how we Brits party!
    Picture 2: We swear we didn't pinch that cover model's backside.
    Picture 3: This is the inspiration for my next hero- Mr Caveman.

  5. first pic: Waiter, ten more g&t's over here, please!

    Pic 2: looks like a diet pepsi moment...why haven't you shown us the hunk these two are obviously staring at off camera?

    Pic 3: Now, most of us novelists have a whole load of imaginary friends, but who actually brings them to a party?

    (looks like you are having a load of fun...wish I could be there!)

    Annie Burrows

  6. Great pics. Should have stopped by the pajama party. Looks like it was a blast!

  7. #1 - YMCA! :)

    #2 - you are getting sleepy, very sleepy...

    #3 - what not to send in with your submission :D