Sunday, July 15, 2007

RWA National Convention - Catching Up Pt 2 - Eharlequin Lunch

Bear with us while we try to get caught up with these posts gang and then back to the rest of our schedule for this month...

There was just so much jam packed into the four days of the conference that there were times we barely had enough time to change between parties and lunches and talks so blogging kinda fell a tad behind. (So for all those people in pics whose names now escape my poor addled brain FORGIVE ME and POP ON IN and PLEASE IDENTIFY YOURSELF!)

On Friday, after attending the first talk I'd managed in the morning we all headed off to the revolving restaurant at the top of the tower for the eharlequin lunch thanks to Jayne from Eharlequin who organized it.

I've never eaten in a revolving restaurant before and it's an - interesting - experience. Even though it revolves so slowly you're still very aware of the fact you ARE moving and that's a little disconcerting... In fact even days later I still feel a bit like my feet aren't firmly on the ground! But once we'd figured out where we were I joined the likes of Jayne and Dream and Wayne and Michelle and Ola and Fiona and Jenna (briefly) for what turned out to be a really fun lunch (more food mind you but there was already a bit of a pattern in place there...) And we barely even looked out at the stunning views over Dallas as we all talked books and writing and told tales of the varying places we live in the world.

This was kinda special because I can still remember so clearly what it was like when I first went to eharlequin to seek advice on how to sub the book that eventually became The Bridal Bet and the friendliness and warmth of the folks on there was evident in spades at the lunch. It's kinda like a reunion with folks you've never actually met before if that makes any sense at all! And a lot of the conference was like that for me - meeting people I'd only ever talked to online, who when they introduced themselves still didn't register with me until their online name was said and then it was 'Hiiiiii!!!!!'

Michelle Willingham and I chatted about how we seem to have a bad case of ships that pass in the night - with her having visited Ireland last year and been less than a half hour away from where I live and my having been in Washington DC within twenty four hours of her leaving it! Then we all talked about the different ways we approach writing and editing and revisions, we had a bit of a brief natter about the debate of the benefits of being agented and then all too soon it was time to head off and change before the Presents dinner and the Harlequin Bash!!! Which it turned out was the talk of the conference the next day...

But more about THAT shortly...
H's & K's

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