Saturday, July 14, 2007

RWA National Convention - Catching Up

Thursday Catch Up At The Nationals...

The Welcome Reception

They feed you here! We thought we were on our own for Thursday dinner...but you should have seen all the food at the Welcome Reception. It was just a mix and mingle, no format, just food and friendly ladies. We sat with Sunny.

Next year, we won't panic so much about dinner the night of the reception. Tostadas, veg and dip, cheese and bread...I swear, we are eating our way through this conference.
The Romance Diva's Dinner

After gorging ourselves on the nibbles at the reception, we made our way to the Romance Divas dinner guessed it...more food! It was great to put faces to the names of all the helpful ladies from the Romance Divas forum. Thanks to Kristin, Jax & Lisa for arranging everything. And for not voting me Smart Ass Diva of the Year.

The Eharlequin Pyjama Party

Trekking back to the hotel, we made it to the pajama party...Odd, it seems Trish spells pajamas with a y. No matter. It was great fun, as you saw from our caption contest.

Madame Trish was a bit worried about wearing her pajamas in public, but with a bit of coaxing and a lot of arm twisting, Fiona and I managed to drag her downstairs - with some help from the leprechan stashed in her bra. Once there she was relieved to find out EVERYONE was in pajamas...well, almost everyone. Some people were just stopping by on their wait to the Midnight Madness Bazar, so they weren't in their comfies. Their loss!

At the pajama party we met most of our favorite people from eHQ - Jayne (in the cutest Lucy pj's...not sure why I don't have a picture...), Lorie, Dream, ftworthmom (who is the one-woman welcome wagon for the Dallas conference), lovingu (even nicer in person than she is online)...

We also cozied up to authors like Love Inspired's Terri Reed, Historicals Jenna Kernan (because she has a lovely name, you know), Historical's Michelle Willingham (hiding her baby bump behind Tarzan the blow-up man), and SuperRomance's Cynthia Reese who brought the best guest of all to the party, her daughter Kate! What is a pajama party without a little girl!

More to come...XOXO -- Jenna

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  1. I spell pyjamas with a 'y' too, Jenna. Nothing odd about it. :) Remember your side of the Atlantic you've got low toilets and a strange flushing system ...