Sunday, July 15, 2007

RWA National Convention - Catching Up Pt 3 - Dining out Presents Style

While Trish Wylie finds random toffee's in her luggage, I'll catch you up on some amazing happenings during the RWA Conference. Mills & Boon editors Tessa Shapcott & Kim Young took us our for a dinner fit for the pages of a Presents novel.

Stephan Pyles restaurant was amazing - so amazing in fact Marion Lennox (here with Kimberly Young) flirted her way into a copy of the menu, which is really not allowed.

The menu was orgasmic. I tell you, I could have sat there and read it all day. Most everyone ordered something different, for which I was very grateful. Everything was grogeous, so I wanted to see it all. Don't be the least bit surprised if I capture the chef for a book at some point. I mean really. Hoja Santa Salmon Packet on Golden Crabmeat Paella...Chermoula Marinated Spit-Roasted Chicken with Blue Corn Posole...

Tessa did a wonderful job ordering the wine...and it flowed freely, as it should in a Presents. Trish & I were included as Modern Extra is explained as Presents younger sister...and if it lets us have dinners with these lovelies, we'll take it!

We all talked and laughed and couldn't keep track of time. We chatted up everything and nothing...and somehow never managed to get a picture of Jane Porter in her gorgeous did she figure out how to do that? I need to figure that out.

And then the desserts came. We were so wowed. I can't even communicate how blissed out we felt. We all challenged one another to include our desserts in our next books. I had Lemon, Lemon, Lemon. Look for it. Gorgeous Jennie Lucas had the enourmous chocolate peanut butter thing...

And no Presents is complete without the sexy what should be right outside the restaurant? A Ferrari. And who should have rushed to have their photo taken with it? The Presents mavens, Jennie Lucas, Tessa Shapcott, and Sandra Marton (70 books!). I took the picture...or I might not have objected to this one ;)

XOXO -- Jenna


  1. So, we'll be relaunching the PHS diet plan then???????

  2. Ladies, you've done a marvellous job of bringing the conference to those who stayed at home. Thanks so much.

    I went from Melbourne to Dallas in 2004 for my first ever RWA conference and had the best time of my life. So thanks for bringing back wonderful memories.

    "Australian Millionaires"
    Silhouette Desire Feb, May, Aug 07

  3. Ahem...yes, well, it seems you eat your way through conference. Who knew? So we need to start Diet Club now, so we can afford to do it all again next year in San Francisco.

    You should come to SF, M. Really, you should! I think Trish has a plan to make N go...

  4. Jenna, I'm already planning for SF. There'll be a lot of Down Under writers there as it's only a hop, skip and a jump across the Pacific. :)

    Can't wait!