Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Male on Monday...David Wenham

We don't do this for just anyone. The Pink Heart Society editors consider the Male On Monday slots the dessert for a job well done the rest of the time. But on occasion we make an exception. Like when our author or reader friends come up with a man so spectacular we curtsey to their choice.

And with no further blathering...here is Romance author Claire Baxter to show us the lovely David Wenham...

David Wenham is an actor who improves a movie just by being in it. He’s a gorgeous sandy-haired Australian, often described by interviewers as warm and personable. In my opinion, he’s the perfect hero. He’s honourable, understated and modest in manner but undeniably successful, and best of all, he has a sense of humour.

After honing his craft on stage, he moved into films earning several prizes including an Australian Film Institute Award, and then became a reluctant sex symbol in 1998 when he was cast in the Australian weekly series SeaChange. Playing the scruffy Diver Dan, he made female viewers of all ages swoon. I can vouch for his incredible appeal - I didn’t miss an episode. As a result of the series, he was voted Australia’s “sexiest man alive”.

Until 2001, he was largely unknown outside Australia but with a small role in Moulin Rouge and several art-house movies, he impressed critics and moviegoers who praised his charismatic screen presence and solid acting skills. By the time he appeared as Faramir in Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers in 2002, international stardom was assured.

Since then, he’s been in movies Van Helsing, The Proposition and 300, Australian crime comedy, Getting’ Square, for which he won another AFI Award, and TV mini-series Answered By Fire in which he gave a gut-wrenching, emotionally-charged performance.

He is one of those rare actors with a chameleon-like ability to disappear into his characters and he’s brilliant in everything from comedy and intimate domestic dramas to large-scale epics.

Trivia ::

  • He’s 6 ft (1.83m) and was born in 1965 in Sydney.

  • He has a daughter, Eliza Jane, with long-term girlfriend Kate Agnew.

    • Adam Cullen’s portrait of David Wenham won the 2000 Archibald Art Prize.

    • In 2001, on stage at Adelaide’s Festival Theatre, he narrated historical Australian texts accompanied by the city’s symphony orchestra.

    • In 2002, he signed up as an Ancient Forest Guardian in Sydney.

    • His nickname, “Daisy”, was given to him by his five older sisters. He also has one older brother.

    • He read a poem called “The Crocodiles Are Crying” at the Steve Irwin Memorial Service.

    • He was cast in Lord of the Rings because of his resemblance to on-screen brother, Sean Bean.

      • Now that you know Claire has fantastic taste in men, I'm sure you'll want to check out her latest release, Best Friend...Future Wife. For more about Claire check out her website, reading group We Call It Research, or her Road to Publication story here on the Pink Heart Society. Stop by the Coffee Time Romance blog to win Books and get a look in a Day in the Life...


        1. Hi Claire,

          What a great choice! David Wenham is such a terrific actor and a real pleasure to watch. I think we discovered him first with Seachange, and have been following his career with close (!) attention since.

          Good luck with the new book. I still have your first release in my TBR pile. Obviously I need to delve into it to make room for a newer read!


        2. Claire - can I just say how much I love your new cover????

          Oh and David is very nice as well. Loved him in LOTR.

        3. Thanks, Annie, Lee and Donna. Glad you approve of David.

          Thanks for liking my cover too, Donna. That guy is exactly how I pictured Luke so I am very happy with it. By the way, I'm reading your debut right now, and loving it!