Wednesday, July 11, 2007


The Pink Heart Society proudly invites you to join us at this years annual Romance Writers Of American National Conference in Dallas, Texas... so get yourself all checked in and remember to pop by during the day to see what's happening with our roving reporters Trish Wylie, Jenna Bayley-Burke and Fiona Harper...

So, you're here!!! Welcome to the Hyatt Regency Hotel in a hot and humid Dallas Texas!!! Did you have a nice flight? Are you ready to check in to the hotel and get registered for the conference??? Well then get going gals!!!

Now remember those time zones... you can set up a page at Time And Date here if you want somewhere that does the Math for you... If not then a VERY rough guide is:

United Kingdom is six hours AHEAD.

Australia is nine hours BEHIND.

West coast USA is two hours BEHIND.

East coast USA is one hour AHEAD.

Toronto Canada is an hour AHEAD.

And Calgary Canada is an hour BEHIND.

Conference starts at 8AM Dallas time on Wednesday so we should hopefully have some reports for you from lunchtime onwards...

Meanwhile, once you're checked in and registered you might want to orientate yourself with the hotel a little so why not visit their website here for a look around....

And once you've done that then maybe you can pop over to the brand new RWA Website here and check out any reports they have (including LIVE REPORTS from the RITA ceremony on Saturday night!!!)

You can have a look at the list of authors signing books this evening at the literacy signing... Who would you run to get a signed book from???

Then let's have a look at the talks that are on today... What would you go do???


Right here at The Pink Heart Society!

First Impressions on Arrival the night before Conference....

From Fiona Harper:

Okay, Trish is holding me at gunpoint and making me think of something to blog about, despite the fact I'm still jetlagged. In much the same way Jenna made me have a margherita at dinner tonight. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it...

Anyway, enough of that. I arrived in Dallas yesterday afternoon after a loooong flight. I was expecting to spend hours in immigration and customs, but I zipped right through. The nice customs man even shook my hand and told me it was an honour to meet me! (That was before the margherita, mind) I can't imagine that happening on my return journey. All I'll get at Gatwick is a grunt and a take-a-hike thumb gesture to point me in the right direction.

I'm enjoying my first experience of America. I've had real pancakes at breakfast and a really nice hamburger. The only thing is, no one can understand what I'm saying! I thought when I got here that my accent would fool people into thinking I'm really intelligent, but most of the time they just look at me like I'm deranged. It took me three attempts to ask for a bottle of water to go with my salad at lunch. I'm starting to realise that even though I speak the right language here (just) there's a lot more too it.

Trish and I have had an interesting time comparing notes on all the things that are different that we hadn't anticipated: the up escalators are on the left instead of the right (don't even get me started on crossing the road), the toilets are lower down (Trish can talk for five minutes on the gravity flushes that mean if one toilet flushes down a row, the rest all go as well. It's seriously freaking her out). On the up side, everyone is really polite and friendly, the food portions are huge and the waitresses bring you glasses of cool water without you having to rugby tackle them and without giving you the evil eye because you dared to ask for tap water instead of the pricey mineral water they want to flog you.

I'll probably be over the culture shock in a few days. In the meantime, Trish and I are a constant source of amusement to Jenna as we stumble over seemingly everyday things.

From Jenna-Bayley Burke:

I'm free! No ketchup flying at me as I eat, no one joining me in the bathroom, no one telling me they are bored...but I digress. I was a bit nervy about flying since I hadn't been on a plane since I was large with BigBoy...but you know? It was lovely. Two flights, no issues...

And then I landed in Dallas where I was to meet Trish and trek to the hotel...


Couldn't find her, so after a bit I headed to the hotel. Guess who was right behind me? I was terrified I'd lost her and have to do the posts myself! Her flight was delayed...on the tarmac...because of lightning. But she wasn't worried about that, no....she was far more concerned she'd striped herself with spray on tan. Personally, I thought she was polka dotted.

On the up side...the shuttle from the hotel was fun...8 RWA attendees, one woman (from Oregon) and one guy who smartly decided to sit up front with the driver. I met the lovely Marion Lennox, as well as Spice author Jina Bacarr.

I dressed for comfort for the flight, so I haven't been very friendly...I am much friendlier when I have clothes that aren't, well, what I wear to work out. Tomorrow I promise to put on a dress and rustle up some good gossip...and hopefully introduce Trish to my friends carmel macciato and dulce de leche frappacino....they'll be as big a hit as the margaritas!


  1. Aaaaargh! so wish I was tehre. you all sound like you're having soooo much fun already.

    Bow don't lose Trish again. She's not from a big city you know, poor petal. ;)


  2. The toilets are lower down???? Well, there you go! I suppose that's not such a serious culture difference as having no toilet (just the hole) in France.

    And, Jenna, I know how stressful travelling with Trish is. I've often misplaced her at airports. My one tip is that she does always seem to turn up in the end.

    Have fun!

  3. The PHS does Dallas? Very cool. I will be checking in and living vicariously through your adventures.


    PS: Australia isn't behind but ahead of Dallas time by, um, lots of hours

  4. I'm doing the vicarious thing too - this is fab and funny - ya had me in stitches... I remember going to NY and couldn't believe that they all utterly failed to understand me when I could understand them so perfectly! Anyway, can't wait for more!
    Have a magherita for me!

  5. Fiona, get used to not being understood..I lived there for three years and they looked at me like an alien every time I opened my mouth....what's that? too rude, my ears aren't that big :-))

    Enjoy it all gals! And yeah, Aus is actually about 15 hours ahead...


  6. Have to agree with Bron and Fiona - yes, in hours of the day Aussie is 9 or thereabouts hours behind (depending on where you hail from) but we're an entire day ahead!

    So we have to wait till late on Sunday to find out what's happened with the RITA/GH awards. And it's a long wait:-))

    All the best to our Downunder finalists in both RITA and GH contests!