Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Male on Monday...Soap Hunks part 2

Where can we go for a never ending supply of man candy? Casting directors know...it's the daytime soaps! So many prime time actors got their start there I'd just bet casting agents consider watching soaps research.

My dear mom is a soap addict. She even has a soap opera channel on her cable that she can't be without. It turns out I have the same channel, but I live with three boy people, so the television and I rarely date. That was until I smashed up my wrist and took to laying down. A lot. Then Mom's channel came in handy!

All soaps, all day long. Some new, some old...which had me sitting up and taking notice. Some of the reruns had my favorite hunks from prime time today! I just know you are eager for examples...and pictures. This is Monday on PHS. Must have the pictures...

Josh Duhamel from Las Vegas anyone? He was on All My Children as a rich party boy saved by the love of a rich girl. Always wearing leather pants. Oddly, it worked for him.

The law drama Shark has AMC alum Sam Page, who's also been in other prime time shows like American Dreams and Point Pleasant. Coincidentally...he played Josh's psychotic brother. It's still strange to see him play a normal character.

Eddie Cibrian started on Young and the Restless before heading to prime time in Third Watch, Vanished, and now Football Wives. If you ever need a hero with dimples...he is perfect for the job.

Even Trish's beloved Nathan Fillian started on a soap. One Life To Live. The show hasn't been the same since he left, right Trish?

The list goes on and on and on...so please...let's continue in Comments!

Jenna is on the mend and off the soaps, busy with her next Modern Extra. In the meantime, check out her website, blog, or reading group, We Call It Research.

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  1. I *heart* Josh. I used him as a hero once and might have to again some time :) General Hospital has a lot of hero material. Maurice Berard; Ingo Rademacher; Steve Burton; Jason Thompson who's actually from the same place I am and Greg Vaughn.

  2. I looove Josh too. Have *almost* used him twice. But the vehicle has never been quite right. Just saw Tad Hamilton the other day. Yum!

    One day his time will come in an Ally Blake book, I can assure you.


  3. Yes, well...I think I'm making him a firefighter. :) He could do it. I'm letting him live in Hawaii as a perk.

  4. Ooh firefighter Josh! Very fitting :o) Does he have a lot of topless scenes? *g*

  5. Right!!!!!!!!


    And for those of us *in the know* Nate has just been to New York for a special re-appearance as Joey in that very show... But then it might just be his *friends* that know that...


  6. *COUGH*

    Ooooh and he ALREADY appeared in a Trish Wylie book... Her One And Only Valentine - February (funnily enuff with that title) 2008...

    So I obviously love Nate more than Ally loves Josh. Ha!

  7. OH and Eddie was a firefighter for me in White-Hot! aka The Firefighter's Chosen Bride...

    Trish - stepping AWAY from the comments box now...