Monday, July 16, 2007

Male on Monday :: Rob Lowe

This week's man of the hour is the current king of the Hollywood makeover: Rob Lowe!

I've just handed in my latest Modern Extra Romance to my editor. The hero, Damien Halliburton, is heaven. He's sexy, beautiful, successful, and just a little bit goofy. I had someone else in mind for the hero. A gorgeous picture of a gorgeous young Hollywood hunk, but it just wasn't gelling.

Until I realised that I had miscast.

I may have mentioned once, twice, a thousand times that I am an admirer of The West Wing. Okay, not so much as an admirer as a manic stalker. And one guy who made an impression in the running of that fabulous show was Mr Rob Lowe. He was offered the part as Josh Lyman, the resident stud muffin, but instead asked if he could play the earnest, charming, and yep a little bit goofy Sam Seaborn.

And then I found a new show on the telly by the name of Brothers and Sisters. Do we all loooove that show? Get on the bandwagon if you're not there already. It's fabulous!!! And a big part of that first season fabulousness for me came about when Rob Lowe hit the screen as Kitty's boss and paramour, Senator McAllister. After Lowe's initial appearance on the show in November 2006 brought the best ratings and demographic showing for the show since its series premiere! In that show he is goooorgeous. Truly. Those eyes, that hair, that jaw, the way he wears a suit. Mmmmm.....

A bit about him:

  • He was born Robert Hepler Lowe on March 17, 1964 in Charlottesville, Virginia.
  • Some of his more famous early roles were in St Elmo's Fire, The Outsiders, and About Last Night. And the saucy Hotel New Hampshire.
  • Lowe's former sister-in-law is two time Academy Award winning actress Hilary Swank, who was married to his brother Chad.
  • Lowe was the first male spokesperson for the 2000 Lee National Denim Day fundraiser which raises millions of dollars for breast cancer research and education. His grandmother and great-grandmother both suffered from breast cancer, and his mother succumbed to the disease in late 2003.
  • He is a registered Democrat and is a loud political voice for that party.
  • Find out more at the Official Rob Lowe website

Now we all know he made mistakes in the past. From his days as a brat packer, through to "that sex video" which must have been one of the first celebrity one to hit popular consciousness. But he's been married to the same woman for 16 years! A regular gal too. Someone like you or me! And they have two kids. The time has come to forgive his indiscretions and include him in the pretigious Men of the Pink Heart Society line-up don't you think? I mean we all like our guys to have a bit of a past right? A bit of a bad boy side?

In high school my friend Sangeeta was going to marry him when she grew up, but he never did it for me then. Too pretty. Too scrawny. But he's certainly grown into himself beautifully. And now, with that self-deprecating sense of humour, those too good to be true good looks and the way he fills out a suit, he IS my Damien.

Did you know he turned down the role of McDreamy, from another TV show I adore? Just a little bit of trivia to start your day ;)

Ally’s next Sweet Romance, BILLIONAIRE ON HER DOORSTEP, is out now in Australia and New Zealand.

So head on out to your nearest bookstore and pick up a freshly minted, super-scented, fairy dust sprinkled hot off the presses copy today!

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  1. Yes, sixteen years with the same woman gives him my vote, Ally. Also I'm disposed to like him because he was working in London's West End when the 7/7 bombings happened. His attitude to it all was stellar.

  2. I can TOTALLY see him as McDreamy!

    And I also agree that some guys just need to grow into themselves. Mmm mmm mmmm.

  3. Love Rob. On my first visit to NYC ever, we went to lunch after checking in, and there was Rob Lowe, standing talking to someone on the other side of the window from where I sat eating my reuben. ;) He's built on the thin side, but cute as hell. :)


  4. gosh so damn hot. love him.

  5. All I can say is that he really did grow up NICE. I'm not sure but I think he also had a staring role in the movie The Stand. I agree with Sam that he is a bit on the thin side but he's still so sexy. I also have to admire any actor who is committed to 16 years of marriage. That is very unusual in these times. Mads

  6. Agreed, 16 years of marriage in Tinseltown is amazing.

    Allyyyyy... if we're going for men who've grown up to be gorgeous... how about Charlie Sheen? :o)